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  1. Beauty! Thanks!! I didn't know that the List() function follows the sort order. Good to know! At first I created a value list of the calculated (Ingredient_Qty_Unit__lct) field and using ValueList Items(), but that picked up all the values and listed them for every recipe. Oops. So, either my thinking was wrong or I messed on the relationship.
  2. Greets, all: Is there a way to alphabetize values when using the List function? If you open the attached quick-'n'-dirty solution I'm building for my wife (Click a recipe [Multigrain...] then click VIEW button at top), you'll see the list of ingredients but I'd like them alphabetized. Note that the VIEW page will end up becoming printable, so no portals because they won't be able to self-expand to accommodate a long ingredients list. I'm sure the answer's simple...which is a good thing since I'm simple-minded, anyway. TIA for your help! Grace Recipes.fmp12
  3. I thought I was going down the right path but I confounded myself with the Filtered portal's filter calculation. What I want the Filtered portal to show is all the unique values used so far in the ValueToDisplay field stored in the ChildTable, and for those values to appear in the Filtered portal for all the parent records. Did I mess up the tables' schema, the filter, both...? I suspect a global field has to be used somewhere, but I'm not sure where. *sigh* Thanks in advance for your help! test.fmp12
  4. Greets, all: I'm trying to wrap my head around how to enable users to perform Finds when the values are stored in a child table. The attached is a portal with two fields, KeywordMarker and KeywordText; the former is used as Boolean field to store 1s and 0s, and the latter is to capture Keyword text. The idea is to have users tick the KeywordMarker field that incorporates a button that fires a script to toggle the contents of that field (to 1 or 0, represented by an X or null). The button would be placed (inside/outside?) the portal where another (radio button) field would have two options for the users to choose, Exact (for exact find of the parent records that contain only the ticked values and none else), or Wide which would pull up all parent records that have the ticked keywords an any other keywords that happen to be recorded for the parent record. A Find would then look for the 1s in KeywordMarker to create the found set. (Using Contrain afterward, if an Exact find is chosen.) Originally, I had a single, checkbox'd, Keyword field in the parent record that users would tick to select the different values but the they were limited by number (since a checkbox'd field can't expand to accommodate additional values), and I read somehwere that performing "exact" and "wide" finds would be problematic using a single field containing many values, hence the reason why I went the child, one-to-many table route. So, am I on the right track and if so, how do I pull it off? Cheers, Rich
  5. I'm racking my brain with this one. I put together a summarizing report (sub-summarized by date range then test code (i.e., 5002, 5003, 5004, 5005) but where I'm getting hung up is in the last two columns, % Above Passing (score) and % Below Passing (score). As you can see, the numbers repeat themselves for each date range sub-summary...and for some strange reason, the 5003 averages are identical to the 5002 averages, but they shouldn't be. To calculate the % Above Passing (score) and % Below Passing (score) numbers, respectively, are these calculated number fields: PercentAbovePassAvg: ( ( AvgPass_ScoreAbovePassing__lxs - TEST_CODE::MinPassingScore__lxn ) / TEST_CODE::MinPassingScore__lxn ) * 100 ...and... PercentBelowPassAvg: ( ( TEST_CODE::MinPassingScore__lxn - AvgFail_ScoreBelowPassing__lxs ) / TEST_CODE::MinPassingScore__lxn ) * 100 I suspect that I need a Summary field but the only radio button choice I can think of to use is Average each of those calculated number fields but that doesn't work (at least the way I have it coded). So, my questions are: How/Do I set up a Summary field, if needed, to determine each test code's averages for above and below the Minimum Passing Score, and how do I prevent the numbers from repeating themselves in each data range'd subsummary? Cheers, Rich Printout1.pdf
  6. I like it! I suspect the Assessment team--who'll be using this--won't want to read every Indicator at length so considering my audience that's an elegant solution.
  7. Not yet, but they'll be stored externally--I'm still putting the solution together so there's no captured data to worry about.
  8. (This might be more for the Script forum but since this will be taking place in Web Direct--where some script steps won't work with script triggers (e.g., OnObjectKeystroke)--I thought this would be the best place for my query; if not, moderator please move this thread to a more appropriate forum.) Here's the problem (please see attachments): I have a layout with a list that includes the field, Indicator, that varies widely in length; I have the Inspector > Sliding & Visibility set for Slide up based on: Also resize the enclosing part. In Preview Mode it looks much better than in Browse mode, BUT, I want to assign two, separate scripts where if the user clicks the Course number it takes them to its related table and if s/he clicks on a proposed button it'll show them that course's artifacts. (I'm trying to get SuperContainer to work but am having setup problems with it at the moment.) There are two ways to go in my thinking: In Preview Mode, how would you get a script to work (in Web Direct) to accomplish the above, OR, is there some way to to shrink-to-fit the Indicator field in Browse mode? TIA for your help! Rich
  9. Nailed it (three cups of high-octane coffee helps). For the portal filter use: CHECKLIST_FORM::AccountName__lxt = CHECKLIST_FORM_X::AccountName__lxt ...and attached is the revised table map.
  10. Once again, I suspect I'm probably making it far more difficult to perform a simple operation than it needs to be. Please refer to the attached. The setup: In the table, CHECKLIST_FORM, there are two fields of note: AccountName__lxt and Course_Parent__lxt. The list of test records is: Record #----AccountName__lxt----Course_Parent__lxt 1 999999 History 2 999999 Social Studies 3 999999 Science 4 111111 History Goal: To enable users to choose from a portal (self-join?) a value (Course_Parent__lxt) where if they click it, a script triggered script will take them to the record belonging to what's in the AccountName field and Course_Parent field, e.g., if you're on record #1 where current Account Name is 999999 and Course_Parent is History, the values that would appear in the portal would be Social Studies and Science; History shouldn't appear since the user is already looking at the record that has History as a course, so I'm thinking it would be a setting in the portal's Filter setup to exclude that value. If you're on record 4, no values would appear in the portal since there's only one record for AccountName 111111, History, and you're looking at it. I've tried a bunch of different permutations with the self-join setup but I'm just not nailing it. As always, your help is appreciated.
  11. The sort order represents the appearance of companies in a list which would typically number fewer than 20; users can either custom sort the company names (using the Sort Order field) instead of using the default of descending date order (detrmined in another field). The lower the sort order number assigned to a company name the higher its name will appear in the list. Since there will likely be more than eight companies (the number of "slots" in the portal), the idea was to cue the user that "Hey, you have more than eight companies so since you can only see eight at a time (using the slider), here are the numbers you haven't (or have) used so you can see which numbers are still available." I showed a handful of "my people" Pavlk's solution this morning and they said, "Wouldn't it be easier if we moved the address field over here and extend the length of the portal?" I said, "Sure," so that's what we're going to do; keeping it simple is always a winner. : ) Thank you all again for your time.
  12. Thanks! I'll take a look at it next week when I return home.
  13. Please! We're still waffling over whether to include this scheme or not so if I could learn how to do it then I could present it to our test users to see if they're insulted or not. : )
  14. I received a reply from Junior Perez at 360 Works and with his permission I'm reprinting it here: Hey Richard,As it stands, I doubt Scribe supports list boxes. As I understand it, we use a library/API like iText or PDFBox that allows our plugin to interact with any XML document and perform scribe functions. Based on the lack of mentions of list-boxes in our documentation, that's a feature that either the library we used at the time didn't support, or something our developer didn't account for when making the plugin.I'll double check with him that this is a feature we hadn't accounted for. As for when this feature will be made available, it probably won't happen until Scribe gets re-worked, which probably won't be anytime soon. Just so you know, in the event you wanted to hire a developer to implement this feature sooner, let me know and I could get you in touch with our project management team.
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