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  1. doughemi

    Upload to FMS 17 login pane grayed out

    According to FMS 17 Technical Specifications: Note: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard and Enterprise Editions are no longer supported. Please update your operating system before upgrading to FileMaker Server 17. Certified Operating Systems* Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition (with Desktop Experience) Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition with Update (see Microsoft KB 2919355) :
  2. doughemi

    Splitting my PHP script into two frames?

    Frames are pretty much deprecated technology. Give your picker div a float:left property and a width, and add overflow:scroll and a height to the CSS for the results div.
  3. doughemi

    Export Global Field to Print Temp Path

    In lines 1 and 2, you can't have spaces in a variable name. Even if you could, you didn't set the variable "$ Set Temp Path" to a value. Did you mean "Get(TemporaryPath)"?
  4. Let( list = substitute(yourField; "|";¶); $city = getValue(list; 1) ) Then, $state = getValue(list; 2) and $country=getValue(list; 3) Or Let( [firstpipe=Position(yourField; "|"; 1; 1); secpipe= Position(yourField; "|"; 1; 2); $city = Left(yourField; firstpipe-1); $state= Middle(yourField; firstpipe+1; 2); $country =Right(yourField; Length(yourField)-secpipe) ]; ... )
  5. doughemi

    Safari Can't Open Page?

    It occurred to me that the problem started about the same time as I installed Avast Antivirus. So just for the halibut, I uninstalled Avast. I haven't seen the problem since.
  6. The past two weeks or so, almost every time I open a page on this site, I get a message that Safari can't open the page. After sometimes 3 or 4 reloads, the page opens. Chrome never has a problem. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a setting in Safari or in the forum software?
  7. doughemi

    Using FM value list in the web form search

    You need to make the names of the checkbox inputs part of an array, and then use the newCompoundFindCommand() in the php api. I am assuming that since you are using check boxes instead of Radio buttons, you foresee the need to select multiples. See if these help. You will have to put them on your servers and massage the paths a bit, of course. checkbox.zip
  8. doughemi

    getting started FM on the web

    You have to access the database twice: once to download the list of available colors (before displaying it in html or a php echo statement) and again after the form is submitted (so that $_POST['search'] is populated. Check your PM.
  9. doughemi

    getting started FM on the web

    PHP files need to be in that directory if FMS and web server are on the same box. In your case, that does not apply. Can you post your PHP connect to FM file so we can see if there are any errors there?
  10. You have no mechanism to add a new director to the Directors table. One way is to add a relationship from Movies to Directors ( Movies::Director = Directors::DirectorName ). I changed your field name from DirectorList to be more descriptive --you are obviously going to add more information about each director in the table. Create a script AddDirector: If [Count ( Directors::DirectorName ) = 0 and not IsEmpty(Movies::Director ) ] Freeze Window Set Variable [$addDir; Value:Movies::Director] Go to Layout ["Directors"] New Record/Request Set Field [Directors::DirectorName; $addDir] Go to Layout [original layout] End If Attach an OnObjectExit script trigger to the Director field in Movies, and point it to AddDirector. When you exit the field after adding a director, the script checks to see if the director name is already in the Directors table, and if not, add it. This is a very rough solution as there is no way to prevent multiple entries for misspelled names, but the basic principle will get you started.
  11. doughemi

    Genealogy: Relational database(s)

    Second Steve's recommendation. FM11 will generate problems on High Sierra. FMI only certifies FM16 on that OS.
  12. @wickerman: Try using your checkbox as the primary key in a relationship to the difficulty field in a TO of your Questions table. A Go To Related Records script step should give you all the records which match the checked boxes.
  13. doughemi

    Number format for summary field

    With the reasonable assumption that the Summary field is a number field (with the comma inserted by the Inspector for display), you could use Int(YourSummaryField/1000) Lee's answers are all based on the field being a text field with the comma being actually part of the data, which I would not expect in a Summary field.
  14. doughemi

    Rounding up

    Siroos12's calculation works, but keep in mind that decimal numbers in FileMaker never have trailing zeros. You can format the display of numbers to 2 decimal places in the Inspector, but the actual data will still be only 1 decimal place if it ends with 0 (or none if the result of the calculation should be 6.00).
  15. doughemi

    getting started FM on the web

    I was able to make your php script work with the following changes: The file was riddled with curly single quotes. I changed the login to one I was most familiar with (without the setProperty() syntax) Made the find request layout name match the layout name in the FM file. Changed the include command to show the correct pathname and filename for FileMaker.php (on my system; YMMV) Changed some capitalization. PHP is case-sensitive. I added the sequence using $accessed. I find it a very useful troubleshooting tool, as well as a visual cue for a user when the server is down. HTH EDIT: Even though the attached file is pointed to the copy of your database on my server, I also connected successfully to your server fms.arina.biz aussiejohnTest.php

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