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  1. Oh the old "Get" function. Early versions of FMPro were easier to get around (pun not intended!!), cos they had fewer functions to remember and use!!! <smile> Untold thanks again, comment
  2. Thanks again. I mentioned this because it seemed strange to me that it didn's SEEM to matter. So I'll make sure that SELL_Speed1 is either a Number field, or if I have to keep it as Text I'll make the comparison on a number-conversion value of it. How do I do that? I thought there was a Text-to-Number function, but I can't seem to find it!!
  3. That's it. The quotes around the 50000 was where I was going wrong. Once they are removed, everything works OK. And it doesn't seem to matter if SELL_Speed1 is a Text or Number field. Once again you've come to my rescue. Thanks once again comment and FMForums!
  4. I have the following Calculation field in my database: "<tr><td>" & Quantity & "</td>" & If (SELL_Speed1 > "50000";"morethan50000"; "<td onclick=\"\" class=\"snipcart-add-item\"" & ¶ & "data-item-name=\"" & Product_Name & "\"" & ¶ & "data-item-id=\"" & id_SPEED1 & "\"" & ¶ & "data-item-price=\"" & SELL_Speed1 & "\"" & ¶ & "data-item-taxable=\"false\"" & ¶ & "data-item-description=\"" & "Qty: " & Quantity & " " & Product_Description & "\"" & ¶ & "data-item-url=\"https://www.reliaprint.co.uk/prices/" & id_FOLDER & "/" & id_FileName_SP1 & "/\"" & ¶ & "data-item-custom1-name=\"Delivery Cost\"" & ¶ & "data-item-custom1-value=\"Free UK Mainland Overnight (£0)\"" & ¶ & "data-item-custom1-options=\"Free UK Mainland Overnight (£0)|Scotland Highlands & Islands (£4.80)[+4.80]|Northern Ireland (£7.20)[+7.20]|Isle of Man (£7.20)[+7.20]|Isle of Wight (£9.00)[+9.00]\"" & ¶ & ">£" & SELL_Speed1 & "</td>" & If(SELL_Speed2>"50000";"morethan50000"; "<td onclick=\"\" class=\"snipcart-add-item\"" & ¶ & "data-item-name=\"" & Product_Name & "\"" & ¶ & "data-item-id=\"" & id_SPEED2 & "\"" & ¶ & "data-item-price=\"" & SELL_Speed2 & "\"" & ¶ & "data-item-taxable=\"false\"" & ¶ & "data-item-description=\"" & "Qty: " & Quantity & " " & Product_Description & "\"" & ¶ & "data-item-url=\"https://www.reliaprint.co.uk/prices/" & id_FOLDER & "/" & id_FileName_SP2 & "/\"" & ¶ & "data-item-custom1-name=\"Delivery Cost\"" & ¶ & "data-item-custom1-value=\"Free UK Mainland Overnight (£0)\"" & ¶ & "data-item-custom1-options=\"Free UK Mainland Overnight (£0)|Scotland Highlands & Islands (£4.80)[+4.80]|Northern Ireland (£7.20)[+7.20]|Isle of Man (£7.20)[+7.20]|Isle of Wight (£9.00)[+9.00]\"" & ¶ & ">£" & SELL_Speed2 & "</td>" )) & ¶ &If(is_last_quantity="";"";"</table>") ========== The field SELL_Speed1 is a simple Text field. For some values (such as 447, 171, 39) it gives the result I expect (all the data in the fields are in the result). But for other values of SELL_Speed1 (such as 97 or 54) its result is only "<tr><td>xxxx</td>morethan50000" (where xxxx is the value of field Quantity) ????????? ========== Could some kind person please explain why my calculation gives the result I expect with some values of SELL_Speed1, and with other values it doesn't. And how to fix it!! Many thanks. Philip Caplan
  5. philipcaplan

    Looping script in FM12

    I increased the pause after each step to 5 seconds, and it didn't help. : ) FMPro Quitted.
  6. philipcaplan

    Looping script in FM12

    Inserting a pause enabled me to run the script 3 times without a problem. So I thought (hoped? wanted to think???) that the problem was solved! But it wasn't. Further runs caused Quits most times it was run. The script has only worked reliably since I moved it to FMPro15 under MacOS 10.11
  7. philipcaplan

    Looping script in FM12

    Hi Wim. Don't be upset with me, please! This reminds me so much of the discussions I saw by QuarkXPress users on Compuserve forums in the late 1980's, way before the internet arrived, complaining the program cost $1000 a copy, when competing programs (PageMaker, ReadySetGo, Xerox Publisher) were nearer $350. The owners of Quark (Tim Gill, who wrote it, and Fred Ebrahimi, who was seen as the hard-headed businessman) had an answer: "if you find it too expensive, please feel free to use a different product". They knew that Quark was the only answer for proper, professional-level work, and that the other programs were "toy like" in comparison. They made the same comments about "running your business on our product" as you have just said, and of course they (and you) were/are correct! But I am not using FMPro to run my business! My use of it here is for a small not-for-profit sideline, to massage and output data in a way that I could do with a spreadsheet, but which I believe is easier and more robust when done with FMPro. I am not skilled enough in database design and construction to earn money using it for that. So, please go easy on me.
  8. philipcaplan

    Looping script in FM12

    Correct, I had forgotten that FMPro15 **was** able to run under 10.10. The reason I had decided NOT to try it on my MacMini was for fear that it might interfere with my FMPro12 (overwrite preferences or stuff like that). I thought it better to start with a clean download and installation on the hard disk on my new MacBook, and if it still didn't solve the Quitting problem, at least my FMpro12/MacMini setup was unchanged. After all, it does everything I needed of it, up to the point when I needed this looping script!!!
  9. philipcaplan

    Looping script in FM12

    Hi comment. Feel free to 'nitpick' -- you're often right on the money!! Downgrading my OS looks to me like a tricky idea. I currently do my work on a 4-year-old Mac Mini running 10.10, which I thought was OK to run FMPro 12 but now realise wasn't!! I want to move my work to a laptop so I can be more mobile than my desktop-bound MacMini, and I realized that MacBooks have now become so expensive yet only have limited-sized SSD's instead of 500Gb or more hard disks, and a limited range of ports. So I decided to buy a 'refurbished' 3-year old MacBookPro which came with MacOS 10.11 for about £450. I'm very satisfied with it, and I think it has given me another 3 to 5 years before I need to look ahead for my next machine, by which time the MacMini would have been getting stuffed with stuff I no longer need and too far behind the curve by then. I have always had a belief that "upgrading the OS of a machine which is vital to use every day" is a risk not worth taking, better to wait till you get a new machine and then you'll get the most-up-to-date OS with it. (I've been buying Macs since the 1980's, and that mantra has served me well through about 50 machines, back to the days when I had 10 at a time in my printing business, and dialup modems at 14.4kb/sec was the cutting-edge technology that connected me to Compuserve for about $100 a month). However, I'd never thought of DOWNgrading an OS!! The drawback seems to me is that a few years down the line from now I'll be **so far** behind the curve that some other vital piece of software (browsers mostly) would need a more up-to-date OS and not run properly. So, having made the decision to buy the £495 MacBook, it looks like the decision to spend another £260 on a version of FMPro that will also last me until that machine's end-of-life is unfortunate bur unavoidable. I'm really complaining that FILEMAKER IS TRYING TO SQUEEZE AS MUCH JUICE OUT OF ITS USERS AS IT CAN, and there's nothing much I can usefully or safely do about that. <resigned shrug> You ask "Why haven't you used the trial version on the same system?" and my answer is "you can't run FMPro 15 on 10.11 let alone 10.10" or have I misunderstood something?
  10. philipcaplan

    Looping script in FM12

    I downloaded a Trial of FMPro15 onto a MacBook I have just bought secondhand, and copied across my database to it, and in this environment the script has just run 10 times in a row without a single crash!! <hooray> So, I guess the MacOS version seems to have been the problem. And now I have no choice but to purchase (within 14 days) a new copy of FMPro for more than 50% of the price I paid for the whole MacBook, just so I can run this script!!! Anyway, thanks to Wim and comment for their help. Courteous, thoughtful and helpful, as always.
  11. philipcaplan

    Looping script in FM12

    I have tried what Wim suggested. I did a shutdown of my Mac, and re-started as "Guest User". I ran the small test script (one field, one script) and it Quit at the beginning of its 1st run, with the Errors as listed in my post of '6 hours ago'. So, any more thoughts, other than the fact I am running MacOS 10.10 and FMPro 12 is only supported up to MacOS 10.9!!??
  12. philipcaplan

    Looping script in FM12

    I have done this (created new FMPro file with just a single field, and a newly-typed copy of the script) and on 2nd run it did the Quit <sad smile> Near the top of the Crash report were the following lines, which as far as I can remember are identical to those from the Quits I got with the original database/original script: Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000 Any thoughts???
  13. philipcaplan

    Looping script in FM12

    Hi again comment. I will try what you suggest in the morning (it's after midnight again here in the UK!). I assume that what you mean is that I create a completely new db with just enough fields to fit the script, then import the script and try running that to see if I can get it to hang/quit.
  14. philipcaplan

    Looping script in FM12

    I think I may have found why the script that 'comment' has kindly given me works often the first time, and then on further runs my FMPro hangs and then quits. I seem to have no choice but to then restart my Mac, after which I get one or maybe two runs of the script, and then the hang/quit happens again. <sad smile, shrug shoulders> I am running FMPro 12 on a Mac running MacOS 10.10, and FMPro 12 is (according to the FM website) only certified up to 10.9. My problem is that there is no official upgrade path from 12 (or 13 come to that) to 14 or 15. My only option [assuming that this is the cause of my problem!!] is to pay £280 (about $350US) for a complete new copy. Unless someone knows of any other alternative?????
  15. philipcaplan

    Looping script in FM12

    Morning has arrived, I've added a "Pause" of 0.33seconds at the end of each loop of the script, and the script has run a few times without quitting. So, job done it seems. Once again many thanks to 'comment' for reading my question and giving me the perfect answer!!

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