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  1. The conflict with Mac & PC special characters in file names e.g. *µç¤ etc I have now read that external referenced files was deprecated sometime ago and external storage is now the revised method. I must confess that I have not used FM for nearly 10 years and I struggled with it in version 7 to 12. I used FM as a web server and at the time, the images in containers had to be internal. My goal is to extract the files and have the database intact. Once that done, either continue with FM or migrate to a php solution. Many thanks for all your help
  2. Whilst trying the troubleshoot the file name issue, I stumbled on the Container Storage option below. By clicking on the Store container data externally check box, it extracted virtually all the pictures to a folder and updated the ContainerFieldName field. A csv export shows that the database looking to an external source.
  3. Thank you for the clarifications. I still get the 8000 error but now on jpg files that have symbols that Windows does not like. I originally did the Db on a mac.
  4. Thank you so much for sharing the above. Maybe you can where I am stumbling as I get generic error on the script below Go to Layout ["Images" (Image); Animation:None] Show All Records Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Loop Set Variable [$$filePath ; Value: " Set Variable [$$filePath ; Value: Get( C:/Users/christ/Desktop/FM_EXPORT/HTML_files/images/ ) & Images::ContainerFieldName & \".jpg\"]" Export Field Contents [Images::Image ; “$$filePath”] Insert File [ Reference ; Target: MyPics::Picture ; “$filePath”; Create directory:On ] Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last: Off] End Loop Layout name : Images Container field name : Image Original file name : ContainerFieldName Below is my attempt to migrate the jpgs to the folder C:/Users/christ/Desktop/FM_EXPORT/HTML_files/images/ My first question is that the script uses / like on mac when PC usually uses \ (which is what I am using.) But when I use \ in the script I get errors. I took example for the Insert File element from the link below as I did not understand why I need the Option box. https://help.claris.com/en/pro-help/content/insert-file.html?Highlight=insert file Below is the error. The user account admin and there is plenty of space on the hard drive. Any thoughts are most welcome. Thank you
  5. Thank you for clarifying this. To be honest, I'm no script writing, and I have searched "container calculate path" on the site but nothing very pertinent comes up. Could you advise me where I might find an example script? Also, I would seem logical that the path change be part of the migrate script .. Or that not such a good idea? Many thanks
  6. Hello I have read the thread below about a script that will export container images to an external folder I have 11000 jpgs embedded in an FM file and I wish to migrate these files from an embedded state to an external folder. Go to Layout [ MyPics ] Show All Records Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Loop Set Variable [$filePath; Value: Get ( DesktopPath ) & MyPics::Description & ".jpg"] Export Field Contents [MyPics::Picture; “$filePath”] Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last] End Loop Firstly, I am unsure if the above script rewrites the container path to the new folder or just exports the data but leaves the container intact. Any thoughts would be most helpful. Thank you
  7. OK. Sounds like the RPi is not upto speed as a FMSA server. Interesting to npte all the same. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply. As apple wants to move away from intel, maybe a hybrid OS will emerge that can do simple tasks. Filemaker have flirted with different lite versions of the app, without great success. Who knows? But then again, RPi is not a very apple facing product.
  9. Hello I have an old portable mac running FMSA 11 in a dusty cupboard and it works fine. I am reading great things about Raspberry Pis and so I am wondering if anyone has tried to run Filemaker on a RPi? As apple is already using ARM processors maybe it is possible? I hasten to add that I have absolutely no programming, dev or linux experience, so this is a really neophyte question. Thanks for any thoughts
  10. Many thanks for all the suggestions. Admittedly I had forgotten to put a date field. That is done. In the end I found my solution courtesy of LaRetta as described below. Many thanks again for your time. ------ It would be easier if you used one field for debit/credit (debit plus amount; credit minus amount). Delete your last field sTotalGlobal and add field (type calculation) called cLineDiff (result is number) with MontantReceites - MontantDepense, selecting your regular fields and not the summary fields. Now create a summary field sRunning (which is Total of cLineDiff and at bottom, checkbox 'running.' If you used only one field, you wouldn't need that calculation at all because the summary would reference only one field (your amount).
  11. Hello I am a total newby on filemaker. i have a table that is designed to a debits and credits field in a list. I use the summary function to addition all of the credits and another to addition for the debits. I have a 3rd field summary field that gives me the total difference of both fields. Obviously, this running total result is repeated in each table entry. I am struggling to have a running total where each entry progressively adds or subtracts from the sum of all the previous entries. This would give me a result like a bank statement, telling me what the consequences of each entry are on the sum up until that point. I am not sure how clear this is, but in excel it is as simple subtracting or adding from the sum cell of a column. Many thanks for any ideas
  12. // alert(vParams); if(vParams != null){ document.writeln(""); } // alert(vParams); if(vParams != null){ document.writeln(""); }
  13. Delving further, I Have discovered that it is NOT the QT file that is causing the problem, but either the calc field that creates the html address or the webviewer script that I use. So for those of you that have a web server & FMSA, you can use the webviewer to view your QT files. So I am now fishing for more info on what the limitations of the webviewer are concerning calc fields & php scripts.
  14. Thank you for that. To get round this issue of serving up container fields using only the docement folder, I use a web address that points to the webserver. The webviewer does not have the same constraints as containers. To the webviewer, this should just be another html address, be it a QT file or flash or whatever. I cannot find any docs on webviewer limitations with IWP but I have a feeling there are.
  15. I have a db that is a collections of QT files. I view them in FM9 via a webviewer window ( great way to get round container limitations). It works very well. Yet to my surprise, the same viewing window via IWP is blank (see attached pix). Has anyone else had this issue? Is there any idea why?
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