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    Append an exported pdf

    Thank you, I'll try it right now. Although I develop on a Mac, my users are all PC. Is there an equivalent to "Python Script" native on a PC?
  2. I am building a report via the Save Records as PDF from various layouts, appending as I go. Along the way I need to export a PDF from a container field and append this exported PDF to the report being created via the Save Records as PDF. I can't seem to figure out how to get the various "exported" PDF's appended to the report I am building it. Perhaps I've missed the answer in the forum? The end goal is to have a single report with all the "exported" PDF's in their proper place within the main document.
  3. This is the dumbest thing. I have a set of pulldown lists that work find in the browse mode but when I want to use the same related pulldown lists in the FIND mode they stop working. Go figure. What am I missing?
  4. }-) It works. Your example made it clear the basic elements required. I'll try to cobble the other bits together. Awesome, thank you.
  5. I'm trying to develop a document management system. My network scanner completes a batch and generates this xml file. (Because I know nothing about XML...) when importing this file to FMP it generates errors I don't know how to respond to. My need is so simple I'm wondering if there is an equally simple solution to this problem. (I acknowledge I need to learn XML, but I'm trying to keep it off my "drop everything - do this now" list). From the batch folder I need to import the pdf (123.pdf) and place it in a container, store the path to the file, and also the barcode value (ie CCC3334445555) to their respective fields. Anything other data from the xml file is irrelevant to my needs. Does someone have a moment to walk me through some of the issues I need to solve/learn? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> }:(
  6. Thanks for the ideas. I'm sorry to hear FMP does not hypertext.
  7. I have several long narratives in a field called "body text". I need to hypertext link some of the words in the field "body text" to various URL's. How do I do this? You'd think you would highlight the words you want to link and embed something, but "buttons" are not available on highlighted "words" in a field. "Buttons" are available for the "whole" field, but that doesn't help.
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