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  1. I didn't want to comment directly in the thread since it's literally ten years old, but just wanted to say thanks for the custom function here: https://fmforums.com/topic/51439-cut-carriage-return-from-text-field¶/?_fromLogin=1

    1. Orlando


      Wow, that is quite a while ago:) thanks for the message, and I’m glad it was useful for you.

      — Orlando

  2. Thanks; it does look like a second machine will be inevitable if we move more fully towards WebDirect. For the present, though, we'll be mostly continuing the traditional client-server route.
  3. Thanks for the link - Dell is fine by me.
  4. FileMaker licenses are a separate budget item, yes. $2K is just for the server. Most of the users will be on the LAN, but there'll be maybe half a dozen outside the office in different cities at any given time. They'll be on FM Pro initially, but I'd like to move at least some of the remote users to WebDirect at some point. I'm more comfortable with Apple, but I have no objection to Windows.
  5. My office has about 20-30 people using FM at any given time, and we're planning to move from Server 11 to 13 in the near future. I have $2K allocated for new hardware. I'm going on the assumption that a Windows server will give a bigger bang for the buck, but I'm certainly amenable to Apple hardware (everything's currently on a Mac Mini server). I've read over the hardware considerations and I basically understand them, but I don't live in the Windows hardware world much, and my head is turning to sawdust trying to put together the best package for my budget. If anyone can offer any recommendations, I'd be grateful. If $2K is simply insufficient in your opinion, that's a valid answer too.
  6. The site's back up, and I just received the license key.
  7. I bought a license for WordPress-FileMaker Sync a couple days ago. I got a receipt from Amazon Payments, but no license key. I went back to the site and found the domain had expired that same day, and there's now a GoDaddy splashpage there. I found a cached copy of the site and called the number listed there. It's inactive, as are the numbers on the WHOIS records for wordpressfilemaker.com & laurenkuhlman.com. I found a Gmail address and one @laurenkuhlman.com, but haven't gotten a reply from either. She seems to have been pretty active on discussion boards, LinkedIn, etc., but the last trace I can google is on September 13 of last year. After that, she seems to have disappeared from the Internet entirely. I don't even know her, but I hope she's okay. If anyone has a working license key they'd be willing to share, I'll be glad to furnish a receipt showing that I paid for one.
  8. Sorry, I may not've phrased my question very well. Let's say I have a script with a "Perform Find" step that has a dozen requests (some "Find," others "Omit"). Let's say I want to reorder the list without manually recreating the entire find sequence. Is that possible?
  9. Sorry if this is a total noob question; my google-fu wasn't strong enough to find the answer. Using the "Perform Find [Restore]" script step, the "Specify Find Requests" window says "Find requests are executed in the order that they appear." Okay, so the list of requests must be easily re-orderable, right? How do you do that? TIA, Ian
  10. Are there any substantial performance issues or downsides to running FMSA 10 under XP or Vista as opposed to Server 2003/2008?
  11. Hi, Grubber; thanks for the advice. We do have a terminal server, but my Mac-centric users hate the thing, and it's none too speedy for my XP guys as well. OAM: Thanks for the hardware input - that'll help in pitching for an upgrade.
  12. I have a pretty standard FMSA9 installation running on a: Dell Dimension 4600 Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2 Dual Pentium 4 @ 3.2 GHz (or one hyperthreaded P4, which I'm told shows up as two CPUs in the Device Manager; I'm not really clear on this) 1.5 GB RAM 80 GB Maxtor 7200 RPM DMA/ATA-133 drive A single 100baseT Ethernet port ...and our Internet connection is a T1 at 1.5 mbps. We have ten phone lines on that T, so voice traffic can pull up to 640 kbps if everyone's yakking at the same time. This works okay on the LAN in the office. This sucks donkeys when accessed remotely, to quote one of my users. Bandwidth is obviously an issue - what would you recommend? Another T1 dedicated purely to remote FM access (is that even possible)? Adding a DSL line and getting a load-balancing router? Also, how much effect might a server upgrade have? Based on those specs above, which components would make the most difference? Bear in mind it works acceptably well (most days) in the office on LAN access; I'm mostly concerned with improving performance for our folks out there in the field (and I know that available bandwidth on their end will be a factor, but that can't be helped from this end). Grateful thanks in advance to anyone who can lend me insight.
  13. (I'm a complete newbie with FM PHP publishing; please bear with me) I just created a test site with PHP Site Assistant using a fairly simple, small database, and it seems to work fine except for one thing: If I go to a record, click "Edit Record," change something, and click "Save Record," it just dumps me back on the login page, and does not save the change. If anyone can point me towards where to look for troubleshooting this, I'd be grateful.
  14. I've been wrestling with this for most of the day. I can't find any problems with my external file references, but looking at the conversation between client & server via a tcpflow dump, I noticed the server's IP address switched from its LAN IP to its WAN IP at the point where my client requested the OpenSSL certificate, so that's presumably where the conflict occurs. I'm not in a position to turn off SSL at the moment (requires a server restart), but I'll give that a try over the weekend and see if it fixes the problem. ***EDIT*** Figured it out. I have two paths per file in my external file references, one with the LAN path and another with the WAN path. There was a reference for a file that no longer exists on the server, so, not finding it at the LAN path, FM then looked for it on the WAN path. That, of course, will cause the licensing conflict.
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