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  1. Hi Ryan, server was last restarted on 11/27/18 so log file is about 14 MB. I'll send it off in a few minutes.
  2. Looking for any help in decoding this log file entry. I have a server side script that uploads several thousand images, and about half the images fail to upload. This entry is recorded for each of image that won't upload. SEVERE: PluginFunction PluginFunction{name='FTPeek_UploadFile', minArgs=null, maxArgs=2} got an error with converted args [/Load_Image_A0518_2018_12_19/, /Users/Shared/SuperContainer/Files/Auctions/15269/15269_233/08.jpg/08.jpg] at com.prosc.ftpeek.FTPeekPlugin.FTPeek_UploadFile(FTPeekPlugin.java:947) WARN : C++ Plug-in function FTPeek_UploadFile executed inside of script [UTL] Server Side: Auction Load Export and Upload
  3. Scratching my head on this one. I'm running a server side script that uploads hundreds of .jpg files to a remote ftp server. For some of .jpgs files, the upload just fails. I'm using a calculated file path reference, but have hard coded it to confirm it's not a reference error. I've check the 360 log file and there's no error message recorded. On the remote ftp server, the connection eventually times out due to my script trying to upload a long list of .jpg files (all of which fail). Any thoughts on why the upload would file are welcome.
  4. Followup. Did a manual uninstall of SC. Restarted server. Launched SuperContainerServer.jar Opened host database via FM Pro Adv 14.0.4 and navigated to layout that should display SC image. Container displays a Question Mark icon and the 'Delete' button. Clicking on the Question Mark icon will open a web browser tab and display the images. SCS.jar log contents: 1/18/16 9:41:49 AM - SuperContainer Server baseFolder=/Users/admin/Desktop/360Works+SuperContainer-2_93/SuperContainer 1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - Starting Server... 1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - SuperContainer version is 2.93 1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - Writing detailed log information to file /Users/Shared/SuperContainer/SuperContainer.log 1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - Max heap size: 2863661056 1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - tmpDir exists and is writeable: /var/folders/zs/qmgz6dqj6m3_n5pfyzh649lc0000gn/T 1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - SuperContainer Server started in 578 milliseconds. 1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - SuperContainer URL: 1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - Files Directory: /Users/Shared/SuperContainer/Files 1/18/16 9:42:46 AM - Enabling OS X Core Image processing 1/18/16 9:42:46 AM - An error occurred while handling request /SuperContainer/RawData/Auctions/10795/10795_001/02.jpg?width=87&height=46&page=1 in thread http-8020-Processor2 java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError 1/18/16 9:45:27 AM - An error occurred while handling request /SuperContainer/RawData/Auctions/10795/10795_001/02.jpg?width=87&height=46&page=1 in thread http-8020-Processor8 Could not initialize class com.prosc.supercontainer.model.ImageResizer 1/18/16 9:46:01 AM - An error occurred while handling request /SuperContainer/RawData/Auctions/10795/10795_001/02.jpg?width=87&height=46&page=1 in thread http-8020-Processor6 Could not initialize class com.prosc.supercontainer.model.ImageResizer 1/18/16 9:46:50 AM - An error occurred while handling request /SuperContainer/RawData/Auctions/10795/10795_001/02.jpg?width=87&height=46&page=1 in thread http-8020-Processor1 Could not initialize class com.prosc.supercontainer.model.ImageResizer
  5. Encountered the same issue today. Server was previously OS X 10.8.5 and FileMaker Server 12.0v5. This is a php CWP deployment using SC to display images for an online auction house Clean install of OS X 10.11.2 and FileMaker Server 14.0.4 done. Ran SC installer and it stalled. Ryan @ 360Works, based on your note on 12/16/2015, a manual installation should not be attempted then and just go the SuperContainerServer.jar file?
  6. We currently have SC 2.73 running on our OS X 10.5.6 FMSA box and have clients using plug-in version 2.631. Now we're adding some OS X 10.7.2 clients to the mix, with plug-in version 2.852 installed. FM 11.0v4 will crash on these clients when accessing the SC layout. I'd like to update our FMSA to 2.852 in hopes that this solves the problems with new 10.7.2 clients, but need to confirm if the 2.631 plug-in clients can remain on that version or if they will need to update 2.852 as well.
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