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  1. I have a file with one file upload connected to each record. Is there a way to detect if a file are uploaded or not?
  2. I'm new on SupoerContainer. Is it possible to move a file from SuperContainer into a containerfield in FileMaker? I know it sounds strange but I would like to use the passwordprotection in FileMaker to protect the file. I'm running SuperContainer with IWP on a Winows server (FM Server Advanced) Regards Utaraptor
  3. Hello Is there anyone who can help me translate the following search form to a URL, with the value children in the search field "malgrupp"?
  4. I have data in one field in one specific record that i whant to save as a SIE-file. Then I have to save as a textfile with the encoding Western (Mac OS Romaan). I've used the script function "Export filed". The textfile looks fine but can not be used, the textformat is UTF-16. Does someone know a way to "force" the file to Western? // Mattias
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