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  1. When 1 = Irrelevant and 5 = Significant This is my opinion of FileMaker Pro 15,… what is your???!! FileMaker Pro Improvements (https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-pro/): In-Products Updates » 1 Undo Scripting » 1 Highlighted script errors » 3 ESS Adapter » 1 Basic Starter Solutions » 0 Web-based Help » 0 Updated user interface » -5 Truly? Concealed edit box » 1 Proactive security warnings » 1 Portal in-line progress bar » 1 Truly, in that version, i expect improvements in Relationships Graph,... In fact, it is not practical, nothing at all work with many tables at complex databases,… Up, down, left, right,… *******!!!! At previous versions, already have Script Folders, Layout Folders,… why not "Relationships Graph Tabs or something else to simplify the work?!!!! I'am very Sorry FileMaker!!! this is my humble opinion,… I know, FileMaker Pro 15 is more faster, bla bla,… but,… Best regards JC
  2. May help?… Federal Government Codes Updated 03/09/2011 inconvenient: no time zone Files to download in CSV, Excell, MySQL and SAS with 80265 Records
  3. You may apply this formula: ​Substitute ( text ; searchString ; replaceString ) Example: Substitute ( MyField ; "¶" ; " " ) More info: FileMaker Help
  4. I agreee with you LaRetta… "a*...z*" is not the best away… I try find with "≥a" with some words and single characters. the results are: A,Æ, Albert,Américo, Antonio, B, Bandeiras, Bento, Berthold, C, Charles, D, E, F, fl, G, H, I, J, João, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, Silva, T, U, V, W, Wrestling, X, Y, Ypsilon, Z, Zacarias, Zest, Zeus, µ and omit the next: 123456, 2456, €, &, @, =, ?, #, ⁄, }, {, ≈, ©, ∏, ‡ Sorry my english,… LOL
  5. Some options: 1) Just "Drag and Drop" image from "Container Field 1" to "Container Field 2". 2) Select "Container Field 1" and go to menu Edit and select Copy,… go to "Container Field 2" and Paste 3) Using Scripts… [[]]
  6. Try "A*...Z*" Use "*" for all unknown characters more sources: Find Text and Characters
  7. Initially You can adapt any of the following techniques: Option 1 - Using a Custom Function: http://www.briandunning.com/cf/718 Option 2 - Using a Script: AtoZ.zip (from Databasespros.com) Option 3 - Read this article from FileMaker Support… A question,… you want this: MSS20110811A MSS20110811B ... MSS20110811Z ... MSS20110811AA MSS20110811AB ... MSS20110811AZ ... MSS20110811AAA MSS20110811AAB
  8. joaocarlo

    FM 11 charts

    [color:gray]First sorry my english! Excuse my pessimism,…but you maybe wrong, I think it will improve with V18 at 2018 : LOL It's necessary the user feedback to make good improvements?: think not! Just browsing the internet,… meet competitive software (4D, Servoy,…) and develop a software adapted to the XXI Century!!! Competitive Software,… where is the difficulty? The Internet is accessible to all,… Tryouts too… It was better to update it in 3 in 3 years to gain time to develop something in terms, than from year to year and show results that do not appeal to many Advanced FM Users… In Google, if you search the following term: "FileMaker Sucks", you'll find 24,200 results ... this is very bad for FileMaker, ... Many FM Developers seek other Softwares to develop Databases more professional, quickly, and so on… On the other hand, I love FileMaker®, I know him from the beginning, but the latest versions haven't brought significant changes that can help FM Developers to develop Professional Database to sponsor the FileMaker brand in a positive,… half a dozen or less innovations from year to year,… i think is bad ideia and does not justify any upgrade,… I know people still with version 5 and 6 and do not intend to change by half a dozen innovations… I already gave up doing many Databases only because the FM did not provide de necessary tools to do something with speed and professionalism,… [color:red]Develop databases with LOTS of Tables, Layouts, ValueLists, Relationships, Scripts, and so on, is necessary much time to do that,… Compare with others!!! For me FM only to small databases… and yet!!! I am SAD to be so! Sometimes I think Bento® will exceed FileMaker® in Innovations, needs only the windows version and one or two upgrades!… LOL I think, Spec Bowers must be very sad,… FileMaker, Inc Please carry out a radical change in the application that suits the novice and advanced users,… if you need help, many advanced users at this Forum can help… LOL One more time, my expectations were not as expected!!! I expected much better from the version 11,… I believed that radical changes would occur, but unfortunately not! I wait for version 12 one more year (as expected!!!)… Happy FileMaker Graphics or something!!! : FileMaker Forever! (with good innovations, off course!!!)
  9. Me too!!! heheheh, grrrrrr, all this is business!! FileMaker 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,… 25,…30,… retirement, lol, the improvements claimed are for our grandchildren, heheheh
  10. Yes, you are right!!! My impression it's a very quick look,… I take it back… "Perform Quick Find" it's nice to resolve the situation… Greetings [[]]
  11. All improvements are welcome… but my first impression is bad,… some of the innovations are only to end users… Trying to develop a professional look database with many and many tables is still an arduous task,… Grrrrrrrrrrr [color:red]FOLDERS Each release of FileMaker Version bring an improvement of kind: "Folder to organize…". This version: Folders to organize Layouts! LOL Very very nice, but, where are: • "Folders" to organize Value Lists? Only in FileMaker Pro 15? • "Folders" or something like that to organize Relations in Relationships Graph? Only in FileMaker Pro 16? [color:red]STATUS TOOLBAR? Status Toolbar, nothing special… same limitations to developers… Maybe some innovation in FileMaker Pro 17? [color:red]QUICK FIND Quick Find good innovation, but only possible at Status Toolbar, why do not work like Webviewer, Chart Tool, Tab Control? Maybe at FileMaker Pro 18? [color:red]INSPECTOR Aleluiaaaaa, but more improvements are welcome in FileMaker Pro 19… [color:red]CHECK BOX, RADIO BUTTONS, POP UP MENUS and so ON One more time, the same! bad look, uggly buttons… maybe at FileMaker Pro 20… AND so ON,… One more time, one more version and FileMaker still the same,… i give up… [color:red]hello, they are at 21 Century… [[]]
  12. GUI LIMITATIONS in my opinion: • possibility to change de icons of "Status Toolbar" to my icons wihout any kind of cracks (In my view, the status toolbar icons are ugly) • possibility to translate de icon name to other language… (like custom menus,…) • "Layout Bar" is included in "Status Toolbar", why not in separate, to activate it or not with a script,… Show/Hide Status Bar and Show/Hide Layout Bar… • "Modify Table View", call it through Script, not possible, correct? • No Improvements to Radio Buttons, CheckBox, etc • No Improvements to the Relationship Graph (zoom in and out, left, right, top, bottom, becomes boring…) • possibility to show/hide the window buttons (close, maximize, minimize, and the new toolbar control) in a Layout Setup and activate it or not via script… when? • and so on, I expected more in terms of GUI improvements,… ( I'm SAAAAAAAADDDDDD All the other improvements are welcome. Triggers, finally, Happy FileMaker for all joaocarlo Portugal Sorry my english…
  13. Another idea to do that,…using the FilterValues Calculation… valuelistaenter.zip
  14. Allow organize the graph of relations by groups or something. Working with many tables or valueLists in complex information systems become very complicated and slow the programming… 4D already does this for a very long time… I will ask the most? :P
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