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  1. FM 16 Variable Repetition limitation change?

    This may not be appropriate by why not use Get ( CurrentTimestamp ) as your repetition number? This, unless you are creating more than a window/second, is guaranteed to be unique, to be compatible with whatever version of Filemaker and has the benefit of being in historical order. As I said, maybe I'm missing the point.
  2. large transaction solution

    That wasn't meant as a dig at all. So, Consultant, if I've written something that could be taken badly, it was not meant. I have always thought since trying to wade through Marx, that one must be responsible for the consequences of what one writes so, I apologise. No, being on a Filemaker forum and involved in relational thinking we do tend to try to crack the nut with the hammer to hand. My reply was to suggest that there are solutions to searching massive data sets. I might be a bit odd but I almost never use Filemaker summary stuff. Without claiming to be an export the answer to speed and large data sets seems to be: data only fields (no calculations fields) Find Script to produce the report. I emphasise, I don't claim to be an authority, Norman
  3. Bash shell script to pull video frame

    I used this: BE_ExecuteSystemCommand Which is provided by the Base Elements free plugin. Description here: https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205350557-BE-ExecuteSystemCommand
  4. large transaction solution

    Consultant wrote "I am not aware of any system that can summarize millions of records on demand". Google?
  5. Is it just me?

    On OS X FM15 but, from memory, this problem has been around a while. In the Script Workspace when I try to edit the name of a script I get cast out of the editing process very rapidly. I click on the script name, it highlights but as soon as I start to type, no matter how fast, the cursor is ejected from the edit box before I can complete it. I resort to typing whatever I want in the Notes app and using copy/paste. This used to affect many more such edit boxes. I believe it is less now. I ask, "Is it just me?", as I don't see others referring to this irritation and expressing frustration as it not being solved after being around for so long. Maybe there is a trick I am missing. While I'm on the subject of the Script Workspace I find I can't see the line or lines I have highlighted. They are selected. This is not so on my client's computer so maybe I have a funny colour scheme?
  6. Script Workspace annoyances

    Apologies. I thought the ever vigilant moderator would block it if I was out of line.
  7. Script Workspace annoyances

    14.05 Advanced OS X 10.11.4 MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013), retina display Flashing still occurring. Now another problem has appeared. When I click a line of script it is not highlighted though it is selected. Worse, when I select multiple script lines, they are not highlighted. Anyone else getting this behaviour? When I try reporting this to Filemaker I get taken to the community site. I'm actually working with a later version (am I allowed to say that) so for Filemaker to accept feedback directly seems essential.
  8. Create a one record table. Create a calculation field that gets the 'ValueListItems' from the value list in question. Add any static elements you want in the calculation then reference this field as your value list. I'm a bit rusty but I think that should work. You could put the static items in a text field and add that to your list. That way the list is editable.
  9. Script Workspace annoyances

    I'm on 14.0v5. The option-tab works. Thanks. However, I can't remember another app where I had to do that. It's with existing scripts. While checking this out I noticed it is not now flashing. Just noticed that the grey 'fill in' parts of the workspace are slightly transparent. That's a relief as I noticed a red blur on the screen yesterday. Turns out it was a red button underneath the workspace. Then I looked closely and I can just see text. Is this normal?
  10. Script Workspace annoyances

    Hello, I'm working on a Retina Macbook with OS X El Capitan, FM14 Advanced. 1. I can't enter tabs in the edit window. When I try the cursor jumps elsewhere in the workspace. 2. I get flashing when in the workspace, like a screen refresh.
  11. Login issue

    This morning it worked OK. Thanks. Or maybe, following your explanation, it sorted itself out. We all keep working to make this computerised world simpler but complexity continues to overtake us. Keeps us in a job, I suppose.
  12. Login issue

    OS X El Capitan, FM14A Over the past two days, on opening 'fmforums.com/discover/unread/', I'm getting a message saying I don't have permission to access that page and am invited to login. I do this only to see that my username and password fields are already completed, remember me is checked. I click login and all is OK. This didn't happen before.
  13. I keep getting 404s when I click your links.
  14. Definition vs Meaning

    This has to be the best moderated forum that I have known. If I have a criticism it is the difficulty of finding the nuggets of wisdom within this growing body of expertise. But, as has been pointed out, people, many of whom have a high earning potential, do this for nothing.
  15. FM14: Odd script trigger bug

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Once the client is active I'll check those things and report back.

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