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  1. These are well documented best practices in every object oriented language I've ever used inlcuding Java and C++ and VB. So, yes, I am "following blindly" the best practices of much more advanced languages.
  2. If for no other reason: $v is less typing than get(scriptParameter)
  3. This is a good point, I'm not conviced either, but I've always been taught to minimize function calls...for better or worse.
  4. I disagree there is no point in setting variables from Script Parameters. First, it makes the code cleaner and robust, also, if you need to reference the parameter more than once, then it eliminates a function call get(scriptParameter), also, you may at some point need to pass more than one parameter into the script, which would then require a complete rewrite of the script.
  5. use variables. Your export script will create a variable...say called $filePath. Then, in your export records dialog, specify the file as $filepath. Wamo, dynamically generated output file.
  6. totalContacts=count (clientContacts::ID) Current contact will depend on sort order and how you are displaying them. Little more tricky.
  7. <> Yes, look into the text formating functions and the case function. try something like this: cDisplayStatus= case(status="whatever";text Format here; status="something else": text format here;) etc
  8. I've seen this happen on several occasions, and believe it was a bug that was fixed by an update. I've also seen this when the top or bottom of the field in a portal is just at or beyond the bounds of the portal.
  9. I typically do this with a script and script parameters. Create a "developer layout" (usually notated with "z_layoutName"). When the user clicks a button, the script freezes the window, goes to the developer layout, creates a new record, sets any key values (like which parent record the new record is a child of) using the parameters passed into the script, then finally returns to the original layout.
  10. I've run into an interesting quirk. On Windows XP with 8.5 advanced, I have a list layout with a footer. In the footer I have multiple portals. When I drag and drop text into the portals I get different results. Sometimes the drop does not work, sometimes it drops data into the portal below (a different table and different field), sometimes it unexpectedly creates related records, every once in a while...it works as expected. I've tested the data file for corruption, I've reinstalled the app. The problem goes away if I change the view type to a form. Has anyone else seen this? Is it just me? Any ideas?
  11. Fenton, You are brilliant! I attempted this before, but I didn't understand that I only needed to exclude the name space once and all child tags would be excluded. It parsed right up. Thanks!
  12. Also, in the same vain, I've been attempting to use Yahoo Local which outputs to XML, but they've got some interesting namespace stuff going on in the results that I can't seem to eliminate from my results: any ideas on how to transform this to simply ""? Of course, I manually remove it, and still have other issues further down the tree, but I can't seem to cross the first bridge!
  13. Yes. Just write a script and specify the output options to send as mail. Saving to disk can be a little more tricky in a multi-user environment since the local path can vary, but there are ways around that using get functions.
  14. Greetings, Google does not directly support xml results any longer, and I've attempted in vain for many hours to parse Yahoo local data into Filemaker XML with XSL. Does anyone know of a solid XML data provider whom I can querry with business names and get reasonable XML address, phone, etc results? Has anyone had any luck trying to parse the Yahoo local results (I get one error after another from their XML results).
  15. That makes perfect sense. I'm having similar troubles with Yahoo XML results. any ideas on how to transform this to simply ""? Of course, I manually remove it, and still have other issues further down the tree, but I can't seem to cross the first bridge!
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