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  1. Cleveland Consulting, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance is proud to announce the immediate availability of mentoring and training for all your FileMaker learning needs. Often in your FileMaker development process you find yourself in a place where you don’t really need to hire an outside consultant to build the system, you just need a little help over a tough problem, or you need another developer with more experience to mentor you to get the job done. Or you have internal FileMaker resources and users who need training to take their FileMaker knowledge to the next level. We all only know what we’ve learned and learning in a structured environment is always faster and more efficient than learning in a vacuum, alone. This is the need that our mentoring and training programs are designed to solve. We provide both one on one and team mentoring programs designed to fit the needs of your solution and organization, as well as onsite and remote training of both developers and users custom crafted to your situation. Formal classes begin in May in Columbus, Ohio and mentoring slots are available now for companies located anywhere in the world. Our regularly scheduled classes cover the following topics: Introduction To FileMaker Pro (1 day) Getting started in FileMaker Pro Development (1 day) Ready, Set, Go! Planning and deploying a FileMaker Go solution (1 day) Intermediate FileMaker Pro Development (2 day) Advanced FileMaker Pro Development (2 day) You can read more about both programs on our website here: http://www.clevelandconsulting.com/mentoringtraining/
  2. Announcement: Cleveland Consulting announces CCPivot2 - Create cross-tab a pivot tables easier than ever! Cross tab and pivot table reports have never been easier or more powerful. We at Cleveland Consulting have worked hard and rebuilt the very successful CCPivot product from the ground up to completely take advantage of everything that FileMaker 12 has to offer. New features include: Clickable data links - See the data behind the report! Dynamic date management - no more need to create fields to order and group date data by month or day. It's all done automatically. Required data sets - sometimes reporting on the data that is missing is more useful than what is there. There is a lot more to see, check out the overview video here: http://vimeo.com/59415236 or head over to the product page here: http://www.clevelandconsulting.com/cc_pivot/ Court Court Bowman, CEO Cleveland Consulting, Inc. Visit us on the web at http://www.clevelandconsulting.com
  3. Court Bowman

    Pivot table

    Greetings, We have a new pivot table solution that may be appropriate for this topic. It is designed to do just what is asked... You can check it out here: http://www.clevelandconsulting.com/ccpivot Court
  4. Cleveland Consulting is proud to announce the release of CC Pivot. ---------------- CC Pivot is a simple-to-use fully unlocked FileMaker solution designed to make the creation of pivot tables simple for anyone. It is built for (and requires) FileMaker Pro 11 and also offers a lean interface for read only support for FileMaker Go on the iPad. CC Pivot features: * A completely unlocked file structure for complete control * CSS Styling for a rich dynamic report style * Multiple slicers in either columns or rows for robust report generation * Dynamic query engine built in to the pivot * Standard HTML table generation for easy printing or copy/paste into other tools like Excel * Powerful developer feature for advanced customization * Flexible licensing for all different needs * International language support * Read only iPad support It is available for immediate purchase, and there is a limited demo available as well. For more information, visit the product site: http://www.clevelandconsulting.com/ccpivot/
  5. I didn't hear back so I found your email address and sent you a link to download the file. Let me know if you have any solutions. Court
  6. For what it's worth, we did try an increased memory allocation and it is still crashing... Court
  7. Sure, do you want me to email it? and if so to what address? Court
  8. Thanks for the prompt reply. We were using version 4.12 so to test I downloaded 4.123, rebuilt the plugin, and tried it again and it crashed the same as before. I also tried running it directly through scriptmaster, rather than in the seperate plugin we built, however it still crashed FileMaker... Court
  9. All, We ran a sql call that selected two fields from a table "SELECT CATEGORY, AMOUNT FROM TABLE" where the table had 135K+ records in it. FileMaker unexpectedly quit during the evaluation of the function call. It was a function that was in a plugin that was created via ScriptMaster Advanced. The function works for all other sql queries (it basically just returns the value from fmpro.evaluateSql ( sql ; field_seperator ; row_seperator) ). The ScriptMaster logs show the function being called, but there is no information after that in the log. We ran the same sql query through a different plugin and the query took awhile, but did successfully return. We put the text returned in a text file and it was 5.8MB total. Not sure what the problem is, but it seems there's some sort of return limitation with the SQL query function that is in ScriptMaster where there wasn't in the other plugin. Do you guys have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  10. Cleveland Consulting is proud to announce the release of CCNonProfit version 2. ---------------- CCNonProfit version 2 is a simple-to-use software solution designed for any size non-profit organization that wants to easily track the information critical to its success. It is built in FileMaker Pro 11 to take advantage of all the great capabilities of the FileMaker 11 feature set and is easy to set up and use. It also is fuly FileMaker Go compliant, and has some custom screens built for use on the iPad and new iPad2. They have integrated all the key features that a non-profit should need to manage the function of their mission, while leaving room for growth for those organizations that would like to customize the product for their own use. Key features found in this version: * Robust contact management, with flexible user-configurable fields. * Correspondence tracking with dynamic letter creation template. * Individual/organization management to simplify points of contact. * Event tracking for coordinating tasks and participation. * Donation tracking by fund, individual, organization, event and much more. It is available as either an unlocked FileMaker database or a fully functional single user runtime all for the same price. For more information, visit their website at http://www.clevelandconsulting.com/
  11. For what it's worth, it looks like that is a custom function, and it looks like one written by us... Not sure what version of that function you would have, or where you got it, but if you look under your custom functions, you should find the code and help on using it. Hope that helps... Court Bowman, President Cleveland Consulting, Inc. Call us by phone: 614.252.2284 or Visit us on the web at: http://www.clevelandconsulting.com
  12. CLEVELAND CONSULTING, INC. RELEASES THEIR NEW UNLOCKED SOLUTION FOR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Columbus, OH, July 22, 2008 - In the wake of the FileMaker developer conference, Cleveland Consulting, Inc., long time makers of great products for the Filemaker community, has released a new product for the non-profit industry. CC NonProfit is a complete organization management system built in FileMaker Pro, requiring version 8.0 or greater. It features: • Robust contact management, with flexible user-configurable fields. • Correspondence tracking with dynamic letter creation templating. • Family/group management to simplify points of contact. • Event tracking for coordinating tasks and participation. • Donation tracking by both individual, family and event. and much more.... It is available now for download and purchase at http://www.clevelandconsulting.com/ccnonprofit.htm and is sold without any per user license. One final quote from the web site on pricing and the company's commitment to the non-profit community: "We also do not want price to be a burden for any organization, so if you are unable to pay the price listed for one of the products listed below, please contact the company president, Court Bowman, directly at court@clevelandconsulting.com and we will make sure you get the product at a price that continues to let you do the great work you set out to do. Also, in a desire to match our customers in their benevolent undertakings, we at Cleveland Consulting, Inc. have committed 10% of our revenue for the 2008 calendar year to non-profit organizations." Review copies available on request. Please contact ccnonprofit@clevelandconsulting.com to request a review copy of the product. For more information contact: Court Bowman, President Cleveland Consulting, Inc. 407 Northview Drive Columbus, Ohio 43209 Phone: 877.225.4891 Email: ccnonprofit@clevelandconsulting.com Web: http://www.clevelandconsulting.com/
  13. Greetings all, I know this is an old thread, but does anyone know if this trick works in FMP 8.0 and if so what the syntax for it is? Thanks in advance.
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