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  1. Thank you Ray, I just did so.
  2. Thank you Ray. Why won't FM give us this option? They pretend and claim that FMPro is a powerful databasing program, but I just don't buy it anymore. All they sell is a fancy GUI and some premade scripts. If I want control I guess I'll have to go to mySQL. It may be more time consuming to set up, but I spend just as much time hitting my head against a wall with FMPro! Sorry, I didn't mean for this to get to the flamer stage. I am just frustrated.
  3. Is there a way to create an unsorted value list? How about sorted based on unseen field?
  4. Ender, you are a frickin genius!!! The one thing I forgot to check was the result type of the calculation. Everything is now hunky-dory! Thank you.
  5. I have a file for staff which has input for first name, last name, 5 checkboxes (each a different field and value "1"), and 5 fields based on whether the checkboxes are checked or not. For instance, if the person belongs to the custom department, the related checkbox is checked and the persons first name is copied into the "custom department people" field. This is done by Define Database/Field=Calculation. I can then create a value lists in separate files based on the fields in my staff file. So if someone belongs to the custom department, that checkbox is checked and their name will be copied into the "custom department people" field and listed in the value list in the separate file. My problem is that some of these value lists work, and some don't. As far as I can tell, the fields are set up exactly the same. I can reproduce the error in the same staff file so it is not a file reference issue. Any suggestions?
  6. Clear as frog guts. Actually, it does make sense. But the problem is, what if you have two people with the same name?
  7. My hope spring eternal as well. I think they SHOULD unless they want angry customers who are forced to work with third party apps (FXforge looks ok, but I have only seen them use it with dreamweaver, so then you are talking about two third party apps). A man does not know what he is saying until he knows what he is not saying. -G.K. Chesterton
  8. Still, my best bet would be on PHP. Check out the PHP forum and the book "PHP and mySQL for Dynamic Web Sites" by Larry Ullman.
  9. I know that the webpage language PHP can communicate with both mySQL and FM7 Advanced. I haven't used PHP with FM7 yet, so I can offer no advice other than this. I would suggest using PHP to create an internal webpage which can access both databases and act as a middleman interface between them. You will need to find the FM plugin for PHP.
  10. Firefox generally works well for me with one noticable exception: The sort function does not work. In fact, it is completely broken in firefox due to poor programming. I am attempting to manipulate the javascript code that comes with FM7, but so far I have had no luck. If anyone else has achieved this, please let me know! In a discussion with a FM programmer at MacWorld SF, he told me that FM Inc chose specifically to ignore the standards set forth in the W3C consortium to make IWP work explicitly with IE 6 and Safari. (As a side note, I have built a database with mySQL and PHP which works indistiguishably with IE6 and Firefox because it is standard compliant.) This programmer also told me of a plugin for php which will allow you to talk to a FM database served on Advanced (yes, you need advanced, sorry) similar to writing code for mySQL or MSSQL. Unfortunately, that means hours more programming on your end unless you are already familiar with php and writing web pages from scratch. A great book is Larry Ullmans "PHP and MYSQL for Dynamic Web sites." I know it's a different database software, but the ideas are the same when it comes to communicating with remote databases. In the end, FM should release a v4 update which will fix all these IWP errors.
  11. Going back to Reed, specifically, make sure that Windows IIS (internet information services) or any other web servers are not running.
  12. But if you calculate an id field with a name, then you have to add even more steps to strip out the name from the id field. All Anna wants is the id field, the name appears to make it user friendly. So how do we accomplish user friendliness without hours of excess programming?
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