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  1. SJOE


    Hi Fenton, Thank you so much for your reply. It works well! Best Regards,
  2. SJOE


    How to write XSL if the XML using attribute, for example: Tove Jani Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. SJOE

    HTML Question

    Image Upload Client Key Item ID Image
  4. Hi, Could you please teach me how to convert plug in parameters to char *? I want to use one of the Plugin parameters as a file name then open an external file. The prototype of external file is: OpnFl(char *filename); aftter I get the parameter and call the function using OpnFl(dataVect.AtAsText(0)); It doesn't work, how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!
  5. Thank you Ender! However, we have some projects, convertions need some time. At this time, we can only conver several of thme, so we need a period of time to run 6 and 7 simutenously. data communication between 6 and 7 is a must.
  6. Thank you so much Lee Smith for your reply! The problem is that the FMK 6 database is very big, need long time to convert every time.I tried to export and import only new records by a 3rd media (XML or dat), but I didn't find this function in FMK 7. Export and import all records also need so long time!
  7. We are converting some of our projects to FMK7, while some of other databases still running in FMK 6(and always changing). So what is the best way to read data from FMK 6 in FMK7? Thank you.
  8. Inky Phil, Thank you so much! It's quite useful!
  9. In FM 7, is it possibile to implement even driven? for example, when I enter data in a field, if the datum is invalid, then FM7 will automatically call a script file. If you have implemented this function, please teach me about the strategy. Thanks a lot!
  10. I mean in the case of version 7, use two databases (they have 1-m relationship): when I try to add records to one database from the portal, the portal doesn't display the record immediately. when I added the 2nd one, it displays the 1st one, when I added the 3rd one, it displays the 2nd one,... and so on. but in version 6, everything is fine.
  11. What do you mean by "doesn't make sense"? my question is: In one database with two tables, the portal display is correct; but with two databases, the portal display is not correct (in version7) (it is correct in version 6). Do I clearly express the question?
  12. Thank you so much RalphL, I got it now.
  13. Thanks again BrentHedden, I greatly appreciate your helps.
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