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  1. To answer: "why not have the data formatted out as needed?"...... it's because I find that FMPro's Export produces results that don't behave well when used as HTML, and those 2 search-and-replaces cleans everything up nicely. As regards the structure, the numbered fields are needed because I need the Exported textfiles to match my website's requirements for the files it uses. Each time I need to update the contents of my site (a PHP static ecommerce site) I do an Export from the FMPro database [in which I keep track of price changes and new/changed products] and then FTP the complete folder to my webserver, rename it, and all the pages of my website get updated immediately with all my changed details, prices, etc, because each page is set to "get" a textfile named the same as the product code. A more automated approach to generating the website would not work, as the products I sell are not under my control (it is a service of printing leaflets, books, etc for which I have to use a different supplier for each one, and so prices/sizes/quantities/specifications/speed-of-delivery vary wildly from product to product). Therefore my home-grown FMPro database is just good enough to do the job!! I really appreciate your help. Both you and "comment". Many thanks, Philip Caplan
  2. Thanks Ocean West. I tried it and it looks like it works perfectly! Yay! I will do some full testing, but if the first ".txt" file I tried works perfectly when uploaded to my website, I am hopeful they all will!! But before I can do a full test, each file needs to have 2 search-and-replaces done, and preferably the extension ".txt" removed. I am using BBEdit to handle my text files, and I found that I can use its "Scripting" capabilities to create and run an Applescript. By "recording" my actions I got the following Applescript: tell application "BBEdit" activate open find window replace "§§§" using "\\r" searching in text 1 of text document "BC_102.tab" options {search mode:grep, starting at top:true} replace "\\x{0B}" using "" searching in text 1 of text document "BC_102.tab" options {search mode:grep, starting at top:true} save text document 1 end tell The above script works for one [selected] file, but I need it to: (1) perform as above on EVERY file in a selected folder; (2) "save as" with file-extension removed, then delete the original file. So, are you also able to help me in doing this with Applescript?? I thought I'd ask before looking anywhere else, just in case!! Don't worry if it's not your thing! You've been very helpful to me, and I am most grateful. I said ".txt" file but of course I meant ".tab" file. I think FMPro might always Export UTF-8 files with a ".tab" extension, whatever you tell it to do......
  3. Here's the whole database. I got nuthing to hide!!! Reliaprint1.fmp12.zip
  4. Hold it!! First the good news, I realized (by turning "dialog on" in the Export script step) that the Field Export Order that was to be exported was missing!! So, I edited the script to add it, and the Export worked. Now the bad news: the file that is created is not of use, because it's content is different from the file that would be created by doing a "manual" Export. A "manual" Export makes a file with all the contents of the Field included, one after the other, so the file contains all the Field contents for every Record in the Found set. The "scripted" Export makes a file containing Field contents for a different SearchKey!!!! Help, please.
  5. Wait -- the "LH_101" I have just answered about (26K chars) is the content of one of the text-files which are to be saved in (exported to) "OUTPUT", and named "LH_101.tab" or "LH_101.txt" (it doesn't matter which). Or are you are asking about one of the 100 or so possible values of the field "SearchKey". They could be LH_101, LH_102, CS_101, CS_204, etc. But there is no return-separated list. If it helps I could make (by hand) such a text-file containing a return-separated list of all the possible values of "SearchKey", and that file could be called "value-list.txt". Does that help?
  6. No. It's a text file of about 26000 characters. It is HTML and other text.
  7. Is it worth adding a line (for debugging purposes) which displays the value of $list to help debug what is going on?? If yes, what would be and where could it go?? And perhaps the same for $file
  8. I am still getting no file written into OUTPUT folder. Shouldn't "Set Error Capture [On]" cause an error message if a variable isn't set or a Search fails? Also, I have tried changing the new Line 9 as attached, hoping that would set $list to LH_101 (which is definitely one of the values in the field) in order to see if that worked, but it still didn't work. ================================================================= =============================================
  9. 2000 records, but maybe 100 unique SearchKey values. Some of them will have only a few records, some of them 30 or more. I tried copying the ExecuteSQL from your reply, but it doesn't seem to work. So should I try typing it in by hand as a replacement Line 7??
  10. Thanks for your reply. I did already create the folder called "OUTPUT" on the desktop, so that shouldn't have been part of the problem. As you say, I am on FM16, which cannaot be changed. Can the script be altered to work in FM16 without using the unavailable "UniqueValues" function??? What does that function do? Why was Line 7 needed?
  11. Thanks Ocean West. I have copied-and-pasted your code and changed what I could see needed changing. (I couldn't see how to copy the amended Script's text, so I attach a screenshot of it). I created a folder called OUTPUT on my desktop, which is where I think the file is supposed to be written. The script Runs (very quickly!!) with no error messages, and gets to the end where it speaks "Finished ha ha ha", but there is no file inside the OUTPUT folder. Can you help me with this???
  12. Please can I throw myself on the mercy of this wonderful forum again.... I need to script the following steps, but I struggle to create the correct script. So could some kind soul give me the script that I need.... (There are approx 2000 records, and each has a value in a Field called "Search Key"). (I could if needed make a textfile or similar containing all the Search Key values) I want to : (1) search for the first value in Search Key (for example: ABC_101); and then (2) Sort according to the value of a Field called "Quantity"; and then (3) Export the contents of a Field called "Output Final" for all Found Records and save it as UTF-8/tab-delimited in a File called by the name of the Field "Search Key" in a Folder called "OUTPUTS" in my "downloads" folder; and then (4) repeat for the next value of Search Key, until all are done.
  13. I have created a new topic, then wasn't sure if I sent it!!!!

    Do I assume it won't appear in the forum until it has been checked out??

    Or could it be still hanging around somewhere waiting for me to finish it??

  14. Oh the old "Get" function. Early versions of FMPro were easier to get around (pun not intended!!), cos they had fewer functions to remember and use!!! <smile> Untold thanks again, comment
  15. Thanks again. I mentioned this because it seemed strange to me that it didn's SEEM to matter. So I'll make sure that SELL_Speed1 is either a Number field, or if I have to keep it as Text I'll make the comparison on a number-conversion value of it. How do I do that? I thought there was a Text-to-Number function, but I can't seem to find it!!
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