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  1. Brilliant. The number of users accessing such records is very low (if not 1), even if privileges are in place, so I'll leave it as it is for the moment. Cheers!
  2. Thanks Fitch. One more thing I've wondered about is why, in the case of performing multiple set fields (upon the same instance, e.g. lines 54-58), you don't need to set the $error variable after each set field, is it not possible that line 54 could produce an error but not line 58 (in which case it would not record the error).
  3. Thanks Fitch. I take it the below is OK then for adding stock? I think I'm unsure about (and I'm really splitting hairs here) is whether I should apply line 54 at the beginning, followed by 55-58, then change the stock levels but based on the 'recurring_services_stock' relationship and not the 'recurring_services_preview' relationship. The latter being based on the recurring_services::RS_Temp_Stock_IDF field.
  4. Hi all Using the Geist Database transactions method I am restoring stock levels of a single stock line, and then removing the stock ID from the Line Item (which is the parent record). The idea is that I am replenishing the stock, it being no longer assigned to the Line Item. I am not using a portal, it is just a single related record ('Recurring_Services_Stock'), and the editing of the primary record ('Recurring_Services') must occur after the editing of the stock level (otherwise there is no relationship). For these reasons I believe my script is slightly different to examples Todd gives. Therefore I'm interested to know whether my script is excessive, or insufficient:
  5. DDR - where to focus?

    Thanks for all the responses guys. Especially Wim's wise suggestion of finding out where it's slow. It turns out people are happy with the performance, I think this must be due to the server upgrade done months ago (i just assumed the slowness persisted). MT!
  6. DDR - where to focus?

    Sounds good Wim, thanks! Re layouts with more than one portal - quite a few if not most of my layouts have more than one portal. Is this a problem in itself or are there certain ways to ensure good performance when using multiple portal? Or a limit for number of portals? Same question for sorted relationships and unstored calcs/summary fields on layouts. What would an example of a messy file reference look like? Cheers
  7. I've finally created a database design report for my eight year old database! Quite a few errors (see attached). Can anyone suggest which element I should tackle first? There have been reports of sluggish performance so I want to tackle that first: Many thanks
  8. Value list performance when single field

    Thanks Steve I've implemented something like that: a popover window with a portal and dynamic filter like this one http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2013/03/dynamically-filtering-filtered-portals However I'm unsure how to get it to work as seamlessly as a drop down list - i.e. so the user doesn't have to move the mouse to the filter field. Do you have any example files for this approach? Thanks UPDATE: I've resolved it by changing from the single field to a new table that contains those lines as records. It is very very fast now.
  9. Hi all I have a global field that is populated by the end user. When they hit the enter button it executes a script, which refers to the value that has been entered in to that field. This utilises the Get(TriggerKeystroke) and OnObjectKeystroke trigger and function. When a keystroke is made on the field, the triggered script detects when the enter key has been pressed and runs another script. I have set the field to go to next object when enter has been pressed. The only downside of this method is that it tabs to the next object after the enter key is pressed. The only way to prevent this is to untick the 'go to next object using enter option. However when I do this, I am left with a carriage return at the end of the field contents, because the enter key has been pressed. Is there a way around this? Cheers
  10. Hi all I've created a value list that serves as an email autocomplete drop down (like the sort in an email client). This VL looks to a single text field in a single record table which currently has 3000 lines. The field is updated every 15 minutes by a scheduled server script. The 'auto complete using value list' option is applied on the field that refers to this VL. The old method was to not have a VL but to just tick the 'auto complete using existing values' option on the field. This was not ideal because existing values might be incorrectly spelled email addresses (and the user would not be able to remove them). Since switching to the new method it is slower to retrieve the values from the VL. It is not the type of slowness that locks up filemake; rather it just means the user has to wait 1-4 seconds for values to pop up when letters are typed - before this is was instant in the way it is instant in normal email clients. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to speed it up? Or whether this is expected from a single field VL? Thanks
  11. Where is my value list being used

    Thanks Fitch. I'll create another VL, and check out the developer design report. Excited and nervous about what I will find
  12. Hi all I've added a new table and field which needs to use a previously created value list called "clients for sorting". The VL will be used for data entry in the new table. To save clutter I would like to use (but edit) this VL instead of creating a near duplicate. I'm not sure where exactly this VL has been used up to this point but I am willing to trust my naming of it and say it is for sorting and not data input. It is currently configured to show both the first and second fields, and to sort values using the second field. I want to change it so that it only shows the values from the second field (for the new table/field). Two questions: 1. If I do make the change to the VL, is it possible that it will alter the sorting script/relationship that has been using the VL up to now? 2. Is there a quick method, or utility, to find out where the VL is being utilised? Many thanks
  13. Thanks ggt667. My script is definitely activated via PHP however the send mail step is not working at all - either via plugin or the inbuilt send mail (smtp) script step. Am I missing a trick?
  14. Understood, thanks @ggt667. Out of interest, is there a specific way for filemaker server to perform the script but without any such instruction from PHP? i.e. could it trigger when a new record has been created (of which the 'type' field would be set to 'web') and then perform the script? Or would this require a plugin or scheduled script that runs every minute, checking for newly created web originating records?

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