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  1. Thanks Comment, perfect, it works now with your suggestion.
  2. Hi Comment, I will try to explain it. For example, if I have 3 invoices with 5 products sold in each one, in the table "invoices" I have three records (one for each invoice) and in the table "line items" I have 15 records in total. In both tables, there is a field "idInvoice" that relates both tables. I want to print an invoice with only associated products (items). If I do a layout with a portal, I get this result but whenever the number of items does not exceed the size of the portal. The second option that I tried was to replace the portal for a list of items (in list mode) but in this case I don't get to show only the related products to each invoice (I cannot filter the products) and the 15 products are shown. How could I get to print only the associated items? Thanks, Wardiam
  3. Good evening everybody, I am creating an invoice system with 2 tables: the 1st one contains the product lines that are sold and the 2nd one includes the invoices. Both tables are related. Anyway, I created a layout to print the invoices that has a header for each invoice, a portal where are shown only associated products with each one and footer with the final amount (with VAT included and not). The problem is that some of those invoices have more than 30 sold products and I don´t get to do a layout that allows printing it in multiple sheets keeping the header and footer. I am now doing a new layout, but listing products sold. The problem is that all products are shown but unfiltered. Could anyone help me? Thank you very much, Wardiam
  4. Hi everybody, Comment, I use frequently your import+parse script to reorganize my protein databases but I have a lot of problems with big databases. I have in this link a database with 130MB of plain text: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5qk9fj1FG3ZMTRoSDQyRF9na0E/edit?usp=sharing I initially can import the file to my filemaker solution but when I use the parse script after half an hour, filemaker is closed with an error message. I have tried to increase the cache size up to 512 MB (maximum size) but the program is closed again. Could anyone help me to improve application performance? Thanks, Wardiam
  5. Hi Wim, could you help me to remake the ExecuteSQL query. I have tried to replace "LIKE" for "=" but it doesn´t work. Do you think that it's faster if I do the query using the FIND mode? I also thought to create a table with the same fields and synchronize it with the mySQL database but I don't know how to do it. I need to do a lot of queries to mysql database and I don't know if maybe it would be better to have the database in local but how to synchronize it. I'm a little lost. Wardiam
  6. Hi, I will try to explain my problem more in detail: This is my floating panel: https://www.dropbox.com/s/928klhk4h9uk7ly/Captura%20de%20pantalla%202014-08-02%2016.36.57.png In "Buscar" field, I insert the barcode of the product. In the portal below, I get the information about "Barcode", "id_product" and "description" from the mySQL database. This database (mySQL) has 42 fields and 2257 records. When I insert the barcode, then I click on "Buscar" button and this script is run: Set variable [$result; Value:(*) (*) Let ( [ ~sql = " SELECT ~idField FROM ~table1 WHERE ~summaryField LIKE '%~value%' "; $sqlQuery = Substitute ( ~sql ; [ "~idField" ; SQLFieldName ( Facturas_PR_PRODUCT::ean13 ) ]; [ "~summaryField" ; SQLFieldName ( Facturas_PR_PRODUCT::ean13 ) ]; [ "~table1" ; SQLTableName ( Facturas_PR_PRODUCT::ean13 ) ]; [ "~value" ; FACTURAS::Buscar ] ); $sqlResult = ExecuteSQL ( $sqlQuery ; "" ; "" ) ]; If ( $sqlResult = "?" ; False; //SQLDebugResult ( $sqlResult ); $sqlResult ) ) If [not $result] Show Custom Dialog ["Producto NO encontrado"; "No se ha encontrado ningún resultado"] Else Set Field [FACTURAS::PortalFilter; $result & ¶] End If Records/Requests [] Exit Script [] That's all. If I run this script when I open the application, Filemaker is waiting indefinitely but if first I go to the mySQL table (layout) and for example I search the duplicates by barcode in FIND MODE and then I repeat the previous script again. I get the matching records in 1-2 seconds Why??? Thank you very much for your help, Wardiam
  7. Hi everybody, I have trying to combine data from a MySQL source with my local FM database using a shadow table with ESS connector. Basically I have done a Point Of Sale (POS) that gets the data from a MySQL database (it contains the information about the products, prices, stock, etc). I have two problems: 1. I have done an script that connect to this shadow table when I insert a barcode for a product and extract the information about that product. If I open the FM solution and initially run the script, the process is too slow but if I go firstly to the shadow table and then I run again the script, in that case the process is faster. I have solve this problem using and script that goes briefly to the shadow table (when I open the application) before returns to the main layout. Is there other alternative more elegant? 2. Certain products are duplicates in the database and have different barcodes. If I insert one of these barcodes, a floating panel is shown, an script using ExecuteSQL query is run to show only this products (from shadow table). To do this query, I need to go to the shadow table and do a search in Find Mode and then run again the ExecuteSQL query. I think that both problems are related and I suppose that I need to optimize the connection to MySQL shadow table. Could anyone help me to enhance it? Do I need to include any other step in the scripts to establish or maintain the connection to the MySQL database? Thank you very much, Wardiam
  8. Thank you very much LaRetta, I have tested your script and it works. This is exactly that I wanted it. Thanks again, Wardiam
  9. It's true Comment, thanks. I have modified the script following your recommendations and now it works but I had to change the activation event to "OnObjectSave". As you told me I wanted that both actions (handly or barcode reader) run the same script, perfect!!! Now I have other problem, to activate the script I click on the enter key and when the script has finished the cursor goes to the next field. I want to return to the same field, clear it and introduce other barcode. I have tried to use the "Go to field" or "Go to object" commands at the end of the script but the field is only cleared and anyway the cursor goes to the next field. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks again, Wardiam
  10. Hi Matthew, It is a possibility, I would like to have a single field but if I don't get other solution to my problem, I will try your option. Thank you very much, Wardiam
  11. Hi everybody, I am doing a POS system and I have 2 databases. The first one has the barcodes and descriptions of the products and the second one has the ordered products. I have a layout from which I would like to read the barcodes of the products and then add their information within the other database. To do it, I have a field through which I want to introduce the barcode. This barcode can be introduced handly or with a barcode reader. I have some problems to create the script to read the barcode. Handly: I write the barcode numbers, strike the enter key and a script "1" is started (when strike this key) to capture the barcode. Barcode reader: I click on the field and read the barcode, after that a script "2" is started to capture the barcode. To separate both scripts (1 and 2), in this field I have activated the OnObject Keystroke event and I run this script: Set Error Capture [On] Allow User Abort [Off] IF Code (Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) = 13) Perform Script [“Add barcode”] Else Exit Script End If Using this script I can read a barcode and the subsequent script runs perfectly but it is impossible to write handly any number within the field. How could I keep both reading options? Thank you very much, Wardiam
  12. Thanks, I know it's very heavy file. I'm going to test it now. Wardiam
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