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  1. odd, spotlight did not find that one - I have entered the information within that file also. Will reboot tonight again, fingers crossed Dave
  2. I have four files called web.xml on the mac - and have put the registration information in all four, yet after restarting it still says Demo mode until I enter the license again in the web interface for super container. Not sure quite what you mean by how it is deployed, It is FMS11, and I installed using the installer from your site - and the instructions in the support area. If you need anything specific just ask, I am keen to get this resolved. Dave
  3. Thanks I have put the information in the file - ill restart the system later and see if it holds. Dave
  4. Not overly chuffed with the support guys? Anyone know a support phone / email I can use, I can't continue to use SC if it needs registering every time I reboot. Thanks Dave
  5. Anyone? I have tried registering it multiple times but the registration file is not created. I assume a permissions problem somewhere but do not want to start altering things without better guidance? Dave
  6. Hi, I have installed the latest version of SC on a Mac Mini with FMS11. All works fine, and I have registered the software via the web portal which also works fine. However upon a reboot the registration is lost and requires entering again. I have followed the known faults page about deleting the registration file - but that file does not exist to be deleted! Any pointers gratefully received. Dave
  7. Thats the curious thing, my testing shows that latency IS the principle factor. As upgrading or using different levels of bandwidth makes little or in fact no difference to the speed. The testing ive done regarding latency, shows that the lower latency increases speed in far greater steps than increasing bandwidth. I may test a LAN setup with a bandwdith limit of say 1/2 meg. Latency will still be <1ms which I believe will then show uber speed even though running on low bandwidth. Dave
  8. Thanks for that, i will change my profile not to mention FM6 as that has been mentioned in both replies and is simply not related. Ive been developing in fm8 and above since they became available. I understand that multiple factors effect the speed, between us im sure we could list thousands. The reason for my post was curiousity about the difference in speed between LAN and WAN. The testing ive done seems to suggest that the actual bandwidth (10,100,1000 etc) is not the major factor - but latency is. I will read that white paper to see if it enlightens me. The reason for the post is as I am wondering about upgrading the remote hosting to 50meg, but from my testing dont believe that will make it any quicker. Thanks Dave
  9. Hi, no sorry that must have been put there from a few years back when I created this account. This system is actually FMServer 8 with Clients FM 8.5 Dave
  10. Morning all, I have some queries here about how Filemaker server actually communicates with the FM clients, and what is the main limitations on speed. We have been developing FM systems since FM v3 and are well versed in FM and its deployment. We have recently deployed a system that is used for around 100 clients based around the UK. The databases are hosted on a windows box with dual 10meg connections (fail safe). Now when on a LAN the system loads fairly instantly, but takes around 20 seconds when hosted. Fair enough, the system is extremely responsive once loaded. However there are some meaty reports that cannot be run over the WAN setup. Which got me thinking into what is the weak link with this setup, what is making it slow. The obvious answer is the 10meg link, rather than a 100meg or 1000meg LAN. But worse than that, its more likely to be the clients broadband, only pumping out 1/2meg with d/l's of 'upto' 8 meg. So I turned to one customer who has ADSL2 - with uploads of 1meg d/l of 15meg (confirmed). However this made no difference to the load times or report times. Another test I did was with a client in Cyprus, he uses satellite broadband, which gives him around 2meg connection - but his latency is around 1000ms. He cannot connect to the FM server AT ALL, it just wont have it. So all this got me to believe its the latency thats the key part of improving FM hosting speeds. Which would indicate a large volume of 'chatting' between the FM server and client. Anyone here have any experience of this kind of testing with ideas on speed? Thanks Dave
  11. I never said it was storing images! they are storing everything from pdf's to fax's Dave
  12. Oh, and I allready use that ExportFM plugin with quicktime to produce screen shots within filemaker, ill go back and look at what other capabilities it has. thanks Dave
  13. Thanks for all your replies, I have actually written a filemaker database that handles batch files in dos for me. I can create custom batch files and run them when needed. I use this for moving files around and handling files generated by document scanning systems that need linking to FM6. Could someone clarify that I can (using a script) export a container field's file to a set location (c:filename) in FM6, If I can do that im laughing. D
  14. Hi Squad, Gold star for anyone that solves this one. A customer of mine has been saving files into a container field instead of linking them. This has made that database huge in size considering it only has 1200 records (its about 300 meg). This is not a problem, except for the remote workers that use the DB. When they load it over a VPN connection, it takes at least 5 minutes to load. Normally this is due to large index files, but this is certainly related to the container field this time. If I remove the container field from the DB, the file size drops to 2 meg, and loads almost instantly. So my query is this, I need to create a script that takes the files out of the container field, saves it to a predefined location, and links it correctly instead. im in FM6, and would consider myself highly skilled with it, but this ones got me. Currently im looking at the task in a manual way and its not pleasant! Doing a yahoo.co.uk search on 'exporting a container field' the top result seems to give a solution, but the link is dead, which is really frustrating! CHeeeeeeeeeeeers Dave.
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