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  1. This url shows up in FM Web Viewer: http://www.filemaker.com/help/MacTOC3.html This url defaults to another FM help site page using FM Web Viewer, but works in a Browser: http://www.filemaker.com/help/02-Adding%20and%20view31.html I suspect the % in the url. Is there a work around? Thanks Steve
  2. Reports much slower on some computers of similar specs. 3 level sort is 5 times as fast on a slower computer. What could cause this, a badly fragmented disk?
  3. I would like to activate a script when the bar code scanner's trigger is pulled. Currently I can move from field to field with a trigger pull using tab order, but would like to activate a script on a trigger pull and go from field to field using scripts to check each entry rather than having to press enter to activate a script. Using Symbol LS 2208 bar code scanner. Thanks Steve
  4. In the scripts below "; ${...", why does that appear and other times, in similar applications, it doesn't? Set Field [ Trial Balance::Detail Acct; ${Trial Balance JE & Detail}:Detail Acct ] Set Field [ Trial Balance::Detail Amt; ${Trial Balance JE & Detail}:cSummary TB JE Detail ] Thanks for your help, Steve
  5. I have 7.0v3. The attached zip of the FM file will show the problem on record 7, which has more entries that the portal has rows. Thanks
  6. When scrolling the lines repeat the last entry in the scrolling window and cuts every new line, which is a copy of the last showing record, in half horizantally. None of the records beyond those first shown appear when scrolled only the last of the orginally shown records, cut it half, repeated over and over. Thanks
  7. I'm listing Expense detail table in a portal and the Check Table, as a list, in the list layout. When a check is choosen, in list table, the detail of the expenses shows in the portal. Works well unless the portal needs to be scrolled. When scrolled the detail become corrupted. FMPro 7 Developer Steve
  8. Thanks it worked, I knew it there was a way Steve
  9. I have a script that walks through the entries. When finished I must click in window to get updates of totals. How can I do this at the end of a script, un selecting the last script and totaling, rather than clicking in blank area of the window? Thanks Steve
  10. Use globle container fields that go under the data field and set in the background. Then, with a calculation, load the globle container field with gcontainer fields that have the color you want to display per the calculation. Hope this helps Steve
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