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  1. The line allows the adjustment of the angle and the gradient of the gradient fill which is probably inserted by your current theme.
  2. If your workflow requires it, you may also wish to limit access to users based on creator or job function (only access own records, only access dept. records, etc).
  3. Searching a value entered by a user

    I'm afraid I don't understand how one invoices a product one doesn't have. This has gone well beyond a standard invoice solution. It would require a much fuller understanding of the actual workflow than I have.
  4. Searching a value entered by a user

    I think that a new product code and name typed in to the invoice is added to the Prodkt table. It is in the sample I sent you.
  5. Searching a value entered by a user

    Yes, that would require additional steps in the script. Actually, I would consider creation of new products to be a separate operation, instead of being part of the invoice process. But I have no knowledge of your work flow.
  6. Find multiple words in Value List

    Thanks, Bruce, for the correction. The square brackets are stuck in there somehow by Clip Manager, and I forgot to edit them out.
  7. Find multiple words in Value List

    To perform OR logic, you must separate the requests. For compound finds such as this, I prefer to script them without using the Restore feature. It gives me much more granular control, and keeps the find criteria more accessible when troubleshooting/rereading the script. Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [template::year[]; 2018] Set Field [template::InParentDiary; 1] Perform Find [] Set Field [template::season[]; "spring"] New Record/Request Set Field [template::season[]; "summer"] Constrain Found Set [] The New Record/Request step performs the OR function; the Constrain Found Set step pulls those criteria from the 2018 found set. Use a calculation using the FilterList command to replace the literal seasons shown with checkbox items.
  8. Cut and paste at 1:00 AM does that to a guy. Sorry! Glad you figured it out.
  9. Try: Case( Hoeveelheid > 0; Hoeveelheid*Prijs; Cases*Prijs ) (Note that the calculation is on separate lines for clarity. FileMaker doesn't particularly care about line breaks.) Read about the Case statement here.
  10. Searching a value entered by a user

    The reason that the field does cannot be accessed is that there is not a valid relationship to the line items table yet (until a field is populated). One way to work around this is to turn off the "allow creation of new records..." option in the relationship dialog and script the creation of a new line item instead. A "New Item" button executes the script. Please refer to the modified copy of your file attached. erp_prohan_dh.fmp12
  11. Searching a value entered by a user

    It's impossible to determine what is happening without context. Can you attach your file, or a clone with a few dummy records? Also please describe the desired behavior.
  12. Searching a value entered by a user

    I'm not quite sure what you are asking, but it's true that until there is a valid relationship (the primary key is complete and matches the foreign key in the portal table), the portal will be empty. Can you describe your problem in greater detail?
  13. Searching a value entered by a user

    Create a relationship between your form table and product table: form::formProductNumberField = product::PruductNumber. If you already have a relationship between the two, create a new Table Occurrence (TO) of the product table and create the new relationship between it and the form table. Place the product::product name field on the form. As soon as the product number on the form matches the product number in the product table, the product name will instantly appear on the form.
  14. Link to PDF

    Put the URL in a web viewer. http://www.filemaker.com/help/12/fmp/html/create_layout.9.45.html If the file is a local file, you can start the URL with file:// instead of http://
  15. Wherever you have DATE OF INACTIVITY in your current calc, replace it with Case( IsEmpty(DATE OF INACTIVITY); Get(CurrentDate); DATE OF INACTIVITY ) If I were doing this, I would sort the relationship between Members and YearsOfService by StartDate (Descending) so that the most recent stint can be shown either in simple related fields or at the top of a portal.

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