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  1. yes, what my IT guys are saying is that it might be a java issue.
  2. I have developed an work order intake form on Web direct. The problem I'm having is that some users can't see a portal I have to enter certain information. Whereas most users do not have this problem. This is occurring on window users using Chrome. I am using FMP 16 and Server 16. Does anyone has any idea why this is occurring. Is this a chrome or windows problem?
  3. Claus: Can you expand on what you mean when you say that "Web Direct is NOT a replacement for IWP." I understand that it's a different product than IWP but why can't it be used instead of IWP?
  4. ok, here's a simple question, I think. I want to highlight (fill color of light yellow) the active field. Is there an easy way to do this?
  5. You can do "Page 1 of 4" quite easily. Step 1: Create a global number field (g_total_pages). Step 2: Insert the following into your script before displaying the form Freeze Window Enter Preview Mode (NO Pause) Go to Record/Request (last) Set Field (g_total_pages, Get(PageNumber)) Go to Record/Request (first) Enter Preview Mode (Pause) Step 3: On your layout, enter the following: Page ## of <<g_total_pages>>
  6. Thanks Comment. I read over that posting and got another easy way of doing this.
  7. I have gone into layout mode and select all the fields in question. Then I went to the "Field Behavior" option and selected "Select entire contents of field on entry." This kinda highlights the active field. I like it. I've made the change on my database. I think this will satify my users. I knew there was a simple solution to this problem. Thanks Slobey!
  8. I have many fields on a form layout. My users are complaining that it's difficult to determine the location of the cursor. In other words, the users are saying that it's difficult to tell which field is active. Is there something simple that I can do to easily tell which field the cursor in on? highlighting , color or something like that?
  9. I have fm developer 7.0v3 on Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger). I have seen another developer, on Windows machine, import DB2 data directly into their Filemaker database. Can I access DB2 databases on my mainframe from my Mac? Do I do this via ODBC? Do I need to install some drivers?
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