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  1. Exactly what I want. Even after reviewing your script I am unable to figure out how you removed the duplicates. ie john 3, john 2, john 1 to leave only john 3. I suspect it involves the # sign but I am not sure. An explanantion would be great. thanks
  2. I have posted a sample file with students who take two different certifications A and B. Each students takes 4 tests for A and 4 tests for B. I want to be able to print out a report for certification A and certification B showing progress of each student. Ie. which student completed 1 or 2 or 3 tests. Students should only be in one category for each certification (ie the maximum test number). Report would be certification a, test 1 student names with total, test 2 student names with total etc. Then certification b , test 1 student names with total etc. studentstest.fp7.zip
  3. I have filemaker 8.0 and am not planning to upgrade. I need to go to a website and wrote a script go to url that works great. Next step is to automatically log in if possible and also enter the name of the current client into the first field of the website. the website is another database with the same clients as my filemaker database. eg. on client jones in filemaker I want to go to www.alternatedatabase.com and automatically enter jones on the first field of the web database. I though i could do this with a query statement. thanks
  4. Here is a sample database(simpler) that demonstrates how to find the last date. It uses max function to find the most recent date. recentdate.fp7.zip
  5. I attached a samplefile. I want a field to update based on the last portal entry. I have created a relationship to isolate the last portal record. If I create a calculated field it works fine. However, I would rather a regular field that autoenters with the same calculation. The reason is simple. The field will usually but not always be based on the last portal and the user may need to override the calculation. Please take a look. test.fp7.zip
  6. I recently update server to 8v4 and clients to 8v3 to get rid of broken indexing. I still can't get my scripts to print to the right printer AND with the right format (portrait vs landscape). I have different layouts that produce different forms. I make printing buttons for the staff so they do not have to memorize which printer has the right paper and which way it faces. The script that is triggered is set for the printer and orientation but usually goes back to the last last orientation used. Anyone have any new ideas other than manually using a dialog box each time. I do not wa
  7. I think you are looking for a portal to show a one to many relationship. Then a filtered portal would then limit the data to the records with a specific value. Attached is a list of students and grades in many classes. Then I filtered a portal to show only classes where the students received an "a". Hope this is the right direction. filterportal_Copy.fp7.zip
  8. To clarify, what I was trying to avoid was months that are too short leading to errors. I don't want to add 90 days to November 30 as this could become March instead of Feb (since the month is short). That is why I wanted to extract the month and add 3 months and then convert back to the name for the report. People like to see sept not 9 on the printout. You have both given me some ways to approach this. Thank you.
  9. I am trying to flag an event every quarter. Filemaker finds the most recent event using max function and using month function calculatest the month. eg 6/10/05 becomes june or 6. Now I want to add 3 months and get 9. Can I convert the 9 back to september with a function or do I need to lookup a table of months and numbers 1 jan 2 feb etc.
  10. Your technique works great. I made a sample file for review using it. I even extended it to 3 levels of data. eg. fruit banana ripe value.fp7.zip
  11. There have been some recent descriptions of a bug in version 8 which messes up the index. I had a similar problem of records not found and reindexing solved my problem. Try searching the forum for indexing errors. Any other thoughts?
  12. I realize it would be a security concern. But I don't want to know the password just have person enter their password. If it is correct then the script would proceed, if not the script would give an error. That way you could have electronic signature as secure as the logon process.
  13. That is a question I have had for a long time. Is there a way to have a password entered and then compare it to their filemaker password. I could not find any function to perform this. It is easy to get current user or account but not password.
  14. I have a similar solution based on relationships. It requires the use of a refresh script to redo all the calculations when new data is added. I would like to improve it in 2 ways. 1) refresh without having to use the script 2) set up another TO with relationship to isolate the finish line entries. (the maximum of the timestamp and the odometer.) For reporting purpose the user wants each bike number and the overall mpg. Each and every data point is not helpful in the final report. I am sure someone can easily fix this up. bike_Copy_1.fp7.zip
  15. I am having trouble with indexing of a portal. first my portal starting showing extra blank records. Now some of my portals are broken with no records showing up. My search of the forum suggests I might need to upgrade from filemaker 8 to 8.2 and the same with filemaker server. Is the right approach? Do I just download the new versions from filemaker or do I need a new cd? It has been working great for over 6 months before this. I upgraded to filemaker 8 about 6 weeks ago.
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