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  1. SSL certificate for internal machine

    You don't need to have your server exposed to the internet in order to install and use SSL. However, you do need to have DNS setup. That means that you will need an internal DNS server, that can resolve your domain to your server and you do need to purchase a domain name. There are several supported SSL certificates that are domain validated. It differs a bit, how they do this, but most will require you to have an email account for hostmaster@yourdomain.com and they will email to this address to do the validation. I just gave a presentation at DevCon on this, so you can watch the video on FileMaker community site, when they are available. You can also find a video I did with Richard Carlton here: http://thebrainbasket.com/?p=471 (it's with FMS15, but it is the same process for FMS16)
  2. user connection licenses and reconnect

    Hi Peter Don't know if this is helpful, but the FMP for connections client, needs to connect to the server within 15 min. before you get the dialog, requiring you to enter the address to a server. So, it seems that the client gets disconnected from the server, either with app nap or something else. While the client is disconnected, the timer in the FMP client starts ticking until it reaches 15 min. However, I have not seen the issue you describe, where you get the message, before the client tries to reconnect to the open files. I am wondering if the server version has a play in this ? - thinking about if it is the newest version of 15 or 16 ? The other issue you describe, is something I see almost daily and I agree it is annoying. I discussed it with a PM and an engineer about a year ago, and they seemed that they knew about it, but they didn't have any easy fix. Since then, I have not pushed it as a bug in order to get it fixed, so maybe we should do that. But, there is actually a way to make this issue much less of an issue... if you un-check the extended privileges set for "Required re-login after X min. of sleep". This way, you are not prompted to login again and the client just reconnect to the server. The places I have implemented this, it takes the issue away in about 90% of the cases.
  3. Is anyone making a living off FM?

    I agree with Wim.... as I also posted above. Is it always easy ? - no, of course we all run into clients and people, who don't understand or who have a belief that some other platform is better. However, the FileMaker platform is still very much alive and growing. That is after more than 30 years in the market. Something that can't be said about many other platforms. Personally I work more than full time - in fact 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week and I have trouble keeping up with all the projects. But, if you have doubts about the platform, it would be interesting to hear your arguments...
  4. SVG Icon Manager

  5. Hosting on AWS with External Authentication

    While I am not an Active Directory expert, I know that with Open Directory it is possibly to setup a replica server. That will automatically take care of sync between the Directory master and the replica. This way you should be able to have your replica on your AWS server, which replica data from your on-premises AD.
  6. FileMaker Cloud And SSL Certificates

    I just released a bug fix update to the tool. Please find it at the same address as above.
  7. The FileMaker Cloud is here, and we are excited! There are many great things to say about the FileMaker Cloud and we think this is a very important and great addition to our platform. One thing we must realize is that what we have now is a 1.0 release, which means that there can be some “rough edges” that needs to be polished in future releases. One such edge is the process of renewing the SSL certificate, that your FileMaker Cloud instance is installed with. (you get 90 days free) Frankly, the process is very complex, even for seasoned developers and server admins and involve several terminal commands. Wouldn’t it be great, if there was an app for that ? That’s what we thought, so we have created a FileMaker Custom App, that helps you with the process of renewing your FileMaker Cloud SSL Certificate. Not only is this app completely free, it is also completely open source. And you can download it below. Now, how do I use this tool ? I’m glad you asked. Richard Carlton and Claus Lavendt did a video on this topic, where we are walking through the tool and explains the process. Beside a walkthrough of the tool, we also discuss the concepts behind and we think this video is worth a watch. Read more, watch video and download the free tool here: http://thebrainbasket.com/?p=499
  8. Data Management

    1) You should not handle this. Setup a remote container in the solution and let FileMaker Cloud handle the storage. 2) php and AppleScript is not supported on FileMaker Cloud. So you need to find alternatives, if these scripts/processes are essential to your solution.
  9. Useful Information About FileMaker Cloud

    FileMaker Cloud needs a special license key. If you have a valid license contract, that includes server, you can get a converted license key by contacting FileMaker Support.
  10. Renewing Comodo Certificate for Filemaker Cloud

    We have just released a free tool and a video with Richard Carlton. http://thebrainbasket.com/?p=499
  11. Mac Server 14 and API Google translation

    Now, you do not really provide any info about how you have developed the function, nor any details on which errors you are seeing. If you want some guidance here, please provide more details to the code, errors, screenshots etc.
  12. Import Feature

    •FileMaker Go only supports importing from one FileMaker Pro file to another FileMaker Pro file. https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/15/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Fimport-records.html%23
  13. SVG Icon Manager

    Can't pinpoint your problem, but try to read up on FileMaker's document on supported elements in the SVG format; https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/docs/14/en/svg/#FileMakerPro14SVGGrammarforButtonIcons-<path>
  14. SVG Icon Manager

    Ok, then it must be a problem with your SVG icons. (as I assume that you have installed the BaseElements plugin correctly) There should be an icon package within the SVG Gallery Tool, that you can test with. Try to follow the instructions to import those into the gallery part and test with an icon from that set. If a single icon from that package work as expected, try to look at the code and compare to your own icons. The tool is working correctly for a lot of other developers in our community, so the tool itself should be working. Therefore, I am convinced that it is a problem with your icons. However, SVG can be complex and the format can contain several things, so it is not easy to just point directly to what the issue could be. (other than what I have suggested already)
  15. SVG Icon Manager

    "unknown object" is shown, if you are trying to paste objects from later versions into previous version. In this case, make sure you are pasting into a solution, that is open in FileMaker 14 - as the object you are trying to paste from the SVG Gallery Helper tool is a buttonbar object. When I suggest the above, it is due to the fact that you could easily mix up the versions of FM, if you, like me, are working with multiply FM versions. If you are trying to paste into a solution, open in FM14, it sounds like there is something wrong with the format of your SVG icons. First try to only find a single icon and try to see if that works. Some SVG icons are very complex and they can fail to be used by this technique.

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