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  1. Hi RIch, My tastes are fairly eclectic. Proximity to the Hilton on O'Farrell would be good, though. (;)
  2. Which restaurants in SF do people recommend? Most of the evenings we will be offsite I am guessing, so I'd appreciate recommendations. Close to the Hilton would be best. Thanks!
  3. Every year people are disappointed that they haven't been able to book a room at the conference hotel. Book now. You can cancel before 3 days, in case your plans change.
  4. Hello Kevin, I am glad it was of help. Here is a link that may be useful for encrypting your wife's notes: http://web.mit.edu/network/pgp.html I have used pgp and it is a good product. Beatrice
  5. Hello K., This is more of a value list question, if i understand you correctly. To paraphrase, as I am not sure I get the picture, you want a value omitted from a value list in a drop down menu, when certain criteria is fulfilled. You can accomplish this by setting up a value list in the Time Sheet which draws its values from related records in the jobs table. The relationship should use a constant (say a global "1") on the Time Sheet side, and a calculation field on the Job table side, which delivers "1" if the Job hasn't been completed. In the "Specify Fields for Value List" dialog box make sure you are starting (the bottom left selection) from a relationship that will show all values. A relationship that ties the Time Sheet global "1" equal to a Job table auto-enter "1" field will do it. HTH Biti
  6. Hello kgasman, Here is one approach. 1) Create a layout for the private notes. Make sure it isn't appearing on the layout menu. Place the private notes field on the layout and place a button navigating back to the main patient file layout. We'll call this the Admin layout as it sounds inoccuous. 2) Create (at least) two levels of access in the database. i) The highest level of access give to your wife and yourself. This is done by going to the File>Define>Access and Privileges dialog. Enter in usernames and passwords that give you and your wife Admin (Full) Access to the database. Write down those details and put them somewhere secure and where you can remember and retrieve them easily. ii) Create a new "Non-Admin" user name and password (write this down somewhere too) that prevents any others from accessing that layout or doing anything but viewing all other layouts. This is fairly easy to understand once you click around the Access and Privileges dialog. New Account, Account Status Active, New Privilege Set, Data Access in Layouts should be set to no access to records or layout for the layout used for private notes. In future everyone accesses the database using this Non-Admin user name and password apart from you and your wife. 3) Go back to ScriptMaker and write this "Admin" script to go to the Admin layout: Set Error Capture [On] Go to Layout ["Admin"] (or whatever you called it) If [Get (LayoutAccess)=0] Show Custom Dialog ["Restricted access"; "For Admin only"] (or whatever seems appropriate) Go to Layout [original layout] End If Let that script show in the Script menu. When your wife wants to enter in confidential information, she goes to that layout. HTH Biti
  7. Hello Trevor, I am developing a web FMP 7 solution to track equipment, location shoots, and milestones for teams of filmmakers. I will give you a shout when it is ready to view. Biti
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