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  1. Sorry to not come back sooner. The help from people on this forum enabled me to establish that my file was not corrupt. So the solution I came up with was to create a new partition on my Mac, where I could install my copy of FilemakerPro. And it opened the file perfectly!! Thanks forum.
  2. Thank you, Fitch. That is useful to know. Following advice from someone else, I tried logging-in my Mac as "Guest" (and also as a newly-created account) and both of those allowed me to open the file and add records. So, the problem does not seem to be a corrupted file, but something wrong with my copy of Filemaker or its preferences. Thanks for your help. Regards, Philip
  3. Hi comment. Sorry if I offended you, but I didn't get any replies to my earlier post in the other forum, and there seemed to be not many people posting there. So, I posted here, which is a much busier-looking forum, hoping it would be seen. Are you willing to look at my file for me? Regards, Philip
  4. Would some kind person please open my attached FMPro file in FMPro 16, and then try to add Records>New Record (Cmd-N). This worked perfectly for me up to maybe 10 days ago, but when I opened it yesterday and tried to add a New Record I got the "spinning pizza/beachball of death" (in other words my computer hung). Using Macintosh MacOS 10.13.3 (High Sierra) and Filemaker Pro 16. The only way I could get out of this was to use "Force Quit", which showed "Filemaker Pro (not respoding"). If this file opens for you and you have the same problem when adding a New Record, then the p
  5. Help! I have a simple FMPro 16 database with 14 records and 4 layouts, which is used only by me on my Mac (to generate text files from pasted data, and to send out simple emails). It was working fine a few days ago, but today whenever I use Record>New Record it "hangs" (I get the "spinning pizza of death"). I am uploading a Compacted copy here, and would be grateful if anybody can help me to get it working again. Many thanks. JCOM__v7 Copy COMPACTED.fmp12
  6. I think I've got it to work!! I used the following calculation: TextSize ( TextColor (TextFont (zMESSAGE ; zMessageTextFont ) ; Evaluate(zMessageTextColor) ) ;zMessageTextSize) Thank you.
  7. I have a calculation field called 'zpastableMESSAGE' the entire content of whose calculation is as follows: TextSize ( TextColor (TextFont (zMESSAGE ; zMessageTextFont ) ; zMessageTextColor ) ;zMessageTextSize) (1) the field 'zMessageTextSize' is a text field, and whatever numeric value I enter into it is being used as TextSize, and correctly changes the size of the text displayed in the field 'zMESSAGE' (2) the Calculation fields 'zMessageTextColor' and 'zTestMessageTextFont' at present contain values RGB(0,128,0) and "Krazy Kracks NF" respectively, BUT ARE BEING IGNORED (that is,
  8. I've tried!!!! I added a field RequestedFont, and formatted it as a popup menu with 3 names. Then I edited cTxtR to be this: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Let ( [ color = Case ( Extend ( RequestedTextColor ) = "Red" ; RGB ( 200 ; 0 ; 0 ) ; Extend ( RequestedTextColor ) = "Green" ; RGB ( 0 ; 200 ; 0 ) ; Extend ( RequestedTextColor ) = "Blue" ; RGB ( 0 ; 0 ; 200 ) ) ; fontName = Case ( Extend ( RequestedFont ) = "Beagle Boyz NZ" ; "Beagle Boyz NZ" ; Extend ( RequestedFont ) = "Candy Dancer NF" ; "Candy Dancer NF" ; Extend ( Reques
  9. Thanks, comment. That is very useful. One thing though, I don't see an option to change the Font. Could you possibly add that? Thanks again, Philip
  10. Thanks comment I am having difficulty understanding why this needs to be a REPEATING calculation field, and how SelectedRepetition and CalculationRepetitionNumber get their values. If ( Extend ( SelectedRepetition ) = Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ; TextSize ( TextFont ( TextColor ( Extend ( RequestedText ) ; RequestedTextColor ) ; RequestedTextFont ) RequestedTextSize ) ) Is there a reason why it won't work to have a Calculation field called say FormattedzMESSAGE to format the content of zMESSAGE, like this: TextSize( TextFont( TextColor(zMESSAGE;zTextColor);zTextFont) ;2
  11. Hi comment. Many thanks for your answer, very useful as always. What I am "really trying to accomplish" is the production of a 2-page A4 PDF which can be printed on an inkjet printer to produce a "personalized greeting card". The front-end of my idea is already working: it is a PHP/Javascript-based website on which a user chooses an image and then completes a simple form with their wording and choice of font and fontcolor to overlay and/or go beneath the image. When they click "SUBMIT" the site sends me an email with all their data,. I copy-and-paste that email's contents into
  12. Can some kind person please give me a script that will: (1) place a Text field on the current layout, with location and size taken from 4 fields (x_origin, y_origin,width,height) (2) insert into that field the contents of a Text field called 'this_text' formatted with font, size, color, alignment taken from 4 other fields (fontname, fontsize, fontcolor, alignment) Thanks you. Philip Caplan
  13. My skill level is "intermediate" because, if it was offered as an option, I would prefer to say "intermediate in what I know, novice in what I don't". But that wasn't a choice!!
  14. Hi comment. I'm sorry if I disappointed you please understand I am not a database expert. I am a printing-company owner who dabbles in getting freelancers to write website code, and I was introduced to FM (I think it was then Filemaker II) in the late 1980's as a way to "manipulate and massage" data to feed into DTP programs like QuarkXPress. As I only use FMPro when a need arises, I am not attuned to the subtleties of the program, and to answer your 2 points above: I had followed the installation instructions to manually copy the baseelements.plugin file into the Library on my Mac,
  15. Thanks comment. I downloaded the baseelements plugin, got a zip file which unzipped into a single item called BaseElements.fmplugin I googled how to install it, but I couldn't get it to install by copying that file into Library>Application Support>Filemaker>Extensions Sent a message to the author of the plugin, but so far no reply. So, I thought I'd try to use your suggestion in Steps 1 to 5, but in Script Workspace I couldn't see TextDecode in the script steps, so didn't understand how I could use it. Is a "function" another name for a "script step"? Can you ple
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