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  1. $request->setField('WBFormComments', '|', $list); That's a pipe character, shift-backslash, not a letter ell or a 1.
  2. For your last setField, try foreach ($_POST as $value){ $list = $list . ',' . $value; } $request->setField('YourLastField', $list); This will give you a comma-separated list of the $_POST values. If you want a return-separated list, then convert the commas to linefeeds with an auto entered calculation in the FileMaker field. Substitute(self; "," ; ¶) EDIT: If your data contains commas, then use another character such as a pipe ( | ) as the separator.
  3. I didn't initialize the variable before I used it. Add this line: $list = ''; before foreach($showRec as $record){ $data = $record->getField('WBForm_Company_Name'); $list = $list . '<br>' . $data; } (lines 55-58)
  4. Attached is a modified copy of c_newrecord.php which works with your database. You will have to change the name back to c_newrecord.php. The file will echo a list of the Company Name fields in the database each time you run it. The code which does this is marked with comments so you can remove it. You may want to delete your pdf in your earlier post-- TMI on a public forum. I removed the login info from the file, but I made no changes in what you provided. You do not need the .fmp12 extension on the filename. If FileMaker.php is in the same directory as c_newrecord.php, then the relative path is simply FileMaker.php in the include statement. c_newrecord_dh.php
  5. Here is more of a "See Spot run" example. You only have to fill in the specifics of your file system and add the rest of the inputs. HTH IMPORTANT-- make sure that the "Access via PHP Web Publishing" extended privilege is turned on in the privilege set of the user you have set in the php file. mrIgnoramus.php
  6. Is this what you mean? BilalAli_v2.fmp12
  7. There is no way to change the color of an image within FileMaker. You will have to store each color of each image in a table. One way to do this is in a repeating field. See attached example. BilalAli.fmp12
  8. Yes, my production database is set up the same way, and works fine. What I'm trying to do is create a test system on my local computer that mirrors the production system so I can develop without messing with the live system. I could do it with FM14, but so far not with FM17. I've been playing with fire for far too long!
  9. I ran the uninstaller, and removed everything that still said "FileMaker Server" after moving my php files to another directory. I reinstalled FMS17 and moved my php files back into /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs directory. Now when I try to open localhost/phpinfo.php (for example; anything else does the same) I get an error message I can open /htdocs/index.html successfully. What permissions should these files have? Can I set them with the Finder's Get Info utility or must they be set in Terminal? Is there something else I have overlooked?
  10. xpost: I have installed a copy of my website on my local server with installed FMS 17. Direct contact with the (local copy of the) database works fine through File–>Hosts–>localhost, and I can access the Admin Console via localhost:16001. When I try to connect via a php script, I get an Error 22 message: Communication Error: (22) The requested URL returned error: 503 Service Unavailable - This can be due to an invalid username or password, or if the FMPHP privilege is not enabled for that user. I can run other scripts which do not access the database successfully. I made this installation so that I had a testbed for my operational website. The database and php scripts are exactly identical to the files on my remote host (except, of course, for the server name in the php connector files). What steps should I take to isolate the problem?
  11. I tried to update my CWP site to PHP7 and ran into all sorts of problems. It appears that FileMaker's PHP API can't handle it. Is the only answer to upgrade to Data API?
  12. According to FMS 17 Technical Specifications: Note: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard and Enterprise Editions are no longer supported. Please update your operating system before upgrading to FileMaker Server 17. Certified Operating Systems* Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition (with Desktop Experience) Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition with Update (see Microsoft KB 2919355) :
  13. Frames are pretty much deprecated technology. Give your picker div a float:left property and a width, and add overflow:scroll and a height to the CSS for the results div.
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