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  1. Enter Find Mode [] Set Field (date_field ; (Get ( CurrentDate ) ) - DayOfWeek ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) + 1 & "..." & (Get ( CurrentDate ) ) - DayOfWeek ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) + 7 Perform Find [] sorry comment, your absolutely right, is a work week from monday to friday. this search would be sunday to saturday of the current week...
  2. Hi This happened to me when I first moved to server 8 and it related to the "consistency checker" feature. The fix was to save a copy of the file as a compacted file and use this instead. Good luck
  3. Create a button and in button setup attach "resume script" control
  4. Hi John Are you accessing the file over a shared enviroment? If so the following from the help files is probably the reason: If your file is shared, only the host's changes to global field data are saved. Changes are saved only when the file is closed. Flook
  5. Sorry I just noticed your using version 7, in essence the Template uses the get(Applicationversion) to determine whether the client is using Filemaker or another application to connect to the database (i.e. a web browser). Hope this helps.
  6. Hi If you look in the FM templates folder that comes with the application you will find an example file called "Email Campaign Management.fp7", within this template there is a custom function called "testforIWP" which should act as a good example of how to test if a user is connecting via IWP.
  7. Hi Try Save a Copy as (compacted file, smaller) I had exactly the same problem and this fixed it.
  8. This is a tool specific to FM Advanced, it enables you to run scripts to breakpoints. Try looking at Help in Filemaker and doing a search on script debugger, very useful when testing your scripts.
  9. A couple of things spring to mind and excuse me if they seem obvious: Have you checked to see if the the network sharing is turned on whilst in single use mode. Do you have consistency checker switched on in filemaker server 8, if the file is not valid the checker will stop you from opening the file. Try saving the file as a copy and compacted (smaller) this often fixes problems.
  10. Hi Using multiple windows can create many complications, particulary if you start changing layouts once those windows are being used. The important point is that you are naming your windows according to there function (i.e so that each window name is unique and has the same name each time it is used). Then when running a script use something like: Select Window (Name: "Name") If [Get (windowname) = "Name"] Enter Browse Mode Go to Layout Exit Script End If New Window [Name: "Name"] Enter Browse Mode Go to Layout Hope this helps
  11. You could script the entire find and use a global find field. Thus enter the text/number/date/etc into the global and then click the script button. The script should run something like this. Freeze Window Set Variable ($$find, Global field) (only use 1 $ if the find is within the same table) Enter Find Mode Set Field (field to be used in find), $$find Perform find [] Sort (whatever the sort is you want) Go to record/request/page [first] Refresh window. This should do it.
  12. If this is part of a script, you could script step Sort (perform without dialog) and not specify the sort order. This should sort the records by however they were previously sorted before the find.
  13. flook

    Find Mode

    Hi You can't hide the find button as far as I'm aware but you could hide/lock the staus area using the script step "show/hide status area".
  14. Hi I Had the same problem with a database when I upgraded servers, it turned out that Filemaker Server 8 has a consistency checker option which would not let the file open because there was a problem. You can either turn the consistency option off in the server admin or better still repair the file. to repair the file: Choose File menu > Save A Copy As > Compacted copy (smaller) - the easiest and most effective fix for many cases. This process will copy all of the data and rebuild the tree structure of the database. Hope that helps
  15. Sorry, your absolutley right. I guess I was trying to comprehend why IWP on a server takes more processing than FM server itself.
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