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  1. Try this modified version. I wrote this one for SM 3.33, think they've changed something in 4.123, so maybe you just take the upper four lines. RegisterGroovy( "GetURLasText_Proxy( url ; proxyHost ; proxyPort )" ; "if (proxyHost != null && proxyPort != null )¶ {¶ System.properties.putAll( [\"http.proxyHost\":proxyHost, \"http.proxyPort\":proxyPort] );¶ }¶ URL url = new URL(url);¶ InputStream input = url.openStream();¶ try {¶ StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer( input.available() );¶ Reader r = new InputStreamReader( input, \"utf-8\" );¶ char[] buff = new char[2048];¶ int charsRead;¶ while( (charsRead=r.read( buff )) != -1 ) {¶ sb.append( buff, 0, charsRead );¶ }¶ return sb.toString();¶ } finally {¶ input.close();¶ }" )
  2. FYI FileMaker Product(s) involved: FileMaker 10.x - NDA Operating System(s) involved: Tested on OSX 10.5.8, Win XP SP3 Detailed description of the issue: It is not possible to recall find criteria via the "Saved Finds" feature when the status bar is OFF AND LOCKED. Appropriate menu items "Saved Finds" and "Recent Finds" are greyed out. Exact steps to reproduce the issue: 1. open any existing or new FM 10+ database 2. if necessary, switch the status bar to visible and unlocked 3. create a new script with only one step which will HIDE AND LOCK the status bar 4. switch to Find Mode 5. do a search e.g. on a text field 6. execute the search, enter Browse Mode 7. enter menu item Saved Finds > Recent Finds 8. you should be able to see and click the string of your last search 9. now run the script which locks and hides the status bar 10. execute step 7 11. now the menu items "Saved Finds" and "Recent Finds" are greyed out and therefore not reachable anymore Expected Result: "Saved Finds" must be executable irrespective of the status bar's current mode. The behaviour of Saved Finds is not consistent with other items which are part of the status bar (New Record / Delete Record...). Actual Result: You cannot recall saved/recent finds via the "Saved Find" function with a locked and hidden status bar Additional testing variations: Other users reproduced and confirmed the inconsistent behaviour/bug Any workarounds that we have found: None.
  3. I have some scripts which make use of a "New Window" step, followed by a "Pause Script" - So the user couldn't close the window without using a customized button on the layout. "Allow User Abort [Off]" was set in the first line of the script. It worked fine (OSX Panther), but now (under OSX Tiger 10.4.2) you only have to hit the return-button on the keyboard and -- the script gets resumed! Is it a bug with Tiger?
  4. Try to use a completely transparent GIF for each "invisible" button in your layout (I've set up a container field for that purpose) and use that GIF as a button.
  5. I have received an answer from FM Tech Support concerning the following request: Question: Session is timed out at the client side (works correct), but the host still keeps this session alive. Happens only when field validation "Is Empty" is used and field is empty after the user has been disconnected. Bug? Answer from Tech Support: I was able to replicate this issue as well. I have actually simplified the steps down to a validation on "Not Empty" and setting the timeout to be less than 2 minutes. The account does not seem to matter nor does the script steps. What does seem to cause the issue is the validation on the field since the field is empty after the user has been disconnected. We will be investigating this issue further on our end as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Technical Support Engineer ------------------------------- Regards Tammo
  6. I don't really know if this thread is talking about the same issue, but here is what I found out today: I'm 99% sure there is an issue generated by IWP and new uncommited records (left in a somewhat FM-internal temporary state) in conjunction with field validation. Even if the client is logged out, the host tells you that the client is logged in. You can only solve this by disabling IWP. I'll try to describe how you can reproduce it. I've designed a "standalone" test configuration which is completely independent of my solution. It's a very simple file and I've attached it (User: Admin, PWD: Admin). Config for testing purposes as follows: - Host: FM7.03 Developer with latest IWP update. Mac OSX 10.3.9 - Webclient: Windows XP SP2, Internet Explorer, Firewalls all disabled - Webclient: Mac OSX 10.3.9, Safari, Firewalls all disabled - Timeout settings: 2 minutes - User is allowed to be disconnected when idle - Web Port 80 - Hardware firewalls disabled, no external timeouts If you do not want to d/l the attached file, do the following: Create a table. Create a numberfield "Validated" with field validation turned on (Not empty, Range 1 to 5). Create a new layout "Test" which contains "Validated". Create a startscript turning off the status-area, jumping to layout "Test", going to field "Validated". Place 3 Buttons on your layout: New Rec, Commit, Logout. Link them to the scripts (I hope the translation is correct) - Script "NewRec": New Rec/Req Open Rec/Req Goto Field [Validated] - Script "Commit": Commit Rec/Req - Script "Logout": Quit Application Create an account which is different from the Admin account (NO full account) - Records: Create/Edit/Delete in all tables, Layouts: Display only, Valuelists: Display only, Scripts: Run only. Sure, enable IWP. Enter a session (if you d/l the attachment, username and pass is "User") with a browser and create a new record. Cursor should jump to "Validated". Just do nothing and wait as long as your predefined timeout has been reached (alternatively you can try to commit the record and wait afterwards - it actually won't be commited, that's the goal of the validation in my case). Click one of the 3 buttons. Your browser is now announcing that a timeout has occured and it is jumping back to the IWP homepage, which is perfectly correct. BUT. Try to close the file at the host side. You see what? FM tells you that there's still a connected client. Try to hit "OK" to close the session anyway... nothing happens, the same dialog will open again and again. The only way to cut the not existing "connection" is to turn IWP off and on again in FM's preferences. The problem really is a failed field validation! Everytime a field has not the contents it's supposed to have (by a validation definition), the host does not accept the connection to be closed, when the concerning record was in edit mode in the instant it was disconnected. I think that this is a serious problem, just because if a person leaves her browser in that state, reaching the 100 clients limit with Server Advanced will happen in a few hours or even minutes! You simply can't tell each and every person to LOG OUT in each case. And we simply can't shut down the server every few hours. Regards Tammo IWP_logout_test.zip
  7. Fei Long, right, I'm already using it. No change. Please let us know about your tests--our solution is supposed to run on Server Advanced, too. Thanks, Tammo
  8. Hi Steve, here is something that works quite well for me: -Script A is invoked everytime you move to your layout containing the portal. -Script A (quite simple): Open Record/Request ***This will open both your main rec and 1 new row*** -1 button (call it whatever you like, e.g. "New Row". Outside the portal) which is linked to script B. -Script B, presuming your main rec is still opened: Goto Portalrow (Last) Open Record/Request ***Yes, twice! This will open a new row without saving your main rec*** Please let me know if there are any pitfalls with it. Regards, Tammo
  9. PNGs won't work ! You need to switch to the bad old GIF or some JPGs with a corresponding bgd-color. Regards, Tammo
  10. I have the same problem with never ending sessions. I don't think this is specific to Server Advanced. It's the same thing with FM Dev7 running as a host... Do you use field validation?
  11. Or, do not use the ''-startsession'' command, instead use http://<yourserveraddress>/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=<yourdatabasename>&-loadframes to start a session from a static webpage. Then modify the IWP Homepage iwp_home.html (after backing it up...) as follows for a closing page: <HTML> <HEAD> <script> parent.location.href='http://www.mypage.com/'; </script> </HEAD> </HTML> This will lead the user back to a static page of your choice. Regards, Tammo
  12. Hi, PNG transparency does not work with Web Publishing (FM 7v3). Neither on Safari, nor on Explorer... Tammo
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