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  1. I developed a database to for scheduling judges to judge events at a conference, and now I want to check if a judge has conflicts in the events they are judging. For example, I want the judge to be flagged if he is signed up to judge an event on Day 1 from 3pm-5pm and Day 1 from 4pm-6pm. Because the times overlap, I find the difficulty. I do not need a full calendaring software, just the conflicting checking of someones script. Thank you
  2. I am looking to upgrade to FM 10 Family, and I downloaded the manuals to see if I am getting this feature correct, but when you look it up, it just says "See Help". So I just want to confirm: With this new feature, can I now trigger the this script to run via IWP/CWP? I want it to send an email notification/confirmation when an IWP user submits an entry without having to set up a dedicated machine to be checking to see if it needs to send an email. Thanks all!
  3. okay, I followed your directions, no luck. i followed the directions in FM Help: "Identifying duplicate values using a self-join relationship". I create field A as a calculation of two fields, results are set to "text". (which would tell me if there is a duplicate). I joined field A to itself. I create field B and set it: count (table1::field A) NOTHING. i tried changing the field B to be: count (field A) and all the records just show the number 1. Now, field B does work when i change field A to be JUST A TEXT FIELD and I enter in the same value into that field, it than starts to do a count. Is there a problem with calculation fields on the server? If I change field A to just a text field
  4. I will give that a try, but I do want the count on each record, since I will be using that count as a check to see if there is more than the allotted number when the record is being browsed. The next thing I would be doing is something like this: if ( CountRecID > MaxNumPer ; "F" ; "") Make sense?
  5. I have a field: "RecID" The different records would be: abc-1 abc-1 abc-1 abc-2 abc-2 abc-3 I have a field: "CountRecID" I want to be able to show how many of each (summary) there is. So the records would look like this: RecID | CountRecID abc-f | 3 abc-f | 3 abc-f | 3 abc-a | 2 abc-a | 2 abc-v | 1 I can get the CountRecID to return the number "6" because there is six total entries, but I cannot get it to return how many similar entries there are. It seems as if I am messing up the "breakfield" I eventually have a field set up to tell me if CountRecID is greater than some number (using the system to flag entries). Thanks!
  6. Bump.... 7 months ago, any luck with this? I have to open each file in Acrobat and use the Save File As... feature. -clm
  7. I have a IWP solution for a registration system. I am using a CWP page to just show the final registration. The user authenticates using the IWP solution. When they click on the link to bring up their registration via a CWP page, it asks again for their username and password. I know I can include a the "Get(AccountName)" in the url, but I do not know how to use the password too. I know that might not be the best since logins like that are sent in the clear. Is there a way to use a session code between the two solutions so I am not passing the username/password in the clear? Thanks! -clm
  8. I actually figured it out. I am sure it is not the correct way, but I got it.
  9. I have an XML/XSLT Solution, I am using the summaryreport.lsx from the FMSA Assistant. I am able to edit the file up and do some things with it. I am showing on the lower part of the page all participants for the conference, but I want the top part of the page to just show the school name ONLY ONCE. How do I get the XLM not to keep repeatign the school name (it wants to show the school name as many times as there is records). Here is the code i have: Any ideas? Edited: Sorry, wanted to add more: I think I need to change somethign around the line: Thanks! -clm
  10. OK all. was doing REALLY well with CDML tags. I have moved a registration system for student conferences from 5.5 to 8. I need to create one CWP page that displays the ENTIRE list of students and the events they are registered in. The IWP WILL NOT display more than 25 results. We need a "clean" view of the registration which includes a portal record. Basically, I want to show: School Name Participant Name Portal Records: Event Registered Participant Name Portal Records: Event Registered Does this make sense? I just need to see an example on how to make the XML tags! Thanks, -clm
  11. First time poster here. I treid searchign before I posted, but did not find what I wanted (more like did not have the patence to look any longer). Anyway. Recently moved an entire conference registration system (900 students, 63 different events) from FMP 5.5 Unlimited to FMS7A (We will be moving to 8 soon). I liked how I could customize our web site with CDML tags to give advisors a clean listing of what events a student is in. Now in IWP, I cannot create that clean copy (My list before was Student name, than a Portal row for each event they are in and than the next student name and repeat). Is there a way to create a Customized web page that is dynamic for each chapter that will permit me to list the students name and than the event they are listed in. I want to group the data like it would be a printable report (which you cannot view in IWP, only a browserable list). All I need is the ocde to get strated or a book that covers CWP. This is for a student organization. Thanks, -clm
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