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  1. I export a record with both non repeating and repeating fields using the FMPXMLRESULT XML output format. The repeating and non-repeating fields are both there. I import the same XML data back in. but only the non-repeating fields and the first value of each repeating field gets imported. What is the way to get all repetitions to import? thanks, Terry
  2. Our product works fine in client server mode until the number of records grows. The core of our application uses 3 Filemaker files; Contacts, Units and Deals. A Deal brings together a Contact and a Unit. There are fairly complex scripts involved, there is some sorting, some finding and on the Contacts and Unit detail screens each has a portal with a list of Contacts and Units, respectively. The numbers of records are rally not that large. For example: Units 6,600 Contacts 7,607 Deals 6432 There are delays transitioning under script control from: Deal to Contacts 6.5 seconds Contact to Deal 4 seconds Deal to Unit 5 seconds Unit to Deal 3.5 seconds Also, the Contact details screen has a portal that lists all contacts, sorted by last name. Clicking on a portal list item 3.5 seconds The Unit details screen has a portal that lists all available units, sorted by Type, Model Code and Year. Clicking on a portal list item takes 4 seconds to work. Also clicking on a field with a drop down menu that has custome value, for some reason causes 4 second delay. Why? Its not looking anything up Anyway, the bottom line is that we need to speed this up without losing functionality. The time quoted above are best times. For reasons that are unclear, sometimes things take up to four or more times longer. We are prepared to pay for usable solutions. thanks, Terry
  3. FileMaker 6.0v4 Windows XP sp2 Please note that Quantech needs a solution to this problem ASAP and is prepared to pay if you have a viable one. I have a Filemaker 6 solution that imports and exports XML files and applies an XSLT to them. This works perfectly in a single-user standalone version, in a single user bound solution and in a multi-user Host version. It fails, for a number of reasons which I'll explain below, in Guests and Clients. The folder structure for the standalone and hosts is: All the Filemaker fp5 files go here: C:Program FilesQuantechQuantechV6 The various XSLT scripts live here: C:Program FilesQuantechQuantechV6Peartree There is a PeartreeIn folder used for exporting the XML files from Filemaker. C:Program FilesQuantechQuantechV6PeartreeIn There is a PeartreeOut folder used for importing the XML files to Filemaker. C:Program FilesQuantechQuantechV6PeartreeOut The setup for the Guest/Clients is identical except that that only fp5 file is startupClient.fp5. This lives in: C:Program FilesQuantechQuantechV6 Its only purpose is to connect to the Host or Server. When an XML export is used on a Guest system to write to: C:Program FilesQuantechQuantechV6PeartreeIn The file is actually written to: C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker Developer 6 This is an annoyance, but it can be counted on, so the solution is simply to copy that file - using the Troi File plugin - to: C:Program FilesQuantechQuantechV6PeartreeIn Imports of XML files are the core problem. The Guest system simply does not find the file. At first the problem was actually that Filemaker could not find the XSLT file, not the XML file. This was fixed by using the Filemaker option to get the file path to the XSTL file from a field. Now the problem is that Filemaker Guest system cannot find the XML file. It does not find it in: C:Program FilesQuantechQuantechV6PeartreeOut Where it is supposed to find it, and I even tried: C:Program FilesQuantechQuantechV6 C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker Developer 6 C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker Developer 6PeartreeOut To no avail. As mentioned above we need a solution to this problem and can pay if you have one. thanks, Terry Kilshaw (250) 707 0622 terry@quantechsoftware.com
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