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  1. Hi yes I did try to set it up but it didn't work- but when I change the field format form text to number and back again, the script then worked. Thanks.
  2. I would like to create a button next to my phone field so that when it is tapped, the number gets dialled (in FileMaker Go). anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
  3. I would like to create a button in my database, which would combine contents of fields into a URL, and then link to it in Apple Maps: http://maps.apple.com/?address=FIELD1,FIELD2,FIELD3,FIELD4 So for example, my database has: Address field: My Office Town: Cupertino ZIP: 90000 Country: USA So I would like my button go to Apple Maps, based on the new URL built from my record content: http://maps.apple.com/?address=myoffice,cupertino,9000,usa Is this possible? Thanks!
  4. I’m trying to create a database with the following 2 key needs: - 2 staff editors, who would input material into our FM database on a regular basis (so I know I need to buy them the 2 FMP licenses) - different clients viewing and searching this database, through a webpage, with read-only access I’m confused with FM Cloud. Am I right that this will allow for the first need, where my two editors in different cities can access and edit the one database. But it will not allow for second issue, the client access, as each client would need to *buy* a FM license to access the file? Thanks- any advice would be very helpful.
  5. also got it working- many thanks for your help on this one.
  6. Sorry for being dumb on this- This is what I have in my scriptmaker so far. http://homepage.mac.com/sspence/snapshot.jpg The filemaker database is called "new Dingman Family Database" When i run it is does go through each of the images one by one but creates a file named "?" on the desktop. I'm sure I am missing one of the pieces in your suggestion. My images are all pasted into the database container field.
  7. thanks a million fenton- this looks great. only trouble i am having is replicating what you have done. its probably because i am too much of a novice, but i can't get the middle part of the script into my script will keep trying though...
  8. thanks for looking at it Mark. I'm not familiar enough with applescript to write one of my own, but hopefully someone has a solution. Given that FM 8 has images template and they include instructions on how to import photos/images, there must be some way to export multiple images. I would like to be able to export so I can then pull the images into iPhoto and use iPhoto's "Order prints" feature. For instance I migth want to perform a find in my FM images database, and then send the found set off on to iPhoto and then over the internet to Kodak to be printed. Thanks for taking a look- anyone got a solution for us?
  9. I have a database of images in Filemaker 8, and I have been pasting in jpegs and giving them names etc.. Sometimes I run a find, and find say 40 out of 200. I then want to export all of the images in these receords to a new folder on the desktop. Just the pictures, nothing else. I can export one image at a time using the "export field contents" from the Edit menu, but how do I do this for all found records in one go? I want to end up with a folder of my jpeg images. Any help very much appreciated! Simon
  10. is there a way to do this in scriptmaker, or do i need to make an applescripts?
  11. I am trying to make a script in scriptmaker to send images from FileMaker Pro to iPhoto. I have my pictures in a FM database and want to create a button which would take the image and send it to iPhoto's library. Any ideas on how to do this?? many thanks!
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