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  1. Shucks,I was afraid of that. thank you for responding.
  2. Is it possible to do DB wide search? Like search all layouts, all fields and all tables at the same time for a particular word or name? I guess you might call it a Global search. If it is possible, how would I go about doing such a search. Thanks for any help you can provide on this issue. Mike S.
  3. Hi John, Thanks for responding. I'll give your suggestion a try and see how it goes for me. Thanks, Mike
  4. Hi all, I have an .fp7 file I want to share with another FMP user but before I send the file to them I'd like to disable certain views, such as the "Layout View," How would I go about doing that without triggering the need for a password for the other user? I just upgraded to Developer 8 Advanced and have the runtime engines available to me but I'm thinking there is an easier way to disable that layout view, but I'll be darned if I can figure it out. I've been messing with privliges for over an hour and can't seem to get away from the password requirement. Any help will be MOST appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  5. Either through WinXP or FMP8, is there a way to control how long the tooltips dialog remains visible? Some of my tooltips need a little more time to be read. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, is there a *ready Made* FMP basic record handling "Help" file available that can be bound into any solution? Thanks for any input on this.
  7. Ah, and let there be light. Thanks for your advice Ralph, I certainly appreciate it. We'll give your suggestion a go.
  8. Hi Ron, Super! Right now we are using serialized nubmers for auto Client ID but it's not working out so well for us. Is there a better way that you know of that we can issue Client ID's, automatically? What we would like to do is have a system that would automatically issue the next available ID number to new clients and yet when an existing client re-orders product we want FMP to realize that hey, this is an existing client and automatically pull up the clients basic account info, like just their addy, phone etc. Thanks for any light you can shine for us.
  9. Hi Ralph, The client has other records in this database. Look ups by Client ID, good one, I'll give it a spin. Thanks for your input.
  10. Hi Doug, Thanks for the reply. Duplicating a record is what I am trying to get away from. I'm sure there is a way to get Filemaker to pull certain address info from a clients existing records but for the life of me I can not figure out how to get FM do it. Probably even if I knew what the function was called I could find it in the manual. But I'm at a loss for that also. I really am "Brain Dead" on this one.
  11. I'm a little new at this so please pardon if I am not asking right. What I'd like to do is when creating a new record for an existing client that all the standard info (addy phone etc.) would be automatically brought in from previous records of the same client (having the same client ID). I'm not sure what you would even call that function. What would you call it anyway? TIA for any help.
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