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  1. Greetings; I am trying to get it to display a picture from a field. Image_URL I am playing around with the following code but it isnt showing the picture. Case ( Wholesale Name = "****";"imagewin://" & Image_location3; Wholesale Name = "****";"imagewin://" & Image_location2; "imagewin://" & Image_location1)
  2. Greetings; I am trying to get a script to copy and paste information from Layout B Fields 1, Fields 2, Fields 3, Fields 4, Fields 5 and to paste them into Layout A Fields 1, Fields 2, Fields 3, Fields 4, Fields 5. I read somewehere about SET Fields is better to use then Copy and Paste and even with that, it still isnt working. Here is a copy of the codng. If [phone list::Outcome1 = "Appt"] Goto Layout ["Booking Sheet"(Bookings)] New Record/Request Set Field [bookings::ApptStatus; Phone list::Outcome 1] .... When i run the script i get the new record, but nothing is being copied over.
  3. I have a database that i am using for Telemarketing, however i want it to be able to bring up a menu, select the campain and then sort only the people that i havnt spoken to.. For example Launceston's Callbacks, No Answers, Answer Machines, etc. I can make it bring up the menu and select the campain. I can also make it find only the Answer machines and alike, however the problem is that i cant put two Finds back to back because the second find overrights the first one. For example Menu select campain - Launceston - CB, AM, NA for Launceston... Menu select campain - Griffith - CB, AM, NA for Griffith...
  4. Thanks, that is excactly what i was looking for....
  5. Greetings; I know you can change the font to title in Filemaker, that makes it so that the fields are shown as Title Case, however when you export them they are still in the original case, is there a way to make it so that it exports a certain file in Title case?
  6. Greetings; I was using the formular "Sum(Shows)" to sum the total of shows, However i was wondering if there was a way to make it so that it would count the amount of shows for the calandar month before.
  7. Thanks This is excactly what i was after, the coding is listed below. Thanks for the help. "data:text/html," & Product Catalog::v_products_description_1 & ""
  8. i would like to make sure that is is going to come out all right, i want to make sure that it is fine so i dont have to check all 1000+ records on the site, it will show a preview on the second box.
  9. well because eventually all the descriptions will be changed to have the html code. I want the second box to show what it will look like on the website..
  10. Greetings; I have a field called "Product_description" and "Product_description_html". what i want to happen is when you type the following into the field "Product_description"; "FEATURES: Pg 20- EVAN FARMER- While You Were Out's handsome handyman host kisses and tells about his music, his 'underrobe' and his search for Mrs. Farmer. " to this in "Product_description_html"; "FEATURES: Pg 20- EVAN FARMER- While You Were Out's handsome handyman host kisses and tells about his music, his 'underrobe' and his search for Mrs. Farmer."
  11. Greetings, Thanks for replying... I tried that and it didnt work, i actually tried it the first time but just incase there was something i did wrong, i deleted the realationship and tried it again. Still didnt work.
  12. Anyone have any ideas ?
  13. Greetings all; In the Database i have a Field called "Wholesale ID". using the product 3322 for example there are two enteries in the field Called "3322" and "3322X" 3322X is the Plus Size selection of the Lingerie. There is also the Manafacture called "Dreamgirl" What i would like to know is if it is possible for the field called "Plussize" to do a calculation to see if there is another entery in the database with the Wholesaler ID = "Wholesaler ID" & X so for example on the record with the wholesaler ID of "3322" it would search to see if there is a record with the Wholesaler ID = "3322X". If there is it returns "Yes" if Not it returns "No". I just need help on the calculation for finding a Value on another record. If (************;"Yes";"No")
  14. Greetings, I have a section on the Database that i am building, it is going to be used for the Attribs. There is actually 3 tables involved, * Attribs Controler * Attribs Value * Attribs Type Attribs Type: The idea of this table is that it allows for you to enter the type for in this case; * Colour * Size Attribs Value: This table actually holds the values of the Types, so for example; Colour Black Colour Red Attribs Controller: This is just holds the values entered for each of the products. [color:blue]Tables Attrib Controller: Attrib_ID Attrib_SortID Attrib_TypeID Attrib_TypeValue Attrib_ValueID Attrib_ValueValue Product_ID Attrib Type: Attrib_ID Attrib_SortID Attrib_Type Attrib Value: Attrib_ID Attrib_SortID Attrib_Type Attrib_Type_ID Attrib_Value [color:red]Relationships Attrib Controller:Attrib_TypeID = Attrib Type: Attrib_ID Attrib Controller:Attrib_TypeID = Attrib Value: Attrib_ID Attrib Value:Attrib_Type = Attrib Type2: Attrib_Type [color:orange]The Field Setup Attribs Controller: Attrib_TypeValue = Drop down list, using values from the field Attrib Type:Attrib_Type Attribs Controller: Attrib_ValueValue = Drop down list, using values from the field Attrib Value:Attrib_Value; Include only related values starting from: Attrib Type 2. [color:brown]The Problem When i select a Type IE: Colour and goto select black from the drop down list, there are no values in the list, they are not showing up. Anyone have any suggestions, Thanks (In Advanced)
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