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  1. Not exactly what i was looking for, but its done what i needed it do another way, thanks very much.
  2. Two questions i need help on 1)I think i need a case statement but im not sure. I have a checkbox called Names a field called current name and a field called no of players. No of players uses the count feature to count the number of checked items. Currently the field current name hold the first checkbox item GetValue(Name;1). I need a script that will enter the checked name equal to the no of players field. eg If No of Players =3 the field current name will show the item that was checked 3rd) 2) I have a field called records needed, is there anyway that i can sort records based on the number in this field; in the following format. If Records needed= 15 the first 15 records will be sorted
  3. i have a checkbox called participants it displays various names, is it possible to set a checked item as a variable eg $ check 1= first checked data item $ check 2= second checked data item
  4. I have a checkbox and boxes 1-32 i need to seperate the checked items so that one data item goes into one box.I have this done but i need to change my script so that the data items goes into a random box.
  5. Ok i have finished my database it has access rights and passwords, what steps do i take to put it online so multiple people can use it and it also be apart of my website. Basically i need a brief summary of how to put my database on the web
  6. ok i have a checkbox of names, and 32 boxes when i click on a name in the checkbox the name enters in one of 32 fields currently using the auto enter function. I was wondering how could i change this to make the box the name goes in random.
  7. Thanks very much for all your help, maybe it would be better if i post the file, because to be honest im not to good with filemaker,i kinda know what i need but not the best way to achieve it
  8. Each name box is a portal set to show one related record of the member entering tournament screen, the lines are buttons. What i want to do is say a beats b i click on the a line, it will go to the member points of a and add 1 to tournaments played, but also go to the member points related record of the opponent in this case b and add one to tounaments played.
  9. 3 is where i enter players into a tournament its an 8 man tournament so 15 records have been created,the amount of name boxs required for an 8 man tournament. Screenshot 4 is where is set up the tournament.
  10. One will always play 2,there is no cancellations or ties Screen shot one shows my relationships,two is the related record i need to go to.It is a layout of the table member points.
  11. Its kinda hard to explain but those white lines are the buttons inside the corresponding portal, each name box is the same portal set to display one related record. So the first displays the related record No1.Two displays the second related record. The related record has a field called tournaments entered.If say the name in the first box wins. I would click on this first line, i need it to then go to the related record of the name in box 1 and add 1 to tournaments played, and also do the same for the opposing box. I dont want to have to click both lines to update the thing.
  12. i have a portal and i have added a button, so each portal row has a button. How could i make it so if i click on it goes to the related record of a different portal row,instead of the portal row the button is on. eg I click on the button in portal row 1 and it takes me to the related record of portal row 2
  13. how would i set a variable that equals the number of the portal row. eg Say i assigned a script to a portal field, and i clicked on row 4 how could i get the variable to equal 4
  14. thanks very much, is there a way i could set a second variable at the beginning of the script without messing the loop up.
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