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  1. Comment - You are on to something. Thanks you for opening my eyes. Sometimes I just get so deep into the way I have designed a solution that I can't pull far enough away to see clearly. I will consider merging the Addenda with the Projects. BTW - you are correct about the one-to-many relationship from Projects to Addenda. The Addenda were added after the fact so I created separate tables - the reason I did so is that they can create a bunch of Addenda but not all of them are "Active". They start as "Pending" and then move to "Active" or "Cancelled". Active means approved and the totals then get lumped into the Project totals ... pending or cancelled do not. Also there are a bunch of Project reports and I wasn't sure that I could keep them all separate once I added the addenda into the mix. That said, I think I probably should have used the same LineItems table - the AddendaLineItems would just be linked via a different Key Field. Can you picture me slapping my head?! Thanks again for your help. Mike
  2. Thanks for replying ... here goes: Here are the tables and relationships: Projects (key field is ProjectsID_k) ProjectsLineItems (child key is ProjectsID_kc) - this file is where the Task field is located. • Value List - ProjectTasksVL = gets related info from the Tasks field in ProjectsLineItems starting from Projects Timesheets (Key field is TSID_k) TimesheetsLineItems (child field is TSID_kc) - TimesheetsLineItems is related to Projects via the field "ProjectCode" which is entered via a pop-up list ... once this field is entered the "ProjectTasksVL" will show the correct Tasks for the Project. - so far this all works perfectly. However, the same process needs to be done for "Addenda" which reside in these tables: Addenda (key field is AddendaID_k) AddendaLineItems (child key is AddendaID_kc) - this file is where the Addenda's Task field is located. • Value List - AddendaTasksVL = gets related info from the Tasks field in AddendaLineItems starting from Addenda - TimesheetsLineItems is related to Addenda via the field "ProjectCode" (same as above) which is entered via a pop-up list ... once the ProjectCode field is entered then the "AddendaTasksVL" will show the correct Tasks for the Addenda. - this value list also populates correctly. My problem, or better stated, my required solutions will be to combine these two value lists so that there is just ONE value list that combines the "ProjectTasksVL" and the "AddendaTasksVL". Whew, hope that makes sense. Cheers, Mike
  3. I am trying to combine 2 value lists into one - they are from 2 different tables and need to be use in a 3rd table. 1. TimesheetsTable = table where the TASKS value list needs to be available. 2. ProjectsTable = contains a value list of all the Tasks assigned to that Project. 3. AddendumTable = contains a value list of all the Tasks assigned to the Addendum. • In the TimesheetsTable the person chooses a Project 123 and based on that choice a pop-up displays the list of Tasks assigned to Project 123. Works like a charm. • Now, when we create an Addendum for Project 123 the Addendum info is in a separate table ... the Addendum can include different Tasks than the Project. • Back in the Timesheets Table I need the pop-up TASK value list to contain both the Project Tasks and the Addendum Tasks. Since a value list seems to require an indexed field, I cannot for the life of me find a way to create an indexed calculation that contains the related Tasks. I came close with the this Calculation but the second value list won't work. Grrrrrrrrr.... ValueListItems ( Get (FileName) ; "Timesheet Projects Tasks" ) & ¶ & ValueListItems ( Get (FileName) ; "Timesheet Addenda Tasks" ) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Leish
  4. I want to show summary data in a portal. • the Parent table is "Projects" • the Child table is "Tasks" - it contains TaskName (e.g. Design, Production, Printing) and TaskAmount (which is a number) I created a self-join relationship in the Child table to sum the data for TaskAmount and this works fine. But in the portal in the Parent table I see ALL the related TaskName records (each one showing the correct sum of TaskAmount). Something like this: Design 1200 Deisgn 1200 Design 1200 Production 250 Production 250 Printing 600 Printing 600 Printing 600 Printing 600 I want to see only ONE of the related records which shows the correct Sum of TaskAmount. Like this: Design 1200 Production 250 Printing 600 Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Mike
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