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  1. I used the Indent Feature. The text is readable now. It is rare, but in this case, the Horizontal Scroll would have been very useful. I can move forward with the Indent though.
  2. Yes, thank you. The Web View would be the only other option that I can think of. However, this process moves pretty fast. Don't want to slow it down. We can display the data with a Portal. However, other than this scrolling, it was working really well, by using a single Text Field. I'll mess around with it some more. Again, thanks for confirming.
  3. I know it wraps. I don't want it to wrap. The data is almost unreadable. I seem to recall this being an option in older versions, but I might be remembering another product. So we can't get Horizontal Scrolling in FileMaker (14 anyway)? That is sad.
  4. Last night, I was adding some data, from SQL Server, which is broken down by line-items. It can get pretty long, into 300-400 byte range. Longer at times. A Notes List mostly. I went to add a Horizontal Scroll Bar to the Text Field &...nada. Am I missing something or do we honestly not have an option for Horizontal Scrolling for Text Fields in FM 14? Otherwise, still loving FM 14.
  5. It scrolls... the portals. The Layout does not scroll. We have a lot of data, and we live by the scrolling. As best I can recall, it has always been that way. Definitely not upgrading. 15 does not offer us much, if anything, & the lack of scrolling is wicked irritating. At the very least, they could have added an option in Preferences.
  6. Josh, thank you. I have not received an email about the download, but I will check with the sys admin. Will look at the trial version, if we do not have it.
  7. I haven't downloaded it yet, but I received the email this morning. Not much in there for us. We have no Mac Products & don't use the Web/App Features. Overall, a 2. Probably some nice features but nothing worth a new Version. I'm sure the App/Web Developers will be happy, so that is good. If it is faster, I'll give it a 3, overall. I can't find the download though. We already have licensing & can upgrade, with no costs. Not in Downloads, on the website. I'm certainly not paying to upgrade. I don't really want to search all that hard to find the download. That pretty much sums up my feelings on what I've read about the new features.
  8. Well, it was hiding, but I found it. Our Users are going to be happy.
  9. I've been reading up on the Saved Finds. I knew it was an available feature, but it was disabled. I did find that Custom Menus, pre-FM10, would have this case. We are on 14.0.4. Converted from 11. Files were built in 5 or before. FM Server is up to date. Using Windows. I have full Admin privileges. It is available for the Standard Menu Set. My problem is that, when I try to Edit or Create an Custom Menu, Saved Finds is not an available option. I can even try to build a new Custom Menu from scratch. No luck. Any suggestions?
  10. I found this thread while Googling for encoding problems. The solution is to upgrade FileMaker. Version 14 has an option to automatically encode the URL. Turn that option off & it works. Version 11 does not have it. Apparently FM was listening & fixed it somewhere around versions 12-14. Thanks to the Developers at FM for giving us control on this issue.
  11. Well, that would be nice. However, I was hoping more for just "launching" it, though I guess that isn't all that much better that having the user export & save it first. Being able to view the file inside the Container, ala PDF would be quite helpful. I'm not sure how FileMaker handles the details, if it uses an outside PDF Viewer or if it has its own code for viewing. Just trying to find out if I am missing something on Containers. Being able to edit within the Container would be great, but I didn't expect it. The locking would work, as FileMaker does the locking, through record locking. I assume that is way more advanced that were we are now though. Ultimately, we would like to store the file in the Container. The ability to click & launch the file and the ability to view the file within the Container, these would be the features that would help out for now.
  12. I have tried out the Container Fields in V14. Very nice. The PDF & Image Documents are fluid. I tried the External Storage. While a bit confusing at first, I finally figured out the disk storage process. What doesn't work well are the Word & Excel Files, stored on the Server. I can see why the interactive display wouldn't work. Still, we can't launch them either, just "export field contents". We are looking at Emails & SQL files as well. Was wondering if anybody has installed Word, Excel or Outlook on the Server & got better results? We hope to get V14 live in September, and we are very interested in what we can do with the Container Fields. Would be happy to just click & launch some of these file types. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Thank you. I think we need to do some bulk work, a few times a month. Somehow I doubt they would be happy with 20k batches, but this would do for our Data Entry.
  14. Interesting service. I can't find any pricing on it though. Anybody using it or check on costs lately?
  15. Thanks guys. Was just curious, as FM lets me create the second PopOver but not use it. I've got plenty to do, with just the one level. For what I do, this is one of the most useful tools they have added in the past several versions.
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