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  1. Thanks Wim. This is a slightly silly question but is the saved encryption password itself encrypted? i.e. if someone gained access to the server (the host of FMS, not FMS itself), would they be able to extract the encryption password, were it saved in FMS?
  2. Thanks all. One more query: Are there any security concerns when saving the encryption password in FileMaker Server? So admins do not have to type in the encryption password each time they open a database. Thanks
  3. Hi all I'm trying to run a powershell script from the base elements plugin, and extract the result in to FileMaker. It works well except when the result appears to be quite large (though no bigger than 10kb in CSV form). Does anyone know anything about the limitations of this plugin function when it comes to returning the result? Thanks!
  4. Hi all Apologies if this is doubling up, I have posted this here also https://fmforums.com/topic/104916-display-multi-line-records/?tab=comments#comment-475037 but I think this might be the better in this forum. It's quite a fundamental thing so I worry I've been using FileMaker wrong all this time! Is there a way, without the webviewer, to view a stream of multline records in browse mode? So, if I were to have a list of email messages, in which the body field has multiple lines, I would be able to see all those lines within each record. Rather than each record's body field being a fixed height thus resulting in cut off text. Thanks
  5. Hi all One of our database's features is a chat log. As you would have in any chat app, or an email thread, this allows you to see a stream of messages, many will have muliple lines. As I understand it, FileMaker can only show (fully) a list of multi-line records in list mode, when in preview mode, by utilising the 'shrink' option in the body part. Therefore we've got around this by using the list function in webviewer. Now we are using WebDirect and the webviewer is not functioning. I understand this can be resolved (https://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/display-complex-web-viewers-in-webdirect/) However, I'm just wondering if there's another/better way to display multiline records in WebDirect, or indeed FileMaker client (in browse mode). Thanks!
  6. Thank you for your advice Josh. Re someone being able to replicate our authentication groups, can this only occur if they actually have the file? Or can they access a hosted file in such a way? Would it work for Azure AD authentication? From the configuration it looks as though in this instance FMS would actually be conferring with the Azure server that the user is really from that genuine Azure AD group. I suppose we would want to remove the risk of any unauthorised access to the file even if it was non-admin. From the sounds of it we'll change the admin username, and utilise the account lockout (I take it this is automatically in place), as well as keep track of access logs should such an attack be attempted. Thank you!
  7. We're about to migrate our filemaker server to the cloud, and have it open, so it can be reached by any public IP. We will switch to external authentication via Azure AD for all our users, which I understand will allow us to use MFA. However, aside from the externally authenticated users, there will be the one admin user within our database, which is of the usual 'filemaker user' type. Is it not possible that this could be subject to a brute force password attack? Would the workaround be to remove this user and have an externally authenticated admin user? Is this safe? Thanks
  8. That looks like the ticket. I think I initially abandoned it because of the toolbar at the top. But it turns out you can hide that 😮
  9. Sorry for not being clearer. It's not that we're getting errors more that we don't know how to use powerapps to connect and retrieve data to/from a REST API. We can connect to a sql database. I'm wondering if anyone here has any such powerapps experience, or whether you can recommend the simplest (in terms of learning curve) platform to get our users accessing our filemaker data on their android/apple devices (i.e. web based). Thanks
  10. We are struggling with accessing the FM API from PowerApps (we can connect to the API using Post Man). Can anyone recommend some "simple to develop" PowerApps alternative that can connect to the API? We just want a simple front end that can read/write to our Filemaker table. Thanks
  11. Thanks guys! I'll be exploring both options. I guess the new While function will be handy for comment's trimming option too.
  12. Ah I must be a bit confused. Basically I have a photo container field that pertains to each user. If the user doesn't have a photo then the I want their initials displayed instead. I've so far achieved this by creating a calculation field with the following calc: If ( IsEmpty ( photo ) ; Left ( Forename ; 1) & Left ( Surname ; 1 ) ; photo ) This works great, and I can add colour to the background by specifying it as the fill of field object in the layout. However I end up getting bits of that colour around the outside of the field if it is populated with a photo. Also it would be nice to be able to specify different colours for each user. So I was wondering if I could bring those extra formatting features to the calculation field. Thanks!
  13. Hi all How can I get my calculated Base64Decode container field to display some centralised (vertically and horiztonally) text, and have the entire background a certain colour? Thanks
  14. Emails are retrieved as records. And the body of the email might contain something like this: Click this link to unsubscribe from this email: https://emea01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmypcsecurity.webrootanywhere.com%2Funsubscribe.aspx%3FT%3Dasdffsdf34228e3b-77d9-4eb2-8132-778fd4dea454%26UEM%3Dsupport%40madso.uk&data=02%7C01%7Cuser@company.com%7Casd29c4c0901c808d673d792d0%7C7a80fada51274aa9aaedca692e314d1d%7C1%xxx68237670672dddata=0YhXOxZRHF6%2Fls6fY%2BA4za%2BvsGo6dPBtWMQhVQZo%2ByE%3D&reserved=0 It's these long strings of text that I would like to remove as they make reading emails difficult (especially when there are multiple emails contacenated). But there are so many different ones that I can only think to do a search by length, rather than a specific substitute calculation.
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