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  1. Hi, I've dropped Google map on a layout and I get a message about the Browsers font size not being supported. Any way to sort this? Also, How do I get the map to present without side panel on the left?
  2. Still can't get this to work. I'm using a Modem that was supplied by Demon and that is connected to the Airport Extreme. I've tried all sorts of settings by get a message about the DHCP range conflict. Can anyone help me get this sorted? It was easy with the dLink router.
  3. Thanks for the reply. OK, so I've deleted the IPv6 entry and gone for... Share a public IP address and gone for Personal Web sharing. I've entered the IP address and ports to 591 but when I try to update the setting I get "The DCHP range conflicts with the WAN IP address." I don't know what to do now. I need IWP working as I have staff that have to access our database.
  4. Our old router has died and we've changed to an Airport Extreme. Filemaker now says we should use so I have gone into IPv6 Firewall Setup Assistant and set the IPv6 address as and the TCP and UDP ports as 80 We have a static IP address and I cannot access FileMaker from outside our network but could with the old router with port redirection. What I'm I doing wrong?
  5. We use FileMaker with IWP but also want to access a remote SQL file - not at the same time. I have installed the latest driver from Actual Technologies and it will allow me to access our SQL mailing list. All is fine until I put the layout into Table mode. I can scan down the list and it will stop and look up more remote records, then it will very soon crash corrupting the web.prefs file. If I try to restart FileMaker, I says there is a port conflict. Once the web.prefs file is deleted, we can use IWP again. Any ideas?
  6. I have a field for number of pupils. How can I prevent a user from entering in something like 275-300? All I need is the whole number or I cannot search on that field. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Perhaps this is not what I want then as it just show all the records in the table. I have a layout portal that filters records by sales area. Out of the 6000 odd records I have, it will show, say 800 for a particular sales area. It's from this set of records I want to show the user where they are within the record set. A Summary field gives me the number of records in the portal.
  8. Hi, How do I show something like 'record 2 of 876 records' on my layout? I've use a Summary field to get the number of records in the found record set, but I would like to show the user where they positioned are within the found set. TIA
  9. I've just installed an ODBC driver and now cannot start IWP. IWP works fine in my MacBook Pro on the same network, so I assume a pref or setting has become corrupt. Any ideas?
  10. I have a mailing list in a remote server that is stored in a SQL database. How do I access this with FileMaker? I'm using FileMaker 10 Advanced with Snow Leopard. Thanks,
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