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  1. If you use the script step 'Write to Data File' you can control just what is in the resulting file such text coding is the right type of linefeeds or whether data is enclosed in inverted commas. It's a pity that the CSV standard isn't.
  2. Looks to me like the client set this up wrongly. Each site should be a record then information directly pertaining to the record can simply be fields in that table. I believe the structure will be simpler after doing that.
  3. Just reading a review of Hot Chips 31 and saw this article: https://www.anandtech.com/show/14750/hot-chips-31-analysis-inmemory-processing-by-upmem It is about a memory technology that does some calculation tasks directly in memory. They mention 18x speed up for database tasks + the CPU is more lightly loaded. I wasn't sure if, to use this, revisions in Filemaker itself would be needed or if the technology could be used by an end user. It appears that the FM plug-in SDK does expose SQL actions to maybe it could be used. It says the memory is a drop in replacement for DDR4.
  4. We are having a hard time solving a problem involving one Mac (High Sierra) running Filemaker 17 (Advanced tools enabled). There is a webviewer which displays a page depending on the URL in a field. This has been working for years. The client has three Macs, all running FM17 and using FM17 Server. On two of the machines the pages show as normal. On the client's own machine the page does not show. Activity can be seen in the bottom bar of the webviewer as if the page is loading and, sometimes, one sees the URL flash up there. He has gone back to using FM16 as that works normally. Thi
  5. I tried this and the problem files still were not found. I think there is something wrong with the files. I'll try the 'Recover' process and see if anything shows up. Could I ask how Filemaker adds entries to External Data Sources and how it makes entries like the ones I noted.
  6. But, as I said, this happens when I am opening on a local copy with all the files in the same folder so I don't think it is an issue with External Data Sources. However, just to be sure I added the two files causing problems to the External Data Sources list. Problem remains. What I did notice that one of the problem files had an entry like this: fmnet:/ESVs-MacBook-Pro.local/DPD whereas all others were like this: file:DPD I changed the former to use a path like the latter but on restarting and having to open it manually again it had become this: filemac:/Macintos
  7. We have been having problems with some files not opening. A checkbox appears with this text: The file xxx could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host. This has been happening since we started using Filemaker 17. It is intermittent for clients to Filemaker Server 17. One user is still on 16 and, it seems, the problem is more frequent for him. It is consistently the same files that give the problem. When I have the same files as those hosted but open them locally I get the above messages for the same files giving the problems when o
  8. Thank you for the reply. Having admitted to my mental laziness I made some progress. My breakthrough was to put the query into a global text field so I could play with less effort.
  9. I am wanting to learn to use the ExecuteSQL() function. I find I seem to take quite naturally to SQL when working through the examples on w3schools but am quickly lost in a maze when I try to translate this learning to use in Filemaker. I have seen the introductory articles but have rather a lazy mind. Are there a set of concise rules to translate from SQL to FQL? In passing, as this has become an important feature in Filemaker, would it not be reasonable to expect Filemaker to provide an SQL editor where one could enter standard SQL, use field and table references, and then give us
  10. I didn't explain clearly enough. I'll try again. Table 'DPD' is in file Sales Items. The DPD layout is used in a window 'DPD' created with the New Window script step. When using the DPD window it is on the DPD layout. If the last action performed in the file Sales Items used the window DPD then a subsequent call to GTRR using a table other than DPD uses the DPD window , not the window of the parent file** , Sales Items. This may well be normal behaviour but means that GTRR script steps have to be followed by a Select Window to work as intended. I hope I am missing s
  11. I have a window, DPD, based on a table in a file, Sales Items. I am surprised that a GTTR going to a different layout in the same database takes me to the DPD window and not the parent db window. I assume this is intended behaviour? Does this mean that I have to replace all GTTRs in that database with a script that includes a 'Select Window' script step?
  12. Thank you. I knew if must be simple but I actually searched for answers for quite a while.
  13. In previous version of Filemaker I've been able, in the relationship graph, to 'add a Filemaker data source'. The dialogue, as in the image, after clicking 'Remote' showed only the 'principal' Filemaker file but I could replace the name with the file I sought to add manually. Now, with FM17 I no longer have this option. So, how do I add another of the served files as a data source? I suspect I am missing something simple
  14. Est-ce qu'on peut utiliser des 'wildcards' (REGEX) ? Accepte-t-il des 'pipes' ?
  15. This is what google produces as a definition of realtime : "relating to a system in which input data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback to the process from which it is coming, e.g. in a missile guidance system."
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