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  1. We have been using 360Works Email Plugin for several years to great success. The grad school recruiting team sends messages to admitted students that include both standard and custom-created PDF letters as attachments. The email script runs in the FMP client machine and we are using a special SMTP server address alias reserved for automated mail messages from on campus devices. This has worked well from both wired and wireless clients until the campus network managers started using NAT-addresses for wifi clients. Now we discover that a machine on the wifi network cannot reach the designated SMTP server address, but the Email Plugin error message says that the email addresses are invalid, rather than complaining about not connecting to the SMTP server. We can get the connection failure message by changing the EmailConnectSMTP entry to a bad address. Fortunately, we have other SMTP servers to use which will work with wifi users. But we chased the wrong error for so long, I thought I should report this. Gary
  2. I want to export a PDF file from a container field to a file using FMS15. The Export Field Contents script step does not work on Server. It seems that Scriptmaster has a function to IMPORT from a file into a container field, and it works on a server. So what can I use to EXPORT from a container field to a file on the server? I want to avoid running FMP on the server machine, but I will if I have to.
  3. My solution for grad student to upload information about their summer internship, including a PDF file from their employer, is not working well this year. Last year, we were on FilemakerServer 13 and I built the student-facing layouts for WebDirect. The staff side of the database was accessed through FilemakerPro 13. The container field does not store its data externally, but rather internally to the db file. This year, we've upgraded to FMS 14, FMP 14, and, of course, the world has gotten wary of PDF files. So, our grad students' uploaded PDFs no longer render in the layout where I've placed the container field. If the field is set to optimize for Images, I see a PDF icon and the file name. However, if I change it to optimize for Interactive content (PDF, MP3, etc.), I get an error message that resolves to this: You do not have permission to view this directory or page. According to FM documentation, interactive content is rendered by the default browser on the platform, i.e. I.E. on Windows and Safari on Mac. This seems to be new behavior. Does anyone else see this? Gary
  4. I have a CWP solution in PHP that gets price data from FMP, then posts a form for Authorize.net for credit card payment. To avoid heavy PCI rules, we refer to Authorize.net only, and use their form for customers to enter credit card information. I'd like to migrate this to a WebDirect solution, but can't find a way to POST the required data to Authorize.net's website. Does anyone have a way to open a URL with a browser using POST data from inside a Filemaker WebDirect solution? Gary
  5. I'll happily reply that with Scriptmaster version 4.32 all works well. I had been given earlier advice to invoke the registration function more than once and also in invoke it within the same script that uses it. Both are good advice, but upgrading to the latest version seems to have been the best fix.
  6. Hello, I have a vary similar problem to MBeck2. My created plug-in us being used in a Filemaker WebDirect solution, so I installed it in the right place on the Windows server and invoke the registration function every time a user opens the solution. However, the plug-in returns an error 3 of 4 times. That is, it works-sometimes. When it returns error, the getError function always says the plug-in is not registered. I take the advice to invoke the registration function twice in a row. Now the plug-in works only every other time. Other ideas-or fixes-are welcome. BTW, this plug-in seems to work consistently well in Filemaker Pro, just not in Web Publishing Engine. Gary
  7. OK, I am having the same issue with my inCommon cert, which comes from Comodo. I may go through the whole process to get a new cert now with FMS 13v9 or just wait for FMS 14. James may be right that in that the FM approved list is the only certs that work. PITA. Gary
  8. I asked Comodo Support whether the cert I got from InCommon was the same as the Comodo and they told me that it was. The only difference is that there's one more intermediate vendor in the InCommon cert between me and AddTrust. My cert from InCommon seems to work for me and I can get the clients to connect. I have a similar server environment and I just took all my clients to 13v9 after turning on Require Secure Connections on my FMS 13.v9 server. Handling certs is still a mystery to me. Gary
  9. Caution: Some words have multiple meanings here. We have built an CWP application that allows graduate students to apply for summer funding for their research projects. They upload six separate documents into six different SuperContainer fields, all of which works well. Web pages are served from a MacMini with Apache using SSL. The separate Filemaker Server 13 on Windows 2008 Server is also set up for SSL. Once the funding application has been received, a panel of reviewers must look at each applicant's documents and decide whether to fund it. In our testing, different browsers, especially on Windows, behave differently. Microsoft Internet Explorer downloads the PDF files from the SuperContainer fields very fast and hands them off to Acrobat Reader very easily. Google Chrome takes a very long time to download and render the PDF files within its own windows. FireFox shows a message in each SuperContainer iframe to the effect that the PDF files are on an untrusted location. We have limited success in recommending a preferred browser. Can we fix these FireFox and Chrome issues or do we just have to live with them? Gary
  10. Yes, Yosemite. Was that it? I just upgraded to MacOX X 10.10.1. Did that take it away? Gary
  11. Is it me or did Filemaker just take away several key commands from my Mac version of FilemakerPro? I've lost Cmd-L, Cmd-D, Cmd-N, etc. I use these all the time and my mousing arm is getting tired of pulling menus. I just updated to FMP 13.0v4 and these commands are now missing from the standard Filemaker Menu. I use no special menus. My Windows version of Filemaker seems unchanged. Can someone verify my experience? Gary
  12. Is it possible to "Save Records as PDF" directly into a Container Field or must I go through the file system first? I know, it's only one more script step, but still it would be handy. Gary
  13. Well, it works for me very nicely both on a Mac and Win machine. I can easily pick up the contents of a container field and attach it to an email message and then read it when it arrives. The container fields are note remote, however, in case that makes a difference in the behavior of the plug in. I have been writing container field contents to a file, but now I'm going to start using this technique. Anybody know how to export a Filemaker report to PDF and insert it into a container field without writing it to the file system first? Gary
  14. I'm using a script to test installed plug-in versions using the FM12 call "Get (InstalledFMPlugins)" It seems that SuperContainer Companion does not report its version number so that it can be easily compared to see if a new version should be installed. Under my script, a new version is always installed, even if it's not needed. Very annoying. Gary
  15. Thanks. Editing the right page resolved the issue. Duh.
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