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  1. Thanks for your response. I had checked that already but forgot to put that in my post. Interestingly enough, no error at all.
  2. Script that runs perfectly on client side from a remote computer, or from fmkr client installed on the server, gives me an error every time at the emailConnectIMAP script step. Being run on OS X Lion Server The error returned is "Login failed." There is no firewall The plugin is installed on the server The emailRegister step is returning properly I'm running the script with admin privileges There is no error being returned in the Server Logs
  3. I'm having great success with the PHP site assistant aside from one major issue. I'm not able to display images stored in Supercontainer. The code below will return a broken link. If I take the reference link and paste it into any web browser on any computer on any network, the link works fine. What obvious step am I missing? <td rowspan="8" class="field_data"> <?php echo "<img src='' title='Error' alt='Error' />";?> </td>
  4. I'm creating a website thru CWP using the PHP assistant and connecting via filemaker api to a filemaker file hosted via filemaker server. I've been successful getting everything working except for the link back to the SC files to be able to display images on the website. I've gone thru all the SC tutorials and tried everything. The current iteration of the code below is where I'm at the moment. I've even tried pasting the direct URL to the SC image into the code. There is obviously much more to the php doc, but I'm just copying the html table where the error seems to be occurring. I'm very new to PHP and so any help regarding this would be appreciated. I've attached the full PHP file if that helps. The 1st line in bold is attempting to display an image from a SC URL The 2nd line in bold is successfully displaying an image from a standard fm container <table cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" class="recwidth"> <tr> <td valign="top"> <form method="post" action="editrecord.php"> <div> <?php $dbName = "CKD_Catalog";?> <?php $layName = "CWP_BrowseRecord";?> <input type="hidden" name="-db" value= "<?php echo htmlentities($dbName,ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8',false);?>"> <input type="hidden" name="-lay" value="<?php echo htmlentities($layName,ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8',false);?>"> <input type="hidden" name="-recid" value="<?php echo $recid ?>"> </div> <table cellpadding="1" cellspacing="6" class="record"> <!-- Display record field values --> <tr class="field"> <td class="field_name"> <?php echo str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ',htmlentities('Style #:',ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8',false));?> </td> <td class="field_data"> <?php echo nl2br(str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ', storeFieldNames('StyleNo', 0, $record, true, 'EDITTEXT', 'text')))?> </td> <td rowspan="8" class="field_data"> <?php echo "<img src='php_pdt_FIL__pvt_id::SCFullLink' title='Error' alt='Error' />";?> </td> </tr> <tr class="field"> <td class="field_name"> <?php echo str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ',htmlentities('Code:',ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8',false));?> </td> <td class="field_data"> <?php echo nl2br(str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ', storeFieldNames('Code', 0, $record, true, 'POPUPLIST', 'text')))?> </td> </tr> <tr class="field"> <td class="field_name"> <?php echo str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ',htmlentities('Product:',ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8',false));?> </td> <td class="field_data"> <?php echo nl2br(str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ', storeFieldNames('ProductTitle', 0, $record, true, 'EDITTEXT', 'text')))?> </td> </tr> <tr class="field"> <td class="field_name"> <?php echo str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ',htmlentities('Dimensions:',ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8',false));?> </td> <td class="field_data"> <?php echo nl2br(str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ', storeFieldNames('Dimensions', 0, $record, true, 'EDITTEXT', 'text')))?> </td> </tr> <tr class="field"> <td class="field_name"> <?php echo str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ',htmlentities('Category:',ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8',false));?> </td> <td class="field_data"> <?php echo nl2br(str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ', storeFieldNames('Category', 0, $record, true, 'POPUPLIST', 'text')))?> </td> </tr><tr class="field"> <td class="field_name"> <?php echo str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ',htmlentities('Product Category:',ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8',false));?> </td> <td class="field_data"> <?php echo nl2br(str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ', storeFieldNames('ProductCategory', 0, $record, true, 'POPUPLIST', 'text')))?> </td> </tr> <tr class="field"> <td class="field_name"> <?php echo str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ',htmlentities('Brand:',ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8',false));?> </td> <td class="field_data"> <?php echo nl2br(str_replace(' ', '&nbsp; ', storeFieldNames('Brand', 0, $record, true, 'POPUPLIST', 'text')))?> </td> </tr> <tr class="field"> <td> </td> <td class="field_data"> <img src= "<?php echo getImageURL(storeFieldNames('php_pdt_LOG::LogoContainer', 0, $record, true, 'EDITTEXT', 'container'))?>"> </td> </tr> <!--Display record form controls--> <tr class="submit_btn"> <td width="100"> </td> </tr> </table> </form> </td> </tr> </table> browserecord.php
  5. I recently installed SuperContainer with Filemaker server on a mac mini running 10.7.2. Its been working great until today. Now when I SCSetBaseURL or any other command with the plug-in I get an error "java.lang.illegalargumentexception host name may not be null". SuperContainer is running as Server (not standalone). I've tried reinstalling SuperContainer, Java, restarting all to no avail. I can't find any other cases of this particular error here or anywhere related to SuperContainer. I do see it on pure Java boards but since I'm not a Java programmer...
  6. Setting up a dbs for commercial sale. Wanted to be able to have endusers upload filemaker app updates without having to import their data every time. Thought the best method for this would be having an external filemaker data source that holds all the data and then an filemaker application file that holds all the layouts, scripts and calcs. Does anybody know of any good articles/websites out there that can explain the best protocols and setup for this particular scenario? Thanks
  7. Has anyone else had this problem. Running Filemaker Server 8.0 and making changes to a global field. If I close the file and reopen the changes are saved. If I quit the client 8.5 and reopen the data has reverted back to what it was originally. This never happened when the file was being shared from fmkr client 8.5 to the rest of the network. This happened as soon as I migrated this office to Server 8.0.
  8. Believe me that is summarized and that is only the information they want. I've tried to get them many times to try and save paper and they just don't think about it that way. They are a non-profit and are doing good things in the world so that is one way for me to reconcile their paper wasting ways. However that doesn't help me solve the stated problem. There are no graphics on any of the layouts that are being printed, only text. Has anyone else noticed anything similar to this at all??
  9. I have a client that is always printing LARGE reports. Some of them are upwards of 500-900 pages. I have tried to get them to look at the data on the computer more but they are a little backwards thinking. The problem is that some of these reports take upwards of 4-8 hours to print and when they used to print them in filemaker 7, this was not an issue. The files would print very quickly. The reports are exact copies of the old layouts. I tried making pdf's of the same report from both versions and the report was 1.1 meg in the version 7 and 120 meg in the version 8. Same problem on multiple printers and multiple computers. Couldn't find any more information about this on the discussion groups. Is any one else experiencing this. Thanks in advance for assistance
  10. I have setup a database that lists records in a filtering method via internal relationships. I would like to be able to include the current found set as one of the filtered sets. However I can't find anyway of determining what is the found set as there is no way of "Getting" that information. I suppose i could have a mark records script included in every find but that would slow down the dbs quite a bit and I want this to be fairly seamless. Does anyone know of a way to determine what records are found and which records are omitted at any given point in time.
  11. I have been attempting to place several portals showing 2 different tables in on tab layout. It seems like this isn't possible. Has anyone else had problems with this same issue and if so is there a solution.
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