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  1. hi put the file to reference in the web folder in the filemaker application folder
  2. I imported a folder, with the file stored as reference. This is the same for images and movs, but only mov gives additional info. Just a thought, will it have something to do with the way the original file was saved or the fileformat ?
  3. Thanks This is great for detemining which layout to display on But I still dont know how to get the image info When I GetAsText(container) it only gives me the path ? I only get extra info if I import a movie file
  4. Hi How did you get that image details ? When I GetAsText(container) it only gives me the path ?
  5. What version of OS X and Safari ? It really helps to run Software Update.
  6. Make a container field, and import the document you want to open. Make a new field (calc) GetAsText(container) result text Have a look at this path. If you post it I can help you further
  7. Yes, but not to an external link, and not in a new window. I know this works from FM , but not in a script in web brrowser
  8. Hi Does anybody know how to get image properties. I need width, height, and any other that is possible (resolution,etc) If you look at my post http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/172397/ you will see I am displaying linked alias files on web, but it is not showing proportionately. I need to redirect to an appropriately sized layout Thanks
  9. Is threre any way to open a new browser window independent from IWP ?. I know this can be done with right click, but I cannot get this as a script
  10. I have a lot of media files (images and movies) to catalog. The problem is that due to size constraints, I cannot put all the files in the Web folder. What I figured out so far: made folder "media" in web folder placed aliasses of original files (can be automated) Use import script to get folder (matching on filename) This gets me the file in container, filename, and filepath as file://Volume/Folders/filename (of original file, not alias) I then made a 2 new fields containerpath GetAsText - original image container (because FM stores a reference to file only, this gives me the path) containercalc - a calculation set to filepath to imagemac:/VolumeName/path to FM Web folder / filename When viewed in browser - image get displayed Problem 1 - file is not displayed proportionally - any ideas?? I am going to play around with applescript to try to get dimensions, and create diff layouts to display Next - movie files (mov, mpg) I do as above Filepath as text gives me 3 lines size (size:320,240) filetype and filename (movie:test.mpg) path (moviemac:/volumename/path to original) I pull this info into 3 fields (Substitute(MiddleValues(GetAsText(containercalc); 3; 1); "¶"; "" ) using values 1-3 great - I have dimensions for containercalc I use moviemac:/ (as FM already provided me with this) (BTW - where is this documented in ANY filemaker manual/reference ??) Problem 2 - file is not displayed in browser, and unlike imagefile it does play in FM - any ideas?? If you right click in browser and "display in new window" - it works !! AND the filepath is now "" the loacal IP of this mac I have tried - setting the path in FM to this IP - no joy - using open URL script (only oppens IWP frame) - open new window - typing in new path using right toe Any ideas - even pointers to some indepth filemaker references about IWP ??
  11. thanks ender - great relief. no issues with developer versions either ?
  12. dont know if this will help, but if you go to layout in preview mode, and copy - the result can be pasted into a container field. ie your whole layout as a graphic. i am presuming that they only need to view, not edit design. you can call this as a script. hope this helps
  13. Is it possible to have FM6 and 7 running on the same mac ? Is there any installation issues ? I have existing solutions in 6, but need to start on new in 7.
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