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  1. This would open up the Script Workspace, but that's as far as I got. tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" do menu menu item "Script Workspace..." of menu "Scripts" end tell Have you used QuicKeys before? That might be more suited to it. It can mimic both the keyboard and mouse. You can: (Manually) copy the script name choose Scripts > Script Workspace... Then use the tab key to go to the Search field Then paste the script name from your clipboard A Keyboard shortcut can perform the QuicKey shortcut, doing all the necessary steps. Thought
  2. Of course, as soon as I posted this, I found the answer. I used the [Gmail] folder and was able to find [Gmail]/Sent Mail.
  3. Is it possible to get the emails within the Sent Mail folder/mailbox in Gmail using the 360Works Email plugin?
  4. I just finished recording an 11-video series on FileMaker 11. They are anywhere from 5-10 minutes and cover new features (along with tips and tricks) in the new version. MightyData's "11 Days of FileMaker 11" is available at http://www.mightydata.com/11days.html. The videos are published through YouTube (low-res) and Screencast (high-res). Enjoy! - Martha Z
  5. I'll be presenting a live webinar on November 17th. The topic is "Real World Calculations: Live," where I take your real calculation questions and issues and go through the process of solving them during the webinar. I've extended the deadline for submitting questions until this Friday, November 13th. If you're interested, please submit your calculation questions or issues to me at martha_zink@mightydata.com. Please include "Calculations Webinar" in the subject line. I look forward to hearing your questions and please don't hesitate to forward this to someone! Thanks, M
  6. October 6, 2009 – MightyData is pleased to announce several training events for October 2009 including free webinars, hands-on training classes and a presentation for the Atlanta FMPug. FileMaker for Beginners Webinar, October 7, 10am CST – This FREE webinar uses a simple membership database to demonstrate how to organize information with FileMaker Pro. It is designed for the beginner who wants to learn the basics of FileMaker or wants to prepare for our Introduction to FileMaker class. http://www.mightydata.com/beginner.html Introduction to FileMaker, October 12 – This one-day class
  7. MightyData to expand consulting, development and training services Dallas, Texas — August 13, 2009 — MightyData, a sponsor of the 2009 FileMaker Developer Conference, welcomes two FileMaker 10 Certified Developers and FileMaker 10 Authorized Trainers to the team and prepares to offer free webinars and a series of high level FileMaker Training Series and Tough Stuff classes. Martha Zink joins MightyData in Houston, Texas as a FileMaker consultant and trainer. She is a calculation fanatic and interface design guru with strong experience in legal, medical and education industries. As a
  8. I'm working with script triggers and noticed that if I hold down the Command (Apple) key along with any other key, the OnLayoutKeystroke Script Trigger doesn't work. Does anyone know if there's away around this or why it does this? Also, does anyone know if the same thing would happen on the PC with the Control key? Thanks in advance!
  9. You can use one portal. I'm guessing the TO for the layout has some field that says "July" right? Use a global field instead. When you go to the layout, allow the user (or use a script) to set the global field to a month and then the related records will show.
  10. Try the calculation: List( RelatedRecords::Field ) Where the field you select is the email addresses from the related table
  11. If you want the layout to show 01/01/2009, right click on the date field in Layout mode and choose "Date Format" and choose your formatting choice. Hope that helps!
  12. Create a table called "Global" or "Default" or something along those lines. in that table, create a global field for StartDate and EndDate Relate your Global table with your expenses where Global::StartDate ≤ Expense::Date and Global::EndDate ≥ Expense::Date Relate your Global table with your expenses where Global::StartDate ≤ Invoice::Date and Global::EndDate ≥ Invoice::Date Then put the start and end date fields on the layout and put the two portals on the layout too (make sure the layout is for the "Globals" table) That should do it :
  13. See the attached file... Look at the two layouts and the two scripts. Hope that helps. Employees.fp7.zip
  14. Go into find mode and in the date field, search for "2/9/09...2/15/09" In a layout, create a report that has a sub-summary by Date, and a sub-summary by person. if you have multiple records for one person on a given date and you only want a summary, remove the body from the report. Sort the report by Date and by Person, and you should get the result you're looking for. If you're not on FileMaker 10, you'll need to go into Preview Mode So, if your data looks like the following: 2/9/09 Joe 8.0 2/9/09 Joe 1.0 2/10/09 Joe 2.0 2/10/09 Sam 2.5 2/10/09
  15. Try... Substitute( List( Summaries::Description ) ; ¶ ; ", " ) Where "Summaries::Description" is your related field from the Game table to Summaries table.
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