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  1. When you have a calculation, what is the difference between the storage options "Indexing - None" and "Do not store calculation results - - recalculate when needed" To my mind the first one should equal the second one, but Indexing-None does still seem to store the old result.
  2. Yes, thanks bcooney. I've found that if I give the button an objectName in the Inspector, then as a last step in the script GoToObject will make the button inFocus.
  3. Therapists is the main file.
  4. Unfortunately this project is inherited from the original designer (whereabouts unknown), and I've never understood why it was structured this way. As much as it would make life easier, there is no budget to consolidate the structure.
  5. Thanks for your offer Lee. I studied the scripts more carefully, and found that when the button switches to another file, if I switch to another layout and back I can in essence refresh the window so that it recognizes button states. Add a Go To Object to make the Current button "In Focus" and it visually works. The only sequence where this doesn't work fully is when you switch from Contacts to Referrals. In this situation the Contacts tab doesn't recognize the rollover state. I'm sure this is all way too convoluted, but it's a very old solution and I'm doing this as part of ditching the old classic themes throughout. Open the file "therapists". Each file basically has 2 layouts (details and list view). 12 possible navigation possibilities for the button bar.
  6. Thanks Lee, that's precisely what I have, but let's pretend Button B goes to FM file B. So instead of a single step "change layout", there's a script that calls a script in FM B that selects layout and resizes. This file has the same Button Bar. Button A goes back to FM file A in the same manner. In this case the states don't seem to behave properly.
  7. I have a database I maintain that was originally designed with 3 filemaker files. I'm trying to update the Navigation using a Button bar. This bar is common across the 3 files in most layouts. The difficulty I'm having is that when navigating away from one file to the other the app seems confused as to which is the Active window. The active and rollover states seem to think the previous window (file) is still active. Is there some scripting action that will make it obvious who is the active window now?
  8. Gee thanks everyone. I am in therapists context. I may have tried what Kevin showed above earlier in my attempts, but as you all noted, not escaping \"year\" pretty much doomed all my ideas. I'll see if a sub summary will also work.
  9. This seems so straightforward, and I keep ending up in the same place. I have 2 tables, "therapists" and "years". They are joined in the relationship graph by years::therapistid = therapists::zk_TherapistID The years table has the numeric fields "year" and "expectedrefsind" I have a database field in therapists::TotalExpectedRefs, it's defined by this calculation . . . ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT SUM(Y.expectedrefsind) from years Y JOIN therapists T WHERE Y.therapistid = ? AND year > ? " ; "" ; "" ; "T.zk_TherapistID" ; 2014 ) Expecting this to return a Number instead of a ?. Any help would be really appreciated. P.S. I just converted these to fmp12 files with Filemaker16. They were previously fmp7 (originally much older than that), and I'm pretty sure there has never been ExecuteSQL used anywhere in the file.
  10. I took your suggestion and created a text field in a tab. When selecting the tab run a script that populates the field. Great solution. Thanks.
  11. I have a field in my database that displays the html of a google map with multiple locations. I only use it when I want to copy the html - to display pages on the web for board members to view. (sporadically) The problem is that every time I switch pages the field recalculates based on the records displayed, could be one or a few or thousands, and this makes the database very slow. Even if I'm not displaying the map (its tab is usually not active), this field is calculating the html. For now I've removed the field from the layout to alleviate the slow down, but i was wondering if there was a way to have the field but only have it do the calculation when requested. What's the best approach for that. A script button? or is there another way you would do it? Thanks.
  12. Trying to add some text to a query. For example here's a real simple calculation with a query that returns some text ExecuteSQL( "SELECT n_transactionAmountGross, t_transactionModel FROM Transactions WHERE FamilyID_CustomerID = ?" ; " : " ; "" ; FamilyID ) ) For a particular record it could return something like 100 : Membership 200 : Lesson I'd like to show the amount as currency. Even though the amount is a number in Filemaker, I assume that since the calculation is returning text the amounts are now a text string. So i'd like to prepend a dollar sign. But any number of operations like "$" + or Quote like used in the following don't work. I've tried it as a parameter using a variable as well. ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT " & Quote("$") & "n_transactionAmountGross, t_transactionModel FROM Transactions WHERE FamilyID_CustomerID = ?" ; " : " ; "" ; FamilyID ) ) Anyone have a solution for inserting text into a query? --------- BTW: Even if I was only returning the amount, and switched the calculation to return a number I cannot CAST the number as smallmoney which might be a solution. I guess ultimately whatever data the calculation returns will override the datatype returned by SQL.
  13. Thanks for that eos, putting it as a parameter worked. Just to note, the underscore still causes a problem, and enclosing the field name with the space breaks it. Here's what eventually worked for me. Let ( yr = Year(Get(CurrentDate)) ; ExecuteSQL (" SELECT n_transactionAmountGross , t_transactionModel , t_LastName frmt FROM Transactions WHERE FamilyID_CustomerID = ? AND c_transDate_frmt = ? " ; " : " ; "" ; FamilyID; yr ) )
  14. Hi, I just started using this function, it's very helpful. I have a calculation that returns some transactions for this year. ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT n_transactionAmountGross , t_transactionModel , t_FirstName frmt FROM Transactions WHERE FamilyID_CustomerID = ? AND c_transDate_frmt = 2013 " ; " : " ; "" ; FamilyID ) ) I'd like to substitute the current year for the hardcoded year by using a variable, however this doesn't work. Let ( [ _yr = GetAsNumber (Year(Get(CurrentDate)) ) ] ; ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT n_transactionAmountGross , t_transactionModel , t_FirstName frmt FROM Transactions WHERE FamilyID_CustomerID = ? AND c_transDate_frmt = _yr " ; " : " ; "" ; FamilyID ) ) What simple thing am I missing here? Edit: came across the pinned topic that speaks to tables with underscores in the name and tried the suggestion from there to no avail . . . as well as just removing the underscore from the variable name, and also then trying to quote the variable. Let ( [ _yr = GetAsNumber (Year(Get(CurrentDate)) ) ] ; ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT n_transactionAmountGross , t_transactionModel , t_FirstName frmt FROM Transactions WHERE FamilyID_CustomerID = ? AND c_transDate_frmt = " & Quote("_yr") & "" ; " : " ; "" ; FamilyID ) ) Thanks, jim
  15. Maybe I figured it out, tell me if this sounds right. I can use GetNthRecord(field:Get(RecordNumber)) , it's that I have to evaluate the calculation in the context of the records that appear in the portal and not the records that are in the layout's table. That seems to work, Is that it?
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