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  1. I have read a couple of post here about the new admin tool not launching in FMS 9. So far the fixes I have seen include; - Repair disk permissions - Clear all caches with Cocktail - Make sure ports 16000 to 16018 are open - Changing the Mac Open command to 'Java Cache Viewer.app 11.5.0' - Reboot after doing the above All of these have been tried on my install, and I still can't get the admin client to launch. Is there something I missed? Any help would be appreciated. Mac OS X 10.4.10
  2. I have been having the same issue. I have an open case with FileMaker ($45). After an hour or two talking and on hold, they said to open up all ports from 16000 to 16018. My network IT guys do not block any ports... I have opened all the ports in the 'Sharing System Prefs' under add a port on the firewall tab. Still doesn't work. I have to uninstall/reinstall the entire FMS 9 package anytime I want to access the admin client! YIKES! :)
  3. The scripts are running from a portal on the common portion of the layout. Each tab area is a different result set that the user has an option to navigate through.
  4. I have a layout with 6 tabs created with the layout mode 'Tab Control Setup'. I made sure not to select a default tab, but each script step that changes layouts/tables in the background, returns to the tab showing in layout mode. I figured out that a nested 'Go to Field' with a hidden field on each tab will get me to the tab of my choice. My question is... how do I figure out which tab the user is on to begin with? I want to be able to return them to the same tab, after the background scripts have run.
  5. Thank you. That fixed my issue.
  6. I am migrating a solution from FM7 to FM8. In 7 I have a Relationship which contains a global in a calculation. gVal & "~" & SerialNumVal This is used as a key on one side of the relationship. While it is not indexed or stored, in FM7 it functions for the relationship just fine. After moving to FM8, it no longer works. Any ideas?
  7. Hi all. Feeling a bit like I missed the obvious on this one... I ran fix permissions on the disk, and everything is now working fine.
  8. I am running FileMaker Server 7.0.3 on a Mac OS 10.4. Several times over the last couple of weeks, I have connected to the server with the Admin Tool and found all of my Back Up Schedules have disappeared? Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? Thanks.
  9. Interesting approach. Thanks for the help.
  10. I have user preference settings that allows each of my customers to set what their field header text should be. I am matching those values. Six customers doing basically the same thing, but they all have their own way of describing data. I used to have dialogs on during import, and made the customer matched their fields to my columns, but some of them are just not smart enough to do that.
  11. I am trying to match text in the first row of imported data, in order to set my column order. So far the best solution I can think of is
  12. What version of FileMaker are you using? With versin 6.0 I had great results using the 'Update matching records in current found set' option on import. To use this, you must identify a matching value. Maybe you could use a concatenation of First and Last Name... or something like that. Anyway, to use this option you set the match field to import with a double sided arrow. In this case it will UPDATE data from a duplicate record, but will not ADD a new or duplicate record. Note: the database must have at least one record for this to work, and you should also select the option to 'Add remaining records'. I have had difficulty getting this to work with FileMaker 7. For my systems that run in 7, I have implemented a Duplicate Relationship Calculation field. I found this in the FM 7 help files by searching on Duplicate Records. I will not describe it here, as the help file covers everything you need to quickly get rid of any dups.
  13. Is anyone having difficulty with FM 7 'Get(RecordNumber)'? The help file says it works just like the old FM 6 'Get(CurrentRecord)', but my db shows a record number for the entire file, not the current found set (which is smaller).
  14. If the fields are created with Lookup values based on a relationship, when you import records FileMaker asks wheter or not you want to "Perform auto-enter options while importing". If this is checked the values from "all db" should populate your fields A, B, C. However, you can force them to be updated at any time by creating a simple script. First 'go to' the field used as the relationship key, then use the command "Relookup Field Contents". This will refresh any data in A, B, C based on the relationship to "all db"
  15. What type of summary field are you using? I created a simple 'total off' summary calculation, created a second T.O. with a portal relationship to show that value from the first T.O. Using a basic 'Set Field' step I was able to move the value anywhere I wanted it to go. Set Field [Target_Field ; Relationship_Name::Summary_Field ]
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