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  1. Hey Bruce— I can't provide an example because my process is built into a "black box" file that I use as middleware between a client solution and QB. That file is the result of many projects that iteratively improved it, and it has hundreds of development hours in it. I started a basic outline of how it works on the Request side, and realized you'd be much better off using the normal functions to create Requests. Responses, though, are a different matter. The PCQB_Rs functions work fine for simple integrations, but parsing the Response from a complex Query or a Report is much more pow
  2. Hey Bruce-- I don't have an example file. What I meant was that I don't use the PCQB_Rq... or PCQB_Rs... functions to create a Request or parse a Response, preferring to build a Request using a process I came up with years ago. I use the PCQB_Z functions to Execute it, and the PCQB_ZParseXML function to process the Response data. When processing a QB Report or a multi-record Query Response, Xpath filtering is awesome. Using PCQB_SGetXML you can see all the elements of a Request or Response at one time, which is especially useful when digging into problems that may hinge on the presen
  3. It's been a long time since I looked at Payroll via the API. It's possible that the Response doesn't contain the data you want. Are you logging into QB via an Admin credential? and does the plug-in have permission to putt "sensitive data" ? It might be useful to use PCQB_SGetXML( "Response" ; "" ) to see everything that's being returned and confirm that the Earnings node is present. HTH! Geoffrey Gerhard Creative Solutions Incorporated 14000 Creekside Drive Matthews, NC 28105 704.814.6852
  4. The Earnings node may repeat, so you'll need to use PCQB_RsOpenFirstRelatedRecord and PCQB_RsOpenNextRelatedRecord to walk through them and get the values you want from each iteration. PCQB_rsGetFirstFieldValue ( PayrollItemWageRef::FullName ) and PCQB_rsGetFirstFieldValue ( Rate ) should get the values you need. (I say "should" because I'm not positive--I work with raw xml and XPath.) Are you looking for values from all repetitions of Earnings, or just a particular one or two? If it's just one and you already know how to apply XPath filters, that's faster than looping through the it
  5. Hey Bruce– You can update the "Name" value for a Vendor record, but cannot set it to empty (clear it) because it's effectively the Vendor record's primary key in QB. For the same reason, you cannot update it to a value that's already in use by another Vendor record. The error message you cite implies that this record's Vendor::VendorName field was empty at the time you created the VendorModRq. HTH! Geoffrey Gerhard Creative Solutions Incorporated 14000 Creekside Drive Matthews, NC 28105 704.814.6852
  6. Productive Computing updated the link to the original OSR in their documentation, but for anyone still looking for it... https://static.developer.intuit.com/qbSDK-current/common/newosr/index.html Long-time FMP/QB integrators will likely prefer the familiar views and behavior of the above link, but it's worth noting that the link Bruce posted above... https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/qbdesktop/docs/api-reference ...is a new version of the OR that puts the descriptive information about each Request, including context for how its behaviors equate to those found in th
  7. Just found the page Bruce linked and came here to share it. It may grow on me, but first impression is not great. If you find it, PCI Pal, please post a link. ( If you know the name of the downloaded file, please post that. ) Thanks! Geoffrey Gerhard Creative Solutions Incorporated 14000 Creekside Drive Matthews, NC 28105 704.814.6852
  8. Same problem. Productive Computing had, once upon a time, a downloadable version that you could open in your browser and it worked great. I can't find any reference to it on their web site now, nor remember the file's name to find it on my computer. Kinda stuck on some development work right now.
  9. This may be the result of an Auto-Update in QB. One of my clients reported on Monday that he was seeing my "Can't connect to QB" error message. The only change was the update to QB, and logging into it as Admin, deleting the certificate, and then running the QB Connection script from FMP fixed the issue. He approved the API connection in QB when prompted, and all was good again. Geoffrey Gerhard Creative Solutions Incorporated 14000 Creekside Drive Matthews, NC 28105 704.814.6852
  10. Make sure any FMP scripts that interact with QB do so only for the user/credential on that one computer. Will the user on that computer be working within the QB UI? If so that user should log into QB using a credential with sufficient privileges to perform all of the automated tasks. QB, just like FMP, is a database and will lock a record when a user begins editing. That can lead to an error if one of your scripts attempts to edit a "locked" QB record, so make sure you're sharing error messages with your user. HTH! Geoffrey Gerhard Creative Solutions Incorporated 14000 Creek
  11. You identified the right fields: Either a ListID or FullName value identifies the Customer/CustomerJob. (You only need one, has you send both QB uses ListID and ignores the FullName value.) When you identify the Customer/Job and identify BillableStatus as True, QuickBooks will ask, when adding an Invoice via the UI, whether to display the list of BillItems not yet Invoiced to the Customer/Job for inclusion on the new Invoice. You can also use it for generating reports in QB. In FMP/QB integrations, there may not be much value to in identifying the Customer/CustomerJob if most of the
  12. Is this really required, PCIPal? The OSR identifies the GUID element as optional in a ItemNonInventoryAddRequest.
  13. What error message is produced? Your screenshot leaves out a lot of detail, not least of which is the line that calls the PCQB_RqNew( "ItemNonInventoryAdd" ; ... ) function. It also shows no reference to either the SalesOrPurchase or the SalesAndPurchase aggregate. If I recall correctly, you must add the elements for one of those aggregates. HTH! Geoffrey Gerhard Creative Solutions Incorporated 14000 Creekside Drive Matthews, NC 28105 704.814.6852
  14. I do relatively little work in QBO, so grain of salt... The message makes it appear that the math is wrong. Is it? ( I'd look closely at whether there are rounding issues, as sometimes FMP produces a different value than FMP when doing math and rounding decimal places. ) If not: Can you exclude either Amount or UnitPrice? QB desktop allows this, and does the Algebra necessary to solve for x. HTH! Geoffrey Gerhard Creative Solutions Incorporated 14000 Creekside Drive Matthews, NC 28105 704.814.6852
  15. That's a lot of new pieces at once. Here are a couple things to consider in this situation: Is the problem isolated to a single Invoice among several sent from the same computer in the same FileMaker session? Have you tried voiding a "problem Invoice" in QB and sending it again from FMP? If so, is the subsequent attempt successful? The InvoiceAddRs contains the details of every LineItem on the Invoice. You can parse the Response to determine whether or not they contain the expected detail, and take appropriate action if they do not. For troubleshooting purposes, you co
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