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  1. I am looking for an easy way to scan business cards and get the OCR info into FM. I have FM7, but if it can't be done without an upgrade to a newer version, I might consider doing it. Online I found iPhone apps such as WorldCard Mobile with which you can take a photo of card with an iPhone and it will read the information and put it into the Contacts on the phone. I'm not sure how easy it is to get that info into FM though. Do you know of an iPhone business card reader app that will work well with getting the contact info into FM? Thank you, Doug
  2. Comment, Well, I finally got my calendar done after much messing around. I used one record with 12 (+1) layouts, 12 gDates, and 12 dayDates based on your wonderful calculation (see above posts). Anyway, it works. I layed it out to print so I could fold the 11x8.5 pages in half and staple them together. So I had to have half of one month printed on the left and half of a different month on the right. I sure hope I use this FM file for several years of calendars after all the time it took. Thanks again for the invaluable help.
  3. Thanks for the response. I've been a little busy, but I'm still working on this. I got the gDate field created. And the repeating date field created using your: Let ( [ m = Month ( Extend ( gDate ) ) ; y = Year ( Extend ( gDate ) ) ; firstOf = Date ( m ; 1 ; y ) ; d = firstOf - DayOfWeek ( firstOf - 1 ) + Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ] ; d ) I set the Format>Field Format to have 1 through 31 shown (of 31 defined in the calculation definition)... in a horizontal orientation. So the next question is how do I make (5 or 6) rows with 7 fields in each row? And can I move them around within my layout to be where I want them? Once again, thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. I looked at that thread, and even tried pasting the code into a calculation field to see what would happen (it's all over my head, so it was with fingers crossed). Apparently my FM 7 doesn't have gDate available. Am I right about this? If so, the calculation you pointed me to won't work, I don't think. Any other ideas? Once again, thank you for helping out this beginner. Doug
  5. Hi, I'm a beginner with FM7. I'm trying to make a simple printout-able monthly calendar. I don't see how to put 31 records on one layout... so I'm thinking of defining 31 different fields and putting each month on a record. Does anyone have any tips on how to define records so a starting date layed out on the day of the week of my choice (depending on where the 1st of the month is) will generate the rest of the dates for that month? Or is there a better way—there must be. Please keep it fairly simple, as I have only barely looked at scripting once ever. Thanks for any and all help, Doug
  6. Thanks for the quick responses. To be honest, I don't even use scripts (yet), but now I know that that's the way to do this. Thanks again for your help.
  7. I'm a newbie with FM (using FM7 on Mac OS 10.3.9). Is there a way to use the Preview mode and have the current record in Browse mode be the record I see in Preview mode? Without having to do a Find? And without having to go through my records in Preview mode? Thanks for any help or tips.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I do have v3 of FM7, and I already had the text smoothing off for font size 8 and smaller, coincidentally. The problem seems to be with text/numbers set to a RIGHT tab. And the same thing happens at various zooms. This is a file I converted from FM6, if that makes any difference. Another weird thing is when I drag a field onto a layout it does not use the default font type I have selected (Helvtica) in Preferences>Fonts (instead it uses Skia, which I have used in the past). Any other thoughts?
  9. Has anyone else had this problem? When in the browse mode in FM7 (w/ Mac OS 10.3.9) usually the cursor is half a character off, sometimes about eight characters off, occassionally right on. I did not have this problem with FM6. Any suggestions would be much appriciated. Thanks. (Btw, I'm a totally low level, one-person-office user.)
  10. I'm a very low level user. I run a one-man architecture business and have four files in FM6 for office stuff. I converted them to FM7, but they are still separate files. Any recommendations for good books for beginners... that might include how to get my stuff into one file in FM7? I want to take advantage of the easier graphic interface for setting up relationships in FM7. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. (This is my first post.)
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