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  1. That is very interesting. Thank you comment.
  2. I see. As far as I can tell the Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer and FileMaker.PerformScript still work as they would in FM Pro. Is that correct? Thanks
  3. I've just discovered that the webviewer in webdirect appears to have full (or at least more) javascript functionality .
  4. I can't say definitively, but I am using FM19's new Javascript integration feature even though the database is hosted on FMS18. As far as I can recall I've always been able to utilise the client where the FMS host was one version lower (the exception being when we switch to .fmp12 extension). Furthermore, when I finally did upgrade the server to match the clients I did not notice any improvements.
  5. My javascript developer managed to get the search feature working in IE11...and it works in FM too. I guess I'll have to wait for the anticipated updates to the web viewer (as per recent JS functions discussion on thecontextpodcast.com) for draw.io.
  6. Is there a way to isolate which element is causing the issue (I'm not sure what I'd do with that information tbh). I'm experiencing limited functionality from a search feature I'm trying to implement also (attached). The Javascript developers i've approached have been reluctant to help as they are not familiar with FileMaker. If I could tell them exactly which browser it uses then that would help. I've implemented this script: https://codepen.io/gapcode/pen/vEJNZN Which tells me the FileMaker browser is IE 11. This make sense as my search script does not work if I load it in IE
  7. Hey comment It also works on our (only) mac but none of our Windows PCs Thanks
  8. I've just realised that the problem occurs regardles of whether I integrate the modified html files. So if I point the webviewer to www.draw.io (or https://app.diagrams.net/), I still get an unresponsive website.
  9. Very strange, it is just something on my PC after all that 😬
  10. Hi all I'm trying to integrate draw.io in to my solution via the web viewer. I have much to learn as I have new to javascript. I have managed to get it to execute a filemaker script though. My first real issue is that it does not seem to work fully in the webviewer. I've downloaded these files https://github.com/jgraph/drawio-integration I can open localfile.html in my usual browser and it works fine. However within FileMaker's web viewer it does open (the url is "data:text/html," & [global field containing source code of localfile.html]), but functionality is limited.
  11. Same behaviour on my usual PC but not my other. But then I've just tried my original file on my other PC and the issue doesn't occur! I can't work out the difference between the two. Did you experience the issue yourself? Thanks
  12. I've attached a simplified version of this scenario. There is now only one script trigger which is triggered when selecting from the drop down. It happens on the local version (not sure about hosted). The white background appears only when a custom menu is in place. Thanks white background.fmp12
  13. Thanks for the confirmation comment. Yes I meant match fields. Not quite sure where I got confused. As you say it's the Extend function that I need. Interesting that it's not required for Count or list, but is required for getnthrecord. All working now. Thank you!
  14. Hi I have a repeating calculation field. The first repetition is able to refer to related records, the join fields of which are not repeating. However subsequent repetitions can't see any related records. I've only got seven repetitions, but the calculation is quite complex so I'd rather not switch to just using seven separate fields. Is this behaviour by design? Thanks
  15. Very odd, it only happens with custom menu sets, even ones with the bare minimum elements and no keyboard shortcuts. If I use the standard one it doesn't. The issue doesn't occur at all when I load the database locally, regardless of the menu set.
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