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  1. Emails are retrieved as records. And the body of the email might contain something like this: Click this link to unsubscribe from this email: https://emea01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmypcsecurity.webrootanywhere.com%2Funsubscribe.aspx%3FT%3Dasdffsdf34228e3b-77d9-4eb2-8132-778fd4dea454%26UEM%3Dsupport%40madso.uk&data=02%7C01%7Cuser@company.com%7Casd29c4c0901c808d673d792d0%7C7a80fada51274aa9aaedca692e314d1d%7C1%xxx68237670672dddata=0YhXOxZRHF6%2Fls6fY%2BA4za%2BvsGo6dPBtWMQhVQZo%2ByE%3D&reserved=0 It's these long strings of text that I would like to remove as they make reading emails difficult (especially when there are multiple emails contacenated). But there are so many different ones that I can only think to do a search by length, rather than a specific substitute calculation.
  2. The string(s) could appear anywhere within the field. I'm trying to clean up emails where there's lots of strings from hyperlinks that are in the signatures (usually from the email signature).
  3. Hi all Is there a calculation to remove all long text strings (say anything over 20 characters) from text fields? Thanks
  4. Fantastic!!! Thank you very much guys. Very exciting! API has hopefully solved this for everyone. mr_vodka - is there a specific reason that FM should not be used strictly as UI to build off of SQL systems? Is it just pointless? And what sort of UI changes would be made? What happens to calculation fields? Is filemaker able to recreate them but alongside the SQL table? Thanks
  5. Hi all Apologies in advance if this is a vague question, or if it's been extensively documented, but I could do with some basic advice on moving filemaker tables to SQL. In terms of database development, I have only really known FileMaker. We have a 60 table, 25 user FileMaker database which takes care of most if not all of the company's operations. There is now talk of allowing other platforms (such as PowerApps/PowerBI) access to the data. One such reason is other people are interested in making apps/applets that serve specific functions. This would be simple if the data were held on a SQL database. So if all the FileMaker tables were to be moved to SQL, what sort of a task is that in terms of keeping the existing FileMaker gui functioning? Or. is there a simpler way to grant other platforms access to filemaker tables? And of course, what are the downsides? Thanks
  6. Hi guys I'm sending the BE_ExecuteSystemCommand provided by the BaseElements plugin. I get a result back, however there are no carriage returns (which would be displayed if I ran the commadn in cmd.exe). If I copy the result to the clipboard using BE_ClipboardSetText (format CF_Text) then paste the results in to notepad then the carriage returns are there. What character is it using as the carriage return in the first place? Thanks Turns out it is unicode character 10 (line feed / LF). I used the following calc to sort: Substitute ( $cmd; Char ( 10 ) ; ¶ )
  7. This has been resolved with the new version of the plugin.
  8. Are you aware that the temp paths are different on the server? https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/paths-in-server-side-scripts.html
  9. Try "BE_Curl_Set_Option ( "BE_CURLOPT_FORCE_STARTTLS" ; True )" before the BE_SMTP_Server step, or remove username and password. Also double check you can send via your smtp server with other means, i.e. Outlook. Or, if the attachment was created by filemaker in the first place, try and manually insert an attachment in to the attachment field and try that.
  10. Have you tried doing away with the export step and just emailing straight from the container fields? BE_SMTP_AddAttachment will allow you to add the container fields instead of file paths.
  11. Thanks I'll take a look! it was on the back burner, but now it looks like we may be embarking on the journey again. Needs a bit of a rethink as to what they're actually after. I'll let you know. Cheers!
  12. Does anyone have any ideas on this? I've added another picture to give a better idea of how this looks.
  13. Have you tried the text file registration method?
  14. Hi all I've switched from the 360works scriptmaster plugin to baseelements for sending emails. Since then, subject lines that contain spaces have tabs in as well. The tabs are not necessarily in place of the spaces, as subjects with many spaces have just the one tab. In subjects with just one space however, the tab replaces that space. I hope the picture shows what I'm experiencing. The header of the email contains the following: Subject: spaceatfortiethcharacterspaceatfortieth characterspaceatfortiethcharacterspaceatfortiethcharacterspaceatfortiethcharacter So it appears as though it may be adding a carriage return? Any ideas? I've just double checked that it is OK with 360works and it is indeed! The only difference I can think of in the way the plugin talks to our exchange server is that BE requires there be no credentials but 360 requires credentials.
  15. Thanks Fitch! Very happy to hear that!
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