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  1. Using FM13ADV on Windows. I have quite a number of new accounts to setup in Security. I wrote a script, like I have done before. The password needs to be two lowercase letters followed by a series of number like ag45689. This calculation is producing uppercase letters no matter how I try. No text formatting, add lowercase formatting, remove text formatting. I would rather not enter each one by one. Thanks, Jim
  2. We are all Windows users with XP, Windows7 and Windows8.  I am attempting to complete a script that creates a nest of 1 folder with 3 subfolders on another server. The script will create the folders on my desktop but not on the other drive.  Path to location is: http://fdsmsvws01/DIAPP  Top Level Folder for example would be: Test One Request  Sub Folders would be: Analyst Design Program  I have tried changing http: to filewin:, but result was unsuccessful.  Currently the users have to remote access to the location.  Script steps attached.   Help would be appreciated. Jim
  3. I have this calculation that begins with Product Name then list attributes about the product under the name. I have indent set at -145 for first line and 145 Left. Works well except when product name is longer than one line. The attached file shows the calculation, my soft returns are not working after the first time. thanks
  4. If this is in the documentation, I am missing it. So tell me where. With RemoteScripter, the PDF is inserted into the Container field and it is taking the IWP User several refreshes at their web browser to view the inserted file. The container field is setting on the same record as the IWP User. Assistance is appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  5. We are using FM12 Adv. Need to place a created PDF in a container field for IWP users. We are using 360WorksRemote Scripter and it works fine with their test file, but not our live file. We set a variable, $file, before we begin to create and append the PDF. This is always inserted on Windows Server. We have tried $file=Get(DesktopPath) & Business::BusinessName & ".PDF ------ Works okay to Set Field for container, but IWP users cannot see it. plus file name has C:UsersAdministratorsDesktop before the actual PDF name. What should be the actual Insert File script step and the Variable for $file? thanks, Jim
  6. I am not seeing how that would work as there are currently 12 layouts with some layouts max on length. I am not even sure if making a report would work either. thanks, Jim
  7. There are 88 subheadings. I started a script that goes to last page, and looks for the last subhead. The thought was to walk upwards from there. But unfortunately I am stuck as verifying the page number. If there was only a way to test if not on current page returns a 0. The wording of each subheading is known and cannot be altered by the user. Jim
  8. Hello, We have a long document as a single record. I am trying to build a table of contents when we save as PDF. I need to determine the page number of the subheadings, which are fields. I have a script that pulls the subhead and its correct page number, but only if I can get it to the correct page by go to last then go to previous. The problem is I do not know what page the field will be on. Under the subheads are numerous sliding up fields. thanks, Jim
  9. I have lost the code I had for putting AccountName and Password into the url for IWP log in. Also I would like to bypass the screen that lists the available databases. Filemaker 12 thanks, Jim
  10. That was it! Thanks. Guess I was standing too close to the trees.
  11. There are over 400 Groups, so I have the three globals which are populated from a list with values separated by a <cr> My script does not seem to be gathering the data from the group global on the Extend. I have tried it two ways. Method A Perform find handles the first Group and the other criteria. This step works Enter Find Mode Set Field [staffing::gMatchTwo; GetValue($OrgList;2) Extend found set Method B Perform find handles the first Group and the other criteria. This step works Set Field [staffing::gMatchTwo; GetValue($OrgList;2) Extend found set
  12. Using Filemaker 11 on Windows, writing a script to run a report. Script is working if I only search for a single group or all groups along with either one, two or all three of the types. How can I extend the find to allow the User to search for either 2 or three Groups? There will be the same Types selected for each group. I have captured the list of Groups as a varialbe with each value separated by a <cr>. thanks, Jim
  13. We have the license for 360 Works. Email is handled by Exchange. There are specific emails that will need to be saved within our FM solution. We are running FM12. With Thundermird I can drag n drop an email into a container field then export field contents and see the entire email. With Outlook I only receive the email header. Does someone know how to tackle this problem? thanks, Jim
  14. I hope this is in the correct area. We have a portal to where each record the User can select Contact Type(phone, fax, email, cell phone, etc) then they can enter the correct info in the field Contact Data. I need to know if Email is in their Contact Type and if so what value is it so I can locate it in the list of Contact Data. thanks, Jim
  15. fields are named s001, s002, etc. Perhaps that is why I am getting specified field name cannot be found with GetRepetition ( GetField ( Market::s008 ) ; 5 )
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