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  1. Hello m3nme: I created a new field (number) and ran the ReplaceFieldContent (new field = calc field) to populate it. It took FM a long time to populate the new field, the find was very fast. So the time gained in fast search is lost in slow RFC.
  2. I know this was discussed before but I couldn't find a solution to my problem. I am trying to filter a table to show non zero balances where Balance is an unstored calc field. I know that searching an unstored calc field isn't a good thing but I don't know how else I can get the info I need. Please see attached Any help will be highly appreciated. To rectify: There is a mistake in the attachement: the seach is on Balance field (the calc field) and not on the TotBal field (the summary field). Thus The problem is: the seach is slow when I search the Balance field in Transactions. sorry the mistake. slowsearch.pdf
  3. Thanks Colin for the feedback. Advice taken.
  4. Someone told me the following: With a peer to peer networked DB a developer can still make changes (add/modify layouts/ fields/formulas/relationships, etc...) to the db while being used by other users. I don't know to what extend this is true and how risky/safe it is to modify a db while in use; I would like the opinion of the experts. Thanks
  5. Once again I bow to FM gurus to tell me why my simple IF statements always return zero. See attached files. Thanks PayrollDeduc.ZIP
  6. Thanks guys. It's just that FM is such a great tool that sometimes I try to make it do what it cannot do; this tells you that I am still a novice.
  7. I apologize if this question is dumb but this is my first attempt to use FM and the web. I am just wondering if it is possible to use FM as a simple web authoring tool to create web pages: No fields, no data, no records, just 3/4 pages (layouts) with static info and hyperlinks to navigate from 1 page to the other. As a test I created a layout and tried to save it as HTML so I can view it with a browser but would not save. Does that mean FM can't be used as HTML composer or am I doing it wrong?
  8. Tanks Comment; I'll got ahead and use 2 fields.
  9. I have 4 fields: Date, Number, Name, and AlertField: Alert is an autoenter calc. I want it to return "Alert" in 2 cases only: 1- Date has been modified or Name has been modified -> Alert field to return "Alert" 2- Number is modified and exceeds 19 to return "Alert" (if modified and value is below 19 it's not an Alert) I was able to figure each condition separately but don't know how to combine them. For 1 - I have : Let ([X=Date; Y=Name]; "Alert") For 2 - I have : Case (Number > 19; "Alert") I have been trying to combine these 2 conditions in one expression but stuck. AlertField is as an auto enter calc because once the person in charge has taken these changes into account the field is cleared.
  10. I have a several source tables (VendorA, Vendor B, VendorC, etc...) having the same fields: ProductCode, Price, etc... all linked to a Catalogue table by ProductCode. Catalogue table has similar fields: ProductCode, Price, etc.... Price in Catalogue table is looked up from one of the Vendor tables. A product code is unique to each vendor, in other words, Price in Catalogue comes from 1 table and 1 table only. Currently I have set Price field in Catalogue as calc with the expression: Case (IsValid(VendorA::ProdCode); VendorA::Price; IsValid(VendorB::ProdCode); VendorB::Price; etc...for all the vendors). I am wondering if there is simpler way/formula to pull the price from the appropriate table since a price cannot come from more than 1 table. I know it would be simpler if Vendor tables were merged into one, but for many reasons this cannot be easily done.
  11. Please see attached. Thanks for helping. SumByTypeExpl.ZIP
  12. Simple invoicing system with Parent table and LI table. In the LI table I have a txt field to indicate if the item is taxable. If taxable the user enters "T" otherwise leaves it empty. My problem is how (from the parent table) to sum taxable items only. I know I can create another TO of LI and link it to parent to obtain the total. I am wondering if there is a calc or custom function that can give me the total without resorting to an extra TO or extra fields in LI. I have tried the TypeSumField cf listed in CF library on the forum but it does not work all the time. Thks
  13. Thanks for the help Bcooney Comment: the GetNthRecord trick was nice. :thankyou:
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