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  1. dual_mon

    Timer Bundle

    Hi Milton, is this the bundle that you're playing with? https://carafe.fm/bundle/timer-widget-studio/ FYI, Carson Lind created that one for Widget Studio. What can be very useful for getting help with this sort of thing is to use Carafe Kitchen to open the bundle, and then choose Edit -> Online From there it will open it Code Sandbox, and you can share the link to your sandbox. As far as the specifics of what the timer can do, as with many bundles, those are often tied to what the underlying bundled library can do. As you may have noticed in the references, Carson linked to https://albert-gonzalez.github.io/easytimer.js/ It may be a lot to ask for you to figure out how to customize as you're describing, if you're new to JavaScript, but in any case, it's all there for the taking if you have the time and interest. That's the beauty of open source! Jeremiah
  2. Take a look at "Anatomy of the Carafe Bundle" in the tutorials. This tutorial was made before we added "libraries" to the bundle format, but it still covers the fundamentals, and it shows demos of working with a bundle in Code Sandbox. To answer your question about modifying the library code, you are correct, you would not want to directly edit libraries. Since you're working in Code Sandbox, you could post your sandbox here with the issue(s) you're having.
  3. Generally, the WebViewer, and by extension, Carafe bundles, should work fine on iPads. When you mention iPad, do you mean Go? Or perhaps are you using WebDirect? There used to be an issue in versions of FMS less than 19 with WebDirect, which required us to do platform detection, and base64 encode the data url, but that's no longer needed in 19. In any case, it can work, so if it's not working, that doesn't mean it's unfixable. You'd need to get into more detail though to sort it out.
  4. Hi Tim, sorry for the thread necromancy here, but as you surmised, that bundle isn't Windows tested. If you look at the about information, bundles authors generally declare "Windows Tested" if they've worked it out for IE 11, which is what it requires. https://carafe.fm/bundle/pivot-table-widget-studio/
  5. Hi Martha, The change to support FileMaker.PerformScript in 19 is very simple, so I went ahead and updated the GoogleMaps bundle to 3.0.5 with support for a new config option "useFmpUrl" which defaults to "true". If you change that to "false" you will get the new behavior. Please note, in testing this I discovered a fixed issue in 19 which we had previously needed to work around in WebDirect by base64 encoding the dataurl. This still worked fine, but as it turns out, broke the PerformScript feature. So now there is version detection, so it can work properly in both 19 and earlier versions. You'll need to deploy with Carafe Add-on 0.3.0+ or Carafe Kitchen 3.1.3+ which I just pushed up to https://carafe.fm/downloads/ a few minutes ago.
  6. Yes! Bundles that are compatible with versions of FileMaker Server less than 19 do not have the option of using the new FileMaker.PerformScript function they added. So far all the bundles we've got published up here are created to support the FMP URL technique. I'll let you know when we have a WebDirect 19 compatible version. Are you using the Carafe Add-on or the Kitchen style of deployment?
  7. Yes, you're right that with the cluster feature enabled, you're at crossed purposes with the size set to 1. Really it's intended to be set to more than one. It would be possible to do without the cluster feature added, but this bundle isn't set up for that use case.
  8. Yes, the display issue when there is too much data in the right or left column is something you'll need to deal with by either consolidating your data, or enlarging the screen, as the Sankey implementation just doesn't handle that very gracefully.
  9. The brief load, followed by the error, suggests maybe you have an unexpected script trigger or something else going on. Make sure you're only loading it once.
  10. Hello again, I've set up a simple demo file in which I've enabled WebDirect, and deployed a selection of scripts from Carafe Kitchen 3.1.1. The Full Access credentials are admin:admin I uploaded it to FileMaker Server 17, 18, and 19 and tested in in Chrome and Safari (FireFox is not supported by WebDirect). They all open fine. If you're having troubles with WebDirect, make sure you've deployed your bundle with Carafe Kitchen 3.1.1 or higher. We did have an earlier version of 3.x which didn't have the proper encoding for WebDirect. The Full Access credentials are admin:admin Carafe Web Direct Demo v1.fmp12.zip
  11. Hi again Dave, I'm attaching a carafe bundle which you can import into Carafe Kitchen. Soon this will also be published on Carafe.FM, and we'll retire the two separate versions. Just to wrap your head around the steps for deploying a bundle, maybe take a look at this video. It's talking about running a mapping bundle, but the process of creating the json in your loader script and passing it as the parameter to the deployed bundle script are the same. Just keep in mind that subsequent to this video we renamed the FileMaker utility "Carafe Kitchen" whereas the video shows it as just "Carafe" Jeremiah datatables-3-0-0-jeremiah-small.carafe-draft-02.json
  12. Hi Dave, Thanks for your interest in Carafe! As it happens, the two datatables bundles we have up there are two of the very first proofs of concept, and they aren't very configurable. In fact, we have a new consolidated datatables bundle in the works, and I'll dig that up today, and see if it's ready to publish officially. Even if it's not, I'll attach a pre-release version here for you to mess with. Jeremiah
  13. You can definitely use Carafe with very little training to implement an existing bundle that someone in the community has already developed. It's only if you are looking to do something that the community hasn't already created where you'd need to get in a bit deeper. One way or another, if you want a custom JavaScript solution, you will need to figure out how to go about accomplishing your goal. As an alternative to tackling JavaScript development yourself, you could just work on the requirements and partner with someone who already knows JavaScript.
  14. This is important to know, because the WebDirect client is whatever version of Server you have.
  15. @Digital_Impressions what version of FileMaker Server are you on? It's hard to tell from your movie, so just to confirm, that is of a WebDirect screen? Which browser? You're going to want to be able to look at the browser's console to see what's going on. If you're on Windows, IE, you can use the F12 developer tool that comes with Windows. See https://youtu.be/yxozls1glHM?t=368 (at 6:08 for instructions on how to find this). All other browsers will have a developer mode you can enable which can help you track down errors like this. In any case, if @Jesse LaVere or I get the chance, we'll try to test this one out on WebDirect and see if we can identify what's going on.
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