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  1. Thank you guys, an ID text field solved my problem for now:)
  2. Hi all, Every time I select a particular ID that is displayed automatically through a drop down list, it shows the correct ID format (e.g. 0001) but whenever the record is saved, the ID format will change to 1 only. In the database, I've set the serial auto number for the ID to 0001 increment by 1 and on the layout, I've set the number format for the ID field to "General Number". Does anyone know on how to fix this? Thank you..... Rgds, ren
  3. Hi all, My client wants a function that creates a PDF file automatically without the Print dialog box, then attach the PDF file to an email. I've got these working in Windows XP with the help of Visage PDF Converter. However, my client is using Mac OS X and I have no idea on how to make it works. Do I need to create an Applescript? I've never actually worked on Mac before, would really appreciate a detailed solution. Thank you! Rgds, Ren
  4. Hi everyone, Does FM Pro 7 allow us to lock the file at a specified time? For example: there are 2 users (A and : who have access to FM Pro 7 files that are stored in a server. User A enters some data and at the same time user B wants to enter some data to the same file too. What should I do to avoid conflict between user A and B? And or what should I do to make sure that an update on one file by user A will be reflected on user B's file too? Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Ren
  5. Hi everyone, Is there a way to insert a folder into a container field type? It would be great if there is a way because I need to insert a lot of pictures into the containers and it would be troublesome if I have to insert the picture one by one. Thank you all.. Cheers, Ren
  6. ren

    Weird portal printing

    Hi Ralph/everyone, Could you please explain on how are you going to print multiple records from 1 table within a layout? How this related table thing works? Currently, the only way I know to print those records are by using portal. Please help.... thank you!
  7. Hi all, Is there a way to print all info/data below a portal (such as terms and conditions) in a nice format? So for example, if I have set the portal to cater 10 portal rows, it will only print the portal rows that has data in it and print everything below the portal straight after that last filled portal rows. Currently, I have to print all portal rows including the ones that have empty data in it if I want to print data below a portal. Any help will be appreciated! Rgds, Ren
  8. ren

    Calendar add ins?

    Thank you, it looks good to me:)
  9. Is it possible to edit the value of a summary field type? e.g. I have a summary field type of Total Price of $4000 but due to some circumstances, I need to modify that $4000 to $3500. The ideal solution would be if I am able to leave the original total price of $4000 then copy that value to a text field type and edit the $4000 to $3500 in that new field. Currently, I cannot modify either my original total price nor my copied total price. Any ideas/solutions will be much appreciated. Cheers, Ren
  10. Could anyone tell me why sometimes I can only see 1 or 2 records out of 38 records that I have? eg. in browse mode--> record: 1, found: 1, total: 38, Unsorted. (FYI, sometimes I can also display all 38 records without any problems at all). Thank you all! Rgds, Ren
  11. ren

    Calendar add ins?

    Does FM Pro 7 allow us to insert a pop up calendar (like the one in Yahoo calendar where you can add your tasks for a specific date just by clicking on a particular date so that user doesn't need to enter the date manually)? Could anyone help me to make this calendar thing possible? Thank you....
  12. ren


    Thanks for the reference Ralph! Rgds, Ren
  13. ren


    Maybe the following question sounds stupid but I still need someone to explain it to me: What is Table Occurence? What does it actually do? and when is the best time to have TO in our database? Thanks a lot! Rgds, Ren
  14. Hi Vaughan, Thanks for your tips, it works in mine now. cheers, Ren
  15. Can we copy the value of a summary field that we have in our portal to a different field? If yes, can anyone tell me on how to do it? I've tried to copy the value to another field using a calculation function, lookup and or get field function but unfortunately, none of them works. Also, is it possible to edit/override the value inside a summary field? Thanks all, I appreciate any kind of your help! Rgds, Ren
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