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  1. I'll check with the team who's been administering the SuperContainer server and see. I know that we have a certificate on that machine - all of the standard web interfaces are HTTPS already, like the web direct for FM web sharing. I tried directing one of the SC web viewers to HTTPS and had no luck there - the web viewer just sits on "Loading" and fails to load anything that way. The web server and Superconatiner are running on a Mac Mini, while our main DB server is WinServer 2016. I'm not sure how else to try to access it via HTTPS. Would love any specific suggestions of where t
  2. Yesterday I replied to an old thread - to be sure and make it clear, I'm just adding a new one here. What we're seeing on our Mac clients (and have been for 2+ years now) is: the web server (a Mac-based system) portion of our multi-machine configuration (DB server is Windows) has its security certificates in place. This means that when users access the web direct homepage, they're redirected to HTTPS. That works fine. However, Safari automatically creates an HSTS profile for that web server. That HSTS profile then automatically redirects any web traffic on that client to HTTPS. So i
  3. I know this is really old (almost two years now) - but we've discovered this is still an issue with Mac clients. What I've narrowed it down to is HSTS profiles being created by Safari. If a user visits the web direct page for our (Mac-based) web server (of the same multi-machine configuration above) that site uses HTTPS by default. When you've visited that site, Safari generates an HSTS profile that will then automatically redirect ANY HTTP call from that client to HTTPS - therefore all of our SC web viewers fail to display content. Users can still interact with SC via scripted calls, but
  4. Have an odd situation, just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this. We have a solution that's been in use for 10+ years now - so started I think as a v7 database. Our developers are now running v18 while most clients are v16 or v17. I made an adjustment to a script last week to an Import Records script step. It's all internal, just importing a record from one table to another. In v18 the mappings all look and behave correctly. However, for any clients on < v18 the mapping of the fields was totally messed up. Not off by just one field but all over the place. Same script from
  5. After troubleshooting with Ryan offline - this was just a cache issue in Safari. Interestingly, Chrome had no problem with the URL. Firefox got stuck on TLS Handshake problems (much like Safari). But after clearing the Cache (via Developers menu in Safari) and removing all Website content (via Preferences) - it's back up and running as expected.
  6. FM clients. We have other solutions that are accessed via Webdirect - those are all OK. We're really only seeing this problem on High Sierra FM client users. And again, the scripted interactions all work - it just can't load the webviewer. It's not accessible - but let me see - I may be able to screen share with you if you think that would help.
  7. We're trying to track down a problem and wondering if anyone has seen anything like this: Setup: FMServer is Win2012, web server (multiple machine deployment) is MacOS (Supercontainer running here). Our High Sierra clients are able to interact with SC content if it's scripted but the actual webviewer does not display anything (we sometimes use it to preview PDF or images). Win10 clients are OK. Older MacOS clients are OK. Seems to be limited to High Sierra (and maybe Mojave but we don't have many of those). We've tried updating Java, switching to HTTPS - no luck. The only subst
  8. Nevermind - appreciate the help. Discovered that some users still had a mix of plug-in versions installed. This issue is RESOLVED with SuperContainer v2.9510. Thanks so much! Phew!
  9. Hi all - back to this topic as it's still a problem for us. We abandoned the dialog box and just did a forced-save to the user's desktop with all files. We're still stuck on Windows machines though - they can download the first file but any additional attempts to download other files throw Java errors immediately. The only remedy is to quit FMP client and reopen. I went through some of the other troubleshooting steps - installing 32-bit Java (already there), creating the local/360Works/Plug-ins/jre folder and unzipping the contents of the support files, etc. Still no luck. What other
  10. Good thought - but I tried this: deleted all the plugins (we do use SuperContainer and ScriptMaster) and restarted FMPA. I opened the database in question without letting any of the startup or other scripts fire. Even then (with virtually nothing loaded) I get the same result.
  11. Yes, immediately - no steps executed. Just by calling it. And I wish it were a script parameter but it even happens from the Script Editor where there isn't a Script Param to pass in...
  12. First - thanks all - I really do appreciate the ideas. I've been developing in FMP since v5, about 22 years ago and spent 10s of thousands of hours in it. This is a first for me. While on the surface it feels like it's something getting set along the way, I do not believe it's anything in the database itself that is causing this issue - nothing in startup script, or custom function or even data viewer are setting the $var. With data viewer open (yes, we develop in FM Advanced) - prior to triggering the script in question I only have the $$vars that are set in startup script. A
  13. Gotcha. No AS at all in this. It's a very basic script to gather vacation time tracking and process it. For some reason I can't paste the script code into this post. But it's really nothing other than setting some variables, doing a little math based on those variables and creating (or not) a new record. And again, this isn't so much for me about solving this script - I have lots of ways around that - it's more about why my machine seems to think that variable still exists and ensuring that goes away. Somewhere on my machine is cached data that is not getting flushed. It makes me wo
  14. I can - but the strange part is - I have completely removed the $hours from the script altogether - and still in Debugger that variable appears as being set. So while I can show you want the script looks like now - that variable doesn't even exist in the current iteration of the script. It's totally strange... Been working in FMP for about 20 years and never seen this one before.
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