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  1. Sorry I wasn't clear: the button is inside/directly over the portal. In my current, overly verbose script, I use a button that hands off to separate popover button inside the portal that conntains a warning message and Cancel and Continue buttons so users can't accidentally delete portal rows. I attached the portion of the current script that shows two of the seven children tables; you can get an idea of how repetitive the code is. (The Delete Warning fields are flags so when a portal row is selected, its fields' contents turn red--through conditional formatting--after the initial script button is pressed, showing users which row they're about to delete.)
  2. Howdy, howdy... I need a script--using either a button or popover'd button--that will delete a portal row; I can't use a "stock" button where it's set to Single Step and Delete Portal Row because the client wants to keep the look and feel to the UI and not use FileMaker Pro's default windoids/messages, so it has to be custom. To compound the problem, it's a tabbed layout where each tab (of 7) has its own portal to a separate child table. One problem is that because a user will click a button atop the portal row, it won't be selected so FileMaker Pro won't know the name of the child table beneath it...as far as I can tell, anyay. I did create a very lengthy script that does work for seven children tables, but it's pages long...which belies my knack of finding the most arduous, lengthy, wordy way of accomplishing a programming task in the program. :S (Hey, everybody has a skill.) TIA for your help.
  3. Is there a way in FileMaker Go to bypass the auto-capitalization of fields if that function is enabled on an iPad? (On an iPad, it's found at Settings > General > Keyboard > Hardware > Keyboard > Auto-Capitalization.) I have tons of fields in my FM Go solution and have created scripts for the Replace and Substitute commands, but if auto-capitalization is enabled then a user can't insert a lower-case letter at the beginning of a field if, say, they want to replace bat with cat. I don't want to have to force prospective users to disable the auto-capitalization function every time they want to use my solution--that'd be annoying to be sure, so is there an alternative I can implement/use? TIA for your help!
  4. Howdy, all. I know I'm close...maybe. I'm trying to create a calc that'll strip the last five characters off a field name, regardless of its length. So far, I've come with: Left ( Get ( ActiveFieldName ) ; Length ( Get ( ActiveFieldName ) - 5 ) ) ...but it's not working, e.g., with a field name of County__lxt the result of the calc is Co. I thought of using multiple Substitute commands but that's shaping up to being real klunky. What's the final bit that I need? As always, thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Hi, Steve: I thought of that but the problem is that the Go solution is for general public use--users would have a troublesome time navigating through the scores (or hundreds) of field names in a table to pick out the one they need; it would be best if users didn't have to do that. I thought of using a script trigger so whenever a field is "clicked" its name and contents are stored into global fields but the problem still remains: how to focus FIleMaker on a specific field for replacing its contents.
  6. The Replace Field Conents script step is limited in FMP GO in that the "Perform with Dialog" function is disabled, so how can a user replace the field contents of a field without having access to it? Also, is there a script step in FMP GO I can use that will "click" the round icon in the bottom-center of the screen ("the cockpit of a TIE Fighter") to bring up the record counter? As always, thank in advance for your help!
  7. Wow! Thank you VERY much for all that. You're a prince among men. : )
  8. G'morning, all. I'm sure there's a better way to do the following other than having a litany of Case statements in a calculation. There are three fields for three tests: Math, Reading, and Writing. Currently, if there's no value for each test then a Calculation (text) field displays (for the Math test) "Our records show that you have not passed the Math portion of the COMPASS exam." A separate, but identical, calculation/sentence applies to Reading and Writing so I have three, separate calculated fields to use as merge variables later. The problem is that in a letter, having the same sentence listed three times in a row with the same text (save for the different value) is unprofessional looking so I'd like to modify the calc to include any of the missing tests in one sentence, e.g., "Our records show that you have not passed the Math and Reading portion(s) of the COMPASS exam." I'm sure there's an elegant way of coding that so I don't have to resort to multiple Case statements--what would it be? TIA for your help!
  9. Quick portal filter question

    Thank you all! Steve and RWoods: I tried what you suggested but it didn't work, originally; however, when I changed the T.O. to the self-join table--instead of the "parent" table--it worked. ...but... In a case of not seeing the forest through the trees, Comment's wisdom shines through and lights the way again: that making what appears to be a quick fix to solve the problem really doesn't solve the problem (or could make things worse when you expect data to appear where it should but it doesn't or it's wrong.) Thanks too, Comment, for inserting the hyperlink to the filter--my apologies to everyone for not including it in my original post.
  10. Quick portal filter question

    Howdy, all: I have this filter for a self-join portal: Let ( [ indexValues = List ( TEACHER::_kplt_TeacherID ) ; searchValues = List ( TEACHER::Name_LF__lct ) ; index = ValueCount ( Left ( indexValues ; Position ( ¶ & indexValues & ¶ ; ¶ & TEACHER_X::_kplt_TeacherID & ¶ ; 1 ; 1 ) ) ) ; prevValues = LeftValues ( searchValues ; index -1 ) ] ; IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( TEACHER_X::Name_LF__lct ; prevValues ) ) ) The filter works fine as-is but I also want to include in it another constraint where names will only appear if the Status__lxt field (for each name/record) is set to "ACTIVE". I tried different permutations of adding that bit but I just can't get the portal to work as wanted. TIA for your help!
  11. Hi, all: I tried implementing the following technique into my solution and for the life of me, I can't get the portal to show records when the filter is enabled; without it enabled, I see the duplicate values just fine so at least I know the parent-child relationship is working. I was wondering if you could take a peek and see if there's a subtle or glaring error with the technique as written: https://scarpettagroup.com/filemaker-portal-show-distinct-value-tutorial/ I wrote to the author for clarification but I haven't heard back from him yet; I'm under the gun to get a project done this morning, if possible, so if you don't see any errors with the technique then I know it's me...though I really tried to faithfully reproduce the technique here. TIA for your time! Rich
  12. I think you're right about the logic in the equation being screwed up so it's giving the program fits. Some background: I have two labels on the layout, one has the word PC (for Postal Code) and the other has the word, ZIP (for ZIP code); one or the other will "light" depending on whether the country is "US" (or not)--if it is US, then the ZIP code label will light; if not US, then the PC label will light. In addition to that, if the user hasn't entered a value into a record's local field--the IsEmpty part--then the global field in another table (MAIN) will drive the outcome. (Yes, I suppose I could code a proper calculation field to display the wanted outcome's text--I may go that route if I get too frustrated with the labels.) Say for the PC label's calc, "US" is entered in the local table's field so we want it to hide itself: JOB::CountryAbbreviated_Company__lxt = "US" TRUE OR ( IsEmpty ( JOB::CountryAbbreviated_Company__lxt ) FALSE AND MAIN::_g_CountryAbbreviated__gxt = "US" ) TRUE or FALSE, but it's a no-care output because AND's condition will be FALSE no matter what's in MAIN ...so in this case, you have TRUE and FALSE outcomes so the program's going, "Well...make up your mind since there's no TRUE _or_ FALSE output.
  13. I'm going beg your indulgence and use my old geezer card since I don't remember how to fix this so it works: Here's the calc for "Hide object when": JOB::CountryAbbreviated_Company__lxt ≠ "US" or ( IsEmpty ( JOB::CountryAbbreviated_Company__lxt ) and MAIN::_g_CountryAbbreviated__gxt ≠ "US" ) Yes, I know it won't work because the equation needs to be Boolean--how do I modify it so it is? As always TIA for your help.

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