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  1. Hi there! Long time. :) Question about Carafe on WebDirect. With the Google Maps bundle, a script is called when the user clicks on the marker. This works perfectly in Pro (woot!). But if I try through WD, the FMP URL wants to open up FM, the app, instead of running the script within the WD instance. Is there a way around this? In short, I'm trying to open a card window (v19) when the user clicks on a marker. Thanks for all of your hard work on this.
  2. This would open up the Script Workspace, but that's as far as I got. tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" do menu menu item "Script Workspace..." of menu "Scripts" end tell Have you used QuicKeys before? That might be more suited to it. It can mimic both the keyboard and mouse. You can: (Manually) copy the script name choose Scripts > Script Workspace... Then use the tab key to go to the Search field Then paste the script name from your clipboard A Keyboard shortcut can perform the QuicKey shortcut, doing all the necessary steps. Thoughts?
  3. Of course, as soon as I posted this, I found the answer. I used the [Gmail] folder and was able to find [Gmail]/Sent Mail.
  4. Is it possible to get the emails within the Sent Mail folder/mailbox in Gmail using the 360Works Email plugin?
  5. I just finished recording an 11-video series on FileMaker 11. They are anywhere from 5-10 minutes and cover new features (along with tips and tricks) in the new version. MightyData's "11 Days of FileMaker 11" is available at http://www.mightydata.com/11days.html. The videos are published through YouTube (low-res) and Screencast (high-res). Enjoy! - Martha Z
  6. I'll be presenting a live webinar on November 17th. The topic is "Real World Calculations: Live," where I take your real calculation questions and issues and go through the process of solving them during the webinar. I've extended the deadline for submitting questions until this Friday, November 13th. If you're interested, please submit your calculation questions or issues to me at [email protected] Please include "Calculations Webinar" in the subject line. I look forward to hearing your questions and please don't hesitate to forward this to someone! Thanks, Martha Zink
  7. October 6, 2009 – MightyData is pleased to announce several training events for October 2009 including free webinars, hands-on training classes and a presentation for the Atlanta FMPug. FileMaker for Beginners Webinar, October 7, 10am CST – This FREE webinar uses a simple membership database to demonstrate how to organize information with FileMaker Pro. It is designed for the beginner who wants to learn the basics of FileMaker or wants to prepare for our Introduction to FileMaker class. http://www.mightydata.com/beginner.html Introduction to FileMaker, October 12 – This one-day class from the FileMaker Training Series introduces you to the basics of working with data and fields in FileMaker Pro. This instructor-led course encourages active participation in discussions and gives you the opportunity to try what you learn in a hands-on environment. http://www.mightydata.com/introduction.html Intermediate FileMaker, October 13-14 – This two-day class from the FileMaker Training Series class introduces you to the fundamentals of database design and introduces you to scripts and calculations of basic to moderate complexity. This instructor-led course encourages active participation in discussions and gives you the opportunity to try what you learn in a hands-on environment. http://www.mightydata.com/intermediate.html FileMaker 10 and the iPhone, October 13, 7pm EST – Kirk Bowman of MightyData will present this FREE session from FileMaker DevCon 2009 at the Atlanta FMPug. Learn three different approaches to integrating FileMaker with the iPhone and which software to use for each approach. http://360works.com/filemaker-developers-group/ Script Triggers Simplified Webinar, October 21, 10am CST – Jason Young of MightyData will present this FREE webinar on script triggers in FileMaker 10. Learn the concepts and techniques including layouts and object based triggers, pre and post triggers, how to setup an OnTimer trigger and tips for using script triggers effectively. http://www.mightydata.com/script_triggers.html More Information To register or for more information on our webinars and hands-on training classes, call 972-390-8600 or visit the MightyData web site. MightyData specializes in database and web applications and systems integration. MightyData is a Platinum Member of FileMaker Business Alliance and a FileMaker 10 Authorized Trainer with multiple FileMaker 10 Certified Developers. http://www.mightydata.com
  8. MightyData to expand consulting, development and training services Dallas, Texas — August 13, 2009 — MightyData, a sponsor of the 2009 FileMaker Developer Conference, welcomes two FileMaker 10 Certified Developers and FileMaker 10 Authorized Trainers to the team and prepares to offer free webinars and a series of high level FileMaker Training Series and Tough Stuff classes. Martha Zink joins MightyData in Houston, Texas as a FileMaker consultant and trainer. She is a calculation fanatic and interface design guru with strong experience in legal, medical and education industries. As a trainer, Martha desires to help each student learn the same passion and enthusiasm for FileMaker that she brings to the classroom. Jason Young joins MightyData in Denver, Colorado as a FileMaker consultant and trainer. Jason is a script trigger expert with a deep understanding of FileMaker and QuickBooks integration. As a process analyst, he has helped increase the productivity of customers in manufacturing, transportation and construction industries. Webinars and Training Classes Free webinars are available from MightyData to the FileMaker community on a monthly basis. Popular topics include FileMaker for Beginners, calculations, scripting, security, FileMaker Server and web publishing. Anyone can join a webinar with only a computer and broadband Internet connection. • September 9 – FileMaker for Beginners, Free • September 22 – Interface Design Simplified, Free • September 29 – Script Triggers Simplified, Free Hands-on classes from the FileMaker Training Series are for power-users looking to take their skills to the next level, or developers looking to sharpen their skills and keep up-to-date with the latest techniques. MightyData provides each student with a computer and FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced to practice new concepts during class. • September 14 – Introduction to FileMaker, $395 • September 15-16 – Intermediate FileMaker, $795 • September 17-18 – Advanced FileMaker, $895 This fall MightyData will offer The Tough Stuff, a new FileMaker training class with inspiration from the FileMaker Pro 10 Bible by Ray Cologon. The class goes beyond the FileMaker Training Series and explores developer topics including interface design, data modeling, calculations, scripting (including script triggers), security, audit logging, backup and recovery, and writing efficient code. This four-day class is unlike any other FileMaker class on the market. • The Tough Stuff – October 12-15, $1795 Complete training information including schedules and registration is available on the MightyData web site. www.mightydata.com/training.html About MightyData MightyData provides customers with custom database and web applications to solve their daily business problems, and offers database and web training classes to help students increase their ability to create their own solutions. MightyData is a Platinum Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance with locations in Dallas, Austin, Houston and Denver. For further information: Kirk Bowman MightyData, LLC 972-390-8600 x101 [email protected] www.mightydata.com
  9. I'm working with script triggers and noticed that if I hold down the Command (Apple) key along with any other key, the OnLayoutKeystroke Script Trigger doesn't work. Does anyone know if there's away around this or why it does this? Also, does anyone know if the same thing would happen on the PC with the Control key? Thanks in advance!
  10. You can use one portal. I'm guessing the TO for the layout has some field that says "July" right? Use a global field instead. When you go to the layout, allow the user (or use a script) to set the global field to a month and then the related records will show.
  11. Try the calculation: List( RelatedRecords::Field ) Where the field you select is the email addresses from the related table
  12. If you want the layout to show 01/01/2009, right click on the date field in Layout mode and choose "Date Format" and choose your formatting choice. Hope that helps!
  13. Create a table called "Global" or "Default" or something along those lines. in that table, create a global field for StartDate and EndDate Relate your Global table with your expenses where Global::StartDate ≤ Expense::Date and Global::EndDate ≥ Expense::Date Relate your Global table with your expenses where Global::StartDate ≤ Invoice::Date and Global::EndDate ≥ Invoice::Date Then put the start and end date fields on the layout and put the two portals on the layout too (make sure the layout is for the "Globals" table) That should do it :
  14. See the attached file... Look at the two layouts and the two scripts. Hope that helps. Employees.fp7.zip
  15. Go into find mode and in the date field, search for "2/9/09...2/15/09" In a layout, create a report that has a sub-summary by Date, and a sub-summary by person. if you have multiple records for one person on a given date and you only want a summary, remove the body from the report. Sort the report by Date and by Person, and you should get the result you're looking for. If you're not on FileMaker 10, you'll need to go into Preview Mode So, if your data looks like the following: 2/9/09 Joe 8.0 2/9/09 Joe 1.0 2/10/09 Joe 2.0 2/10/09 Sam 2.5 2/10/09 Sam 4.5 Without a body, the report will look like 2/9/09 Joe 9.0 2.10/09 Joe 2.0 Sam 7.0 With a body, you would see each entry. Does that help? Need a sample file?
  16. Try... Substitute( List( Summaries::Description ) ; ¶ ; ", " ) Where "Summaries::Description" is your related field from the Game table to Summaries table.
  17. Try the overlaying fields. That allows you to type the first few letters and get to the name you're looking for. The other option would be a pop-up layout that comes up that shows the list of all the users, and then the user can search in that popup (the layout will probably be from the Users Table) and choose the right record, by clicking on some icon and the nthe script will take that user ID and put it in the record that you're on, in the back window. Thoughts?
  18. There are a few ways to deal with this: 1. Use a Pop-Up menu instead of a drop-down 2. Overlap two fields so that the bottom field is what you have now, the field that requires the UID. The top field will be the related field "User Name" from your Users table. The bottom field can only be entered in Browse Mode and the top field can only be entered in Find Mode.
  19. Try the GetNthRecord function. How are the two records related? Or are they just sitting next to each other on a layout?
  20. You could if you had a layout with two portals next to each other... not sure if there is any way to put both sets of records in one list view though.
  21. Could you Create a script that shows the omitted records only, hiding the original found set of COLUMBUS? Show Omitted Only Enter Find Mode [Pause] [user enters criteria here and clicks "Continue"] Constrain Found Set
  22. In previous versions of FileMaker, if I made a textbox that was too large, I would click on the "single space" button and the box would resize to the enclosed text. In 10, that button is gone... so what do I do now? Help?
  23. Did you ever solve this problem? I'm running into it too.
  24. Sorry - I wasn't clear. It's not the DATA that isn't updating... it's the STRUCTURE! I'll add a table and a few relationships. I'll ask the user to go to a layout and the layout will say "Table Missing" all over the place, for anything I've recently added!
  25. Can you.... Create a table called Times Create a time field called "Time" Add a record for all possible class times. Create a relationship between the table Times and Classes by Time Create a summary field in Classes which is a Count of the Class Serial Number (or the Time) Show the related summary field on the Times layout, next to the Time field. Thoughts?
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