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  1. Layout Sizing

    is it possible to size a layout that matches the exact size of an object/container for export purposes (say 468x60 pixels) I'm wanting to do some graphic style layouts. Printing them limits you to the inherent dimensions available on your printer, but exporting them as PDF and then editing them further there is a distinct option. ANd I am more interested in keeping them in teh digital realm than in printing them to paper. Any way to export the results in the desired size?
  2. Security for Commercial Runtime

    The main purpose of the registration method is to have users submit their purchase/installation validation within a specified time (14 days in my case). Placing a date stamped file in the prefs folder and retrieving the info on every startup insures that even if they uninstall and reinstall, that there is some kind of preventative to installing every 14 days and never registering. I would really welcome any suggestions on how to codethe easiest protection of both program and data against sharing/pirating.
  3. Security for Commercial Runtime

    Hey Steven, I would love it if FIlemaker would provide extended protections for distributing solutions and incorporating end user registration features but I am certainly not going to hold my breath for that. I failed to mention that this is not only a solution, but it is populated with data, so I am wanting to protect both. All write capabilities are turned off so it is simply a reference tool and not a user expandable database. A closed system. A registration method is the only way that I can see that can offer some kind of protection, albeit paper thin. I would welcome any and all suggestions as to how to protect this solution and the data that it includes.
  4. Security for Commercial Runtime

    After starting this post years ago, I still find myself in more or less with the same need for help as I did then. I have been using a startup script which among other things places an external "date stamp" file on the customer's hard drive that indicates when the date of installation was. On subsequent openings the script checks to see if the file is present and if so then it imports the date into a global field. This governs the 14 day countdown timer that allows access to the solution without registration. After that time expires the user can no longer access the solution without registering. Even if they re-install, as long as the "date stamp" file remains on the hard drive, then re-installing will only search for and find the original date stamp file, thereby preventing use without registration. (I quote Jerry's earlier post because that is exactly what I've been doing. The problem is that certain NIC hardware turns on and off, thereby changing the unique signature along the way. Also It seems that in Windows 10 there seems to be an issue with placing that file in the preferences folder?) For registration, a unique code that contains the user's name, email address, computer name, an alphanumeric code derived from those previous entries and the computer's networking addresses. A key or code is generated from that for import or entry and checked for a match. This is an awkward and clunky method that I would certainly like to get rid of, but I'm too tunnel visioned about it to be able to come up with a more simple yet effective coding to make this happen. Any help or coding examples would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Simply put - I need a dynamic menu name (created by returning the data in a particular field). That part works fine - until I advance to a new record. The "result" in the menu has remained the same as it was in the previous record. Why is it not refreshing when I change records? Thanks hbrendel for the script trigger idea. I just used a window refresh and Install Menu command in order to circumvent the erratic behavior
  6. I failed to mention that there is a second scenario where this happens when there is already data present in a regular text field (in other words, no script was involved in acquiring the data). I did try adding your suggestion to a script. No change in the glitchy behavior. The menu does not refresh record to record.
  7. I am trying to populate a custom menu name via a calculation. There is a glitch in both FM 12 and 13 when doing this. If I change records, the resulting calc is stuck from the previous record. It does not refresh by changing records. I can change record after record and it doesn't refresh. I have to change layouts back and forth and then records before it will refresh. The scenario is this... A user can add a web link to a field and then give it a title in another field. (The data is entered via a dialog box in a script - of course the field is not global storage or anything that would cause it to hang on the data) The calcs for the menu simply checks to see if the field is populated then returns the title field (both are defined) This way the user can tell if they have already pasted links into a record or if a field is blank and unused (ready for data entry) Definitely a glitch on how FM is handling this. Does anyone have any idea on how to refresh this simply by changing records
  8. OK Scratch the WebDirect part of the question. I wasn't looking at that as a strong option anyway. Just needing some good insight, direction and advice as to how to take the content, layout and basic functionality of my Filemaker solution that is already developed and make it available online with a secure membership front end and the database as the back end. I would really appreciate some sage advice from some wise minds here on the forum! Thanks in advance for your reply.
  9. Thanks Matthew. Any Filemaker/PHP developers care to chime in?
  10. I have a Filemaker database that I sell as a static runtime solution for PC and Mac. (Each record also involves container fields embedded image files.) I am wanting to take the database online as a membership site that will allow customers to access it via web browser which would allow for access by mobile devices as well regardless of platforms. It will also be static with no need for customers having any content modification or write privileges of any sort. Access would need to accommodate multiple people accessing/viewing the site at once (but again, no write ability) There will be a membership login interface front end that will handle secured access. I'm not sure if web direct or Filemaker server are even suitable for such an endeavor. Any thoughts?
  11. Activation for runtime solutions

    I use the NIC address method in a runtime solution and it causes all kinds of trouble for my single user customers. Is there no way for Filemaker to obtain the MAC address?
  12. Give me an example of how you would split the repeats. Thanks
  13. The only problem with setting it up that way is the #1 (recordings) database has over 200,000 records. Going back in and mapping the Song ID would be quite a task. That is part of the reason I wanted to find some way to import based on found sets.
  14. Cool, That helps. My brain was locked into a certain way of thinking and I needed some jolt of different thoughts to get me out of the vortex. Thanks
  15. Huh? Not much help there, more of a scolding. If not repeating fields then how would you handle the task?

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