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  1. On edit: *smile* Timing's everything--I figured it out just before you posted, Comment. I was going write, "Great minds think alike," but I don't hold a candle to yours. Thank you!
  2. Thanks. I've read and re-read your link's post and I still don't "get it." *heavy sigh* I'll keep at it. Indeed, the unnecessary scarcity of common foods and goods is a sobering reminder that we more to fear from each other than anything Nature can throw at us.
  3. I feel a little sheepish asking this because I've done it many times before but just can't remember how to do it today; too stressed out from not being able to buy eggs, milk, bread, toilet paper... What I want to do (in Layout 2 after sub-summarizing/sorting by Course Name then Risk Level) is show the percentage of the Student Count ( = 150) to the right of the Risk Level, e.g., Achieving 96 (64%) At RIsk 6 ( 4%) Early Alert 48 ( 32%) I tried the calculation, ( RiskLevel__lxs / StudentCount__lxs ) * 100 ...but that doesn't work. *heavy
  4. Greets, all: I'm stuck trying to figure out how to best accomplish the following; I figure it's a relationship question so I hope I posted this puzzler in the correct forum; if not, please move it to the right one. I have a Student (parent) table which pushes comments into a Comment (child) table, so it's a one-to-many relationship because each student can have many comments. I put a checkbox'd value list in each portal row so that users can tick which recipients should be sent the comment; they'd then click on the SEND button to the right of the list to send that (child table's
  5. I spoke too soon--I fixed it. There's a setting in gmail to allow unsecure 3rd-party apps access to your account. Go to your Google Account. On the left navigation panel, select Security. On the Third-party apps with account access panel, select Manage third-party access. Select the site or app you want to remove. Select Remove Access. ...but in this case, instead of Remove Access (in Step 5), you'll enable it.
  6. Howdy, all: I bumped this thread 'cause it's nearly eleven years old, but I'm having the same problem today: I can't get FMP v.18 to send an e-mail through gmail; I get the error message, "Unable to log into the SMTP server." Here's what I entered (redacted), attached. Is there a setting I need to tweak in FMP or in my mail account on gmail? Thanks in advance for your reply. Rich
  7. As an aside, it's still being decided whether we'll just download information from Campus Management into the FMP database or make it two way. I have some experience (ten years ago) with using ODBC to grab data from PowerSchool, another SIS, into our FMP databases--it was pretty easy but as Wim notes, it's old hat.
  8. Greets, everybody: I'm building an FMP (Claris) database that'll be housed on FileMaker's/Claris's web-based server (since we don't have in-house servers here where I work.) One of my supervisors asked is if there's any way for the database to integrate directly with other online databases--specifically, Campus Management's web-based Student Information System (SIS)--instead of my having to manually export data from Campus Management to the FMP database for import. Admittedly, I'm ignorant as to how this would work--through a plug-in? Using "Perform Scripts on Server" to query Campu
  9. Thanks--sage advice, there. The sorting works great with your suggestion but wouldn't I have to create six layouts, then, for the different permutations? I probably should've included the screenshot below of the ACTION_ITEM table--as you can see, there are (the) three Sort fields; they're used in the report layout's sub-summary sections shown above. As such, I still have to push data into the Sort fields with data from ACTION_ITEM::ActionItem__lxt, ACTION_ITEM::Date__lxd, and STUDENT::_kflt_StudentID, no?
  10. Greets, all: Attached is a script I cobbled together that works as it should, but I'm just wondering if there's a more elegant way of coding it: There are three text fields (Sort1__lxt, Sort2__lxt, and Sort3__lxt) where users can choose from a value list (with three values: Entered By, Date, and Student Name) the order they want the values to appear in a sub-summary report, e.g., Entered By as the first level, Date as the second level, and Student Name as the third level. I have a number of these same-style reports so what I'm doing is duplicating the same script and replacing the fi
  11. Yes, it's a comma. ...and MANY thanks (again) for your help! I was playing with the calculation some more before reading your post and of course the calculation I came up was far more convoluted than it needed to be, e.g., for ItemID I came up: Case ( LeftWords ( F1__lxt ; 1 ) = "Sequence" ; Trim ( Right ( GetValue ( Substitute ( F1__lxt ; "/" ; ¶ ) ; 1 ) ; 5 ) ) ; "" ) Your way is MUCH more elegant. : D
  12. Greets, all: I'm trying to use the Position command in a script to parse text (after an Excel file import) from a cell (named F1) that's typically formatted like this: Sequence: 1; Item ID: 8536/1, Item Desc: Brandecker, CARD, Clinical presentation and evaluation of ischemic heart disease ...where I want to: Extract the Item ID number (which can be up to five characters long) and push it into a field named IDNumber. Extract The Item ID's question number which is the number immediately to the right of the forward slash ("/") symbol. (The question number can be up t
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