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  1. Wim: I've just been able to externally authenticate a FMS 13 database against a local system group and local (sharing only) user on Mavericks. Although my FileMaker machine is bound to an OD service on another Mac server, the user account and group do not exist in the OD. When I remove the OD binding, the user is still able to use EA successfully. Is this an undocumented feature of FMS 13, or am I missing something? Cheers Ian
  2. Jonathan: I'm trying to do just that using your open source driver. No matter what I do FileMaker prompts me for a username and password, which SQLite doesn't feature. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong please? I'm using FMPA 12v3 on OSX 10.6.8 and the SQLite database is one of those inside the Aperture 3 Library. Regards Ian
  3. I've taken up your suggestion about running it as a standalone app. It works and so far I've had no problems. Apache seems to be so much faster than IIS. Hopefully I'll have fewer issues than I had before. Many thanks Ian
  4. I have been trying to run FMSA 10 on a Dell server using Windows Server 2008 without much success. I have constant problems with the IIS service suddenly stopping for no apparent reason. I decided to see if I could improve the situation by installing Apache 2, although it is not officially supported by FileMaker. It took some doing but I eventually got it up and running fine. Now the only issue I have is that one of my databases relies on SuperContainer and I get this error message in the container: "Not Found The requested URL /SuperContainer/Files/Properties/143/1 was not found on this server." Nothing else has changed. I've moved the server root directory from inetpub/wwwroot to Apache2/htdocs, but surely this should not affect SuperContainer? Any clues or hints would be greatly appreciated. Ian
  5. I've created my own iwp_home.html page for my website and I'd like to return the results of a find script step to a frame within the home page. Is this possible? At the moment, when I click on the button to perform the find step it returns the results in a new page. I'm sure I can do this, I just can't figure out how.
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