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  1. any way to do this without having to disable the NIC, my issue with that is that im on a Virtual Server hosted in another country
  2. were you able to get this resolved? i am having the same exact issue and have done exactly what you said you did and still happening.
  3. I am working with a Virtual Dedicated Server 2008 R2 Standard IIS is installed with the defaults and ISAPI Filter/Extension options (i only installed IIS with the defaults and later added ISAPI and rebooted the server--I have also enabled 32 bit application pool in IIS as per a previous article on this site) When i get to the deployment wizard, i cannot get IIS to be picked up by it. The error i am getting is "web server error could not get a list of web servers from the specified machine". I have done many FMS installs before and have not encountered this problem before i can access the IIS Site via "localhost" and the machines IP Address as well I have tried running the FMS service under administrator and local system account (currently as the Local System Acct) I have tried reinstalling the FMS after each step i perform I have disabled IPV6 on the Local Area Connection (not sure if it matters) Here is the IPCONFIG data for the machine (in case it matters - please remember this is a virtual dedicated server so the IP may not seem "stardard" to the regular 192.168.x.x) ====================================================== Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 2: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : Tunnel adapter isatap.{EF6B6021-8933-4F03-98E0-76A5205C5C6C}: Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Tunnel adapter 6TO4 Adapter: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : IPv6 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : 2002:2e11:36b::2e11:36b Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : 2002:c058:6301::c058:6301 Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 11: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : IPv6 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : 2001:0:5ef5:79fb:4a2:2db4:d1ee:fc94 Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::4a2:2db4:d1ee:fc94%11 Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : =========================================================== anyone with an idea of what i need to do, or even if i have to enable additional features in IIS for this to work, i would appreciate the help. All i have found from FM's website is to "enable the anonymous user" in IIS, which i assume means to have anonymous authentication enabled (if not, please direct me on where to enable this if i am wrong) thanks for the help!
  4. I have a Clients table, a WorkOrders Table and an Invoices table in my database. Relationship 1: Invoices::INVCLIENTID = WorkOrders::WOClientID Invoices::INVID "not=" WorkOrders::InvoiceID Example of issue: the invoice layout has two tabs.. INVOICE: allows me to choose the client and shows me an empty portal where the work orders belonging to this invoice will appear after i add them UNBILLED WORK ORDERS: has a list of all work orders that exclude work orders that have (WORKORDERS::INVOICED = "yes") Example: On Invoice005 i go to the "UNBILLED WORK ORDERS" tab and click the button on the portal row with the desired work order that will belong to that invoice. that button script copied the current InvoiceID and paste's it on the WorkOrders::InvoiceID (this action allows the work order to appear on the "INVOICE" tab for calculating the total). Once that work order is added to the invoice, i see it on the invoice tab, and it is removed from the "unbilled work orders" tab. Problem: this relationship works fine, except that when the following month comes around and i need to invoice, work orders that where invoiced on invoice005 are visible for invoice006 which means i can make a mistake and bill a client for the same work order twice. i know what i need to do, i just cant figure out how to tell filemaker to do it. i want my relationship to say: "A work order with the InvoiceID "INV005" will appear in INV005 and not be available for selection to another invoice" which seems true but only when i have inv005 opened. the problem is that there is nothing in the relationship that says "if there is text inside of field WORKORDERS::INVID, then do not display this work order in any other invoices" the field that says if it was invoiced or not is "WORKORDERS::Invoiced" which has a Yes/NO in it. please help and im sorry if i did not communicate the issue very well
  5. im trying to use a dynamic date range on a portal and it does not work. i tried performing a find of 9/25/2009 on the portal and it brings back all the original results on the portal. i can not perform a find from the date field. MORE DETAILS i have an employee table and a work order table the employee layout holds a portal from a relation from the work order table and i would like to perform a date range find to check on weekly status of work orders. But i can not even perform a search so im guessing this is why its not working
  6. i dont want anything with a zero, so that would be 2days 25mins
  7. thanks im going to try what you just mentioned as far as your follow-up question: 0days = Xhrs Xmins 0days 0hrs = Xmins
  8. thanks, that is perfect. i was trying to understand the function but didnt quite get it. i was trying to figure out how i could get rid of the 0h so that anything under an hour only displays the mins. this is not important but would be nice to have thanks in advanced,
  9. SOrry, just updated my info as i see it can be useful. Here is another try at uploading my sample data, i got the custom function from that same website, the problem is the one you sent me does not tell me the number of minutes. I dont know why my zip files are corrupt, but what below are two files, please download the larger of the two and rename the file from .zip to .fp7 its not compressed, i just changed the extension so that the server at fmforum allows me to upload it without becoming corrupt elapsedtime.zip elapsedtime.zip
  10. I have a custom function calculating Elapsed Time from when an email comes in to the database. heres the function: Let ( [ seconds = If( IsEmpty(tsEnd) ; "" ; tsEnd- tsStart) ; minutes = seconds/60 ; hours = minutes/60 ; days = hours/24; months = days/30; years = months/12; displaySeconds = Mod(seconds ; 60); displayMinutes = Int(Mod(minutes; 60)); displayHours = Int(Mod(hours ; 24)); displayDays = Int(Mod(days; 30)); displayMonths = Int(Mod(months; 12)); displayYears = Int(Div(months; 12)) ]; Case( IsEmpty(tsEnd); "" ; displayDays & "d " & displayHours & "h " & displayMinutes & "mins" ) // end Case ) // end Let when an emails age is under an hour, is displays as follows: "0d 0h 23mins" I would like it to display as "23mins" When an emails age is over an hour but under one day it displays: "0d 4hr 32mins" i would like it to be displayed as "4hrs 32mins" The below Case statement controls the output: Case( IsEmpty(tsEnd); "" ; displayDays & "d " & displayHours & "h " & displayMinutes & "mins" ) // end Case i need to figure out the calculation or statement to enter here so that: 1. IF days = 0 then "(displayHours & "h " & displayMinutes & "mins")" elapsedtime.zip
  11. Thank you so much Søren, changed WORKORDERS::RATE to number type instead of calc, then in the auto enter of that field, added the field as a calculated value, once a work order is posted the it permanently keeps the rate that it was created under and does not change if the client rate changes
  12. that doesnt seem to work for the way i have it set up. each rate is a field in the client table so im not sure how the one "visit type" field can lookup to multiple fields in CLIENTS. what i did was that on the WORKORDERS table there is a field called WORKORDERS::VISITTYPE, the VISITTYPE has 5 manually entered items [1. scheduled, unscheduled, project, after-hours and emergency response) there is a field "WORKORDERS::WORATE" which is a calculation defined as follows: Case ( WOVisitType = "Scheduled"; WOClient::Rate_Scheduled ; WOVisitType = "unscheduled"; WOClient::Rate_Unscheduled; WOVisitType = "After-Hours"; WOClient::Rate_AfterHours; WOVisitType= "Emergency Response"; WOClient::Rate_EmergencyResponse; WOVisitType = "Project"; WOClient::Rate_Projects ) so here is a scenario Client "ABC" has $75 on CLIENTS::SCHEDULED, I go create a work order and select "Scheduled" under WORKORDERS:VISITTYPE which according to the calculated WORKORDERS::RATE field, the case event gives it the value listed under WOClient::Rate_Scheduled. then that rate is calculatedwith the WORKORDER::TOTALTIME im getting myself familiar with FM im working with the FM BIBLE book for v.10 but im just a little stuck on how to correct this, maybe i ned to restructure the way the rates are entered, but as i see it, every client must keep their own rates fields because they each have custom rates Thanks in advance
  13. I have a client database where work orders are entered and pricing is calculated depending on what kind of visit it is (scheduled, nscheduled, after-hours, etc). Each client record has a field for price since prices can be different for each client. each visit type is Linked to a rate. There is a rate field so if i select "scheduled" as the visit type, the rate field becomes the amount on the "rate_scheduled" field via case statement. Problem: If a client is @ 100/hr rate for scheduled visits and they are invoiced, further in the future if that rate changed, invoiced records reflect the new rate, i would like to have it in a way where once a rate is on a work order, it does not changed if the rate amount changes (only new work orders will display the new rate)
  14. any ideas anyone? i have tried both suggestions and none worked
  15. Please see a stripped down version of the database i am posting. You can log in as Admin, John or Bertha (no passwords) There are 2 CLients (XM , NV) what i want to do is create accounts for the clients, the account name should essentially be the same as the Client Code. Once this user logs in (the client with his client code) i only want the client to see the work orders with their client code. I wouldlike to have this done in a new layout so that i can customize a new layout for them. client_db_.zip
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